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It's been a long time since the landscapers have been back. Yes in case you didn't know or read or whatever these bastards weedwacked my flowers. I had to fence it off to give them the hint, “hey don't put a weedwacker in here.” They knocked over a flower pot and that was the last straw. They were gone. And since they've been gone I've started anew on the flower growing process. I germinated the seeds, put them in some pots. They were small but I cared for them over weeks. Those seeds have now grown into full fledged flowers. Now I had grown these flowers before but only one and this time they are enormous. I find it amazing that something the size of your fingernail can grow 3 feet high. My old flowers didn't grow that tall, but these ones did. Week after week I paid attention to them, I watered them, I maintained them. After months my work has paid off as I have lots and lots of flowers. Glorious flowers!