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I love the game. This is so fun but it is missing some stuff but I think they will get the job done in Uncharted 2. I cant wait for this to come out.

Quantom Solace 007

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I have been playing this game for a while and at first I didnt like it but now its actually a little fun. I dont really have much to say about it but its worth what I paid for it 10 bucks. Rent it!

MGS4 Completion

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The game was pretty tight but the ending was a little too long. I enjoyed the game all around though.

MGS4 First Boss fight

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The First Boss fight is great I thought it was kind of hard cause she kept running me over but I thought to climb on something and she wouldnt be able to roll over me. I also got tired of looking for her.

Madden 09

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To me I think the same old stuff seems to get real boring. I mean I play it to past time and to make my friends look bad but its ok, I give it a 8

Metal Gear Solid 4

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This Game is well rounded but the only thing I dont like is the long cutscenes
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