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Mario and Sonic at the olympic games

Ok guys i ain't gonna go oh Sonic's better and lecture about the game but who do you think is better thats the QUESTION!!!!!!!!:question::idea:

Who is it



In my own opinion i'm a sonic fan but what are you???:roll:


Mine totally sucks ideas would be useful leave your comments they are all appreciated and i will track anyone who tracks me "u got a friend" all comments read thanks for reading

all about me

hey guys this is a bit about me Adam or as you know me Tenaciousads, I love music Rock especially my favourite musical song has got to be Bet on it High School Musical(which i'm listening to as i write it.). I love the Rachet and Clank series I also love Sonic i'm not really a mario fan my favourite superhero has got to be spiderman. Although the third game was RUBBISH my first friend on the site was the loyal HATSRULE1. Favourite sport Basketball if i had a power it would be to be as fast as Sonic. I am Northern Irish I go to Markethill high and am very friendly and will track anyone who tracks me i am not goth i might me slightly emo when i don't mean to me my friends sometime say i am my games consoles are ps1, ps2, wii, ds, sp, pc, GBA and soon to be PS3. I play Guitar and Piano but c ya bfore i say to much. See Ya Dudes


hey guys wdc i need 2 know who will help with organizing a new ps3 and wii union with 5 wii games and 5 ps3 games to put it on if dat sucks i was gonna organize a new Sonic rules one all ideas appreciated


Hey this is Tenacious Ads some of u's have propobly read my reveiws but still I think the best game you can get is to get one with your story that you like. With a good difficulty, quite long and free roaming once you complete it like grand theft auto in three weeks time i will have the downlow on Sonic and Mario look out for that. See ya