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O's unexpectedly winning games

This was supposed to be a rebuilding year for the Orioles, however, they currently stand at 24-21, 3rd place in the AL east, and 4 games behind the Red Sox. The biggest question entering the season for the birds was pitching. The O's dealt their ace Erik Bedard to the Mariners, which turned out to be a great deal. The Orioles received a reliable closer in George Sherrill, and Adam Jones, a young OF with a lot of potential. Interestingly enough it's been very good pitching that's kept the Orioles above .500. No one had high expectations for Baltimore coming into the 2008 season any many still don't. In a division with the Yanks and the Sox, the O's aren't going to make the playoffs anytime soon, but there is hope the Orioles can keep up their fine play and finish the year above .500. It would be their first winning season in 10 years.

Ravens Game Craziness

First of all, the ravens are bad and i won't bore you with a rant of all the problems they have.

Anyway I went to the game against the browns today and i left the stadium happy the ravens won until I heard the were sending the players back onto the field for overtime. Then we along with alot of other people, rushed back into the stadium to see the ravens loose. Maybe you saw it, but the browns kicked a 50yd FG to send it onto OT and it appeared to hit the upright and bounce out. the referees signaled no good and everyone cheered and most left. then they reviewed it and saw it bounced off the thing holdin the FG post up and then bounced out so it was actually good. ugh.......well anyway the ravens are 4-6 and their season is over.

Terps vs. WVU

I will be at this game! It is going to be awesome. My friends dad has season tickets and gave em to us. we would be tailgaiting, but he goes to a catholic school and they dont have off tomorow. anyway im excited.

I'm going to Fenway Park

Sometime in July I will be going to Fenway Park to see the O's play the Sox. Ive already been to Yankees Stadium, but they were playing the Angels, I did wear an O's shirt, but the sox were playing the O's, so no one gave me a hard time. Should i wear an O's shirt to Fenway?

Hopefully the O's are still in playoff contention, but I doubt it. 

O's Update

The Baltimore Orioles are 11-7 and in 2nd in the AL East behind the Red Sox. The birds have won four straight and just recently swept the Blue Jays. I know not to keep my hopes up, as this probably wont last, but this is one of the few times the Orioles are playing well and im excited.

Lax Season!

lacrosse season is underway. It is my third year playing for HS, I started on varsity as a freshman, made all county last year, and led my team in goals. as you may know i got a scholarship offer to play for the University of Maryland. right now we started practicing and have a scrimmage wednesday. in case youre wondering i play middie.

Terps sweep Duke

With a 85-77 win of the blue devils in durham last night, the terps completed the season sweep of duke. It wouldnt suprise me if duke is ranked higher, but at least the win will improve our seeding in the tournament. This is the 2nd time in 3 years the terps have swept duke.

Terps vs. UNC

The two will square of on sunday at 5:30PM EST, in College Park. This is a big game. The terps are probably in the tournament now with a 21-7(7-6) record, thought you always want to beat a top team like UNC, especially at home. Im sure the Comcast Center will be electrifying. I believe the terps can play with UNC, but it will be a tough game. By far, UNC is the best team we have played this year.

Maryland vs. Duke

Sunday night at 5:00PM EST MD will play Duke at home for the first of two meetings. This in my opinion, is the second biggest rivalry in all of college bball behind of course, Duke and UNC. This game is really important for both teams. Duke wants to avoid losing 4-in a row and unless MD has a magical run if they lose this they are out of the tournament. I think MD has a shot IF they play their best.

Ravens vs. Colts

The Indianapolis Colts will return to Baltimmore to take on the ravens in the divisional round of the afc playoffs. This should be a great game. The fans will be rialed up, as a trip to the afc championship is on the line. GO RAVENS!
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