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Given the in engine trailer for Uncharted 4, I'm going with that. That said, PC is the more capable hardware... IF... you can afford and keep up with all the hardware upgrades.

In my house, PS4 trumps my PC by a significant margin. I may upgrade my PC when Star Citizen releases, but until then, my PC is less powerful than an Xbox 360.

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The master race is the one who enjoys what they have and doesn't feel the need to put others down regardless of what they prefer.

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All on PS4 unless noted otherwise.


- Destiny

- Walking Dead Season 2 (PSV)

- Little Big Planet 3


- The Order $80 CE

- Uncharted 4

- RE Remake HD

That's it for now.

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@duncancameron23: It's been stated by Bungie that the PS4 is the best platform. At the very least because of the exclusives. That said, if you prefer the X1, get it for that. The game will practically be the same. The deciding factor should be which system has your friends on it because this is a social game.

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The first was lack luster. Even so, I'll wait till Capcom says it to decide if I care.

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@Aljosa23: No. Sega has shown in the past that they will shut down projects. Case in point was the Sonic 2 remake on PC that was shut down near the Sonic 4 release.

It was 10x better than what Sega made.

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The project will be shut down by Sega before it can release to anyone.

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I'm interested in WiLD. It's a good question asking which are indie because most indie games don't get a physical release and I prefer having my games on disc.

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If there was blood... then Genesis. Nintendo had them remove"gore".

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Uncharted 2 is at the top after 28 years of gaming. There have been lots of incredible games that I've played over the years but growing up on Indiana Jones, this series takes the cake for me.