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Gaming Team

I am attempting once again to set up my own private gaming team, and we would be a group of people willing to get achievements and/or trophies, even considering the Wii and portable devices. We would be a group that specializes in gaining achievements and trophies, but of course we would do it correctly when it comes to multiplayer, meaning all of our own people on one side, and not just on the opposing side. If you think you have true skill, you should be able to do things legally in the gaming world. For example: In Rainbow Six Vegas 2, one achievement says you must rescue both hostages 10 times, so that means everyone gives their all, even if you are on the opposing side. On our side, we would just have to secure both hostages for our own team mate so he can earn the achievement.

Only rules would be:

No cheating multiplayer to get the achievements and trophies (this can result in bans from the publishers anyhow).

Everyone makes sure that everyone is happy by helping each other get that same achievement or trophy and not just stiffing him/her.

Must be patient, remember how you got some of those tough achievements/trophies, and just think how frustrated the rest of the group would be if you left right after an achievement or trophy was obtained.

Don't be greedy. Everyone would be taking turns.

Advertise when you feel the need, this helps get the group noticed, and we would just be more of a community of people helping others. There's no enemies within the group, only friends helping friends.

_______ _________ _________ ___________ ________ ________ ________

Anything else I find that needs to be expressed into a rule, I will edit this post at my own discrection. Remember that achievements and trophies hold little monitery value.

Eventually I hope to start my own YouTube channel dedicated to achievements, but with a fresh twist on the industry, this would both help gamers with achievements or trophies they might have missed or didn't know how to obtain, and encourage them to try hard and not give up, like how life should be most all of the time.

I have been working on ideas for a while, and it is time I implemented some of them, and only way to do that is build a community of like-minded people, not afraid to get a little dirty for something they believe has potential.

Anything you wish to know, or need help with, don't hesitate to ask, thank you!

Praised games in my collection.

Ok, here is a list of games in my collection that I have had a special 'soft spot' for, and have been favorites of mine since I played them. I would give them an unbiased review in those days' standards as I would any other game. This is just what I have in my collection. Legend of Legaia PSX - It was one of my favorite games of all time, and probably my first ever rented playstation game. It is a fun RPG from back in those days, the combat system was unique, and I have not ever found a game like it, even as Legaia 2: Duel Saga came into play. Final Fantasy IX PSX - It was one of the last true Final Fantasy games of its depth, it allowed you to explore the world in airships and on chocobos, the main source of traveling. It was a vast world, you could let your imagination run free if it was a new game being developed by today's standards. Great story, not all too dramatic, amazing visuals, and battles with cut-scenes even themselves out so you actually get a sense of excitement. But those FF days have long since passed... Wild Arms 3 PS2 - A great game in itself, a western-style RPG, built to the brim with guns and a nice, open world. You can ride horseback, on foot, or take mechanical vehicles that travel both on land or sea. The music score, along with the story and the fact that it had more gameplay by far, than cut-scenes. Thousand Arms PSX - First game I had seen where it matters who you praise and who you scold. A simi-dating sim RPG where you give gifts to girls in hopes you get to marry at least one. Nicely done, around 25-40 hours of gameplay, and with some difficult boss battles, it actually seems to focus loosely on dating until at least halfway through. I beat it, but I feel like I can beat it again. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time PS2 -Huge display of weapons, vast majority of items, and seems like almost everything in that game is customizable. Good story, lengthy start, but you will start to enjoy it more as time rolls on. It is a bit complicated at times with how you synthesis things, but that is how it set itself aside from most RPGs. Suikoden series The one thing that makes the Suikoden series unique, are the amount of people you actually find and can have as allies, able to join your party when you need them. There were over 200 different allies you could play (if I remember correctly), and that number only grew with the passing of each Suikoden game. Some underdog series have been cut off because of developing costs, and the fact that they might not be so well-received in the US. -Valkyrie Profile was close to getting disconnected, but it still lives on in Sony fanboys. -Suikoden has seemingly moved on to portable devices, Suikoden Tierkreis for Nintendo DS and Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki (Japan) for PSP. -Wild Arms XF for the PSP So far my favorite new age RPG has been White Knight Chronicles, as it is more like what the Final Fantasy series was back in the day than it is now. It has this huge world to explore almost from the start, nice battles mixed with only a taste of cut-scenes, but the biggest twist is the huge enemies you can face, on down to a tiny shrub. You also have the online experience, where you get some land, can customize it, and even invite people over to buy stuff you sell within this little bit of land you get. I forgot the full details, but you will have to check it out for yourselves! It is a must buy for any PS3 gamer!! As long as you love RPGs, there is no reason not to get this game.