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Starcade! Arcade TV show (Retro, baby)

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Starcade was a game show where contestants battled each other for high scores to win prizes and perhaps even their very own arcade machine as the grand prize.

This show is fantastic not only to see the really old-school games, but to just get a picture of how things were and the culture that existed around video games back then. I love this line from the host in episode #72 (you can tell this guy doesn't play video games, he just took this gig) "I found doing this, people who play video games, they don't talk too much". Yes its true, most of the people on the show are what you would call socially awkward but that just makes the show more entertaining from my perspective! I'm sure these shows will give you a laugh and scratch your old-school itch in the process.

P.S. Check out the Dragon's Lair episode! Episode #102 also has a couple of old Laser Disc titles featured as well.

Full episodes:

Check out my images section.

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Please check out some of the images I uploaded. They are by some artists and designers that I recently discovered. If your at all interested in modern design please check them out, im sure you will find something you like. I am going to try and upload more as I get/come across them. if you want to check them out in all their glory and in full size please follow the links I provide in the description of the image. Here are a couple samples:

Feels Like Tonight by pndamde

Feels Like Tonight

Funk Vibration by BlackMaterial

Funk Vibration