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Nope as it works fine and have tested it, the bug persists even into the 360 dashboard but then I change over to regular TV and the sound comes out fine.

Edit: grrrr I even cleared the HDD cache, only thing I can think of but nothing. The game booted up fine but as soon as it does one of those interim saves like when you go through a gate and it's "saving" on screen automatically the sound quits and does not come back on. So something is messed with this games save system.

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This game is screwed; I uninstalled the game and reinstalled in, transferred my save to a USB and am now loading my save form the USB and it is still cutting out the sound, in fact I think the save is going corrupt...

Oh yeah and these forums ARE DEAD. :\

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This is a really bad bug, the sound is even gone when I exit the game and am in the 360 dashboard.   The bug happens when I leave the town then it starts auto saving then the sound cuts out.  I have mine installed on the HDD so I think something is messed.  I'm backing up my save on USB and am going to try and reinstall the game.

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I have the same problem right now but I'm actually on the 360. I've rebooted twice now and the sound starts working for a couple minutes then it quits and there is no sound at all. I'm just about to go to the final battle so it's annoying. The thing is way earlier on when I first got the game I was only like lv 15 and was fighting 2 ogres at night, I fought them for 4 days and finally gave up becuase the sound started going out, namely the sound effects. The ogres would bash around but there was no sound to them only the background music was functional. So it seems this game has a some glitches with sound as I have experienced other weird times where the sound has gone out but it was only very temporary, this time it's really bad :/ i was worried the 360 was going kaput but it seems it's a game glitch as the same thing even happens on PS3.
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Yes, I read about this on Kotaku.  Disgusting.


They really are arrogant pr!cks over there thinking they can bullly people around like that.

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to run vista itll be better if i run 4gb (2x2GB) right?xH4N

Well if you get 4 gigs of ram then you have to use 64-bit vista and lots of programs are not compatible with it yet. If you get 3.5 gigs you can still use 32-bit.

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Try partition magic, thats one ive heard of. Don't know if its the 'best' though.
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Here you go guys, not so hard to find after all so I did it for ya:

Vista is faster than XP now in gaming after SP1


Okay, so let's say that Vista is up to speed with XP in games. What about compatibility of old titles? I have to have my original Police Quests, Leisure Suit Larrys, Ultimas, Quake, Doom, and even 7th Guest. It's not like those are ground breaking games, but every once in a while I find joy playing them and if they won't work then I'll be screwed.

How long should it take for alot of these oldskool gems to run fine on Vista with no hacks?

Hey I'm totally with ya. Seriously I kept win 98 up until 2006 for just that purpose. I think you will be pleasantly surprised (as I was) at vistas emulating properties for those old os's.

Besides, you shouldn't be even using it, just use DOSBOX and it emulates DOS near perfectly. I can play any old game in it. I would suggest you have at least a 1.5 ghz cpu to get them all running up to speed in the DOSBOX emulator though.