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Sony: Robbers or friends?

Sony: Robbers or friends?

May 10, 2010

Dear, Gamespot & Public.

I come before you with a problem that has seemed to strike PlayStation 3's all over the globe.

After spending my money on a Nintendo Wii, which is one of the worst things to buy for a hardcore gamer like myself, I looked for something that might give me more of a reason to stay up late playing video games. In August 2009, a week before Batman Arkham Asylum released, I bought myself a PS3 for $300. It took a while to come up with the money but I was very satisfied once I got my hands on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. I found myself having a new best friend.

I spent all my money on only the best games. I read and watched all the reviews on GameInformer and GameSpot. I started to replace the radio with video game soundtracks. I became a geek as some might say. The first time I had a problem with my PS3, I restored default settings, but for some strange reason it killed my wireless controller. It told me to plug it in from the charger to the ps3 which I had already done the first time it told me to do it, and it just blinks as if its charging, which it's not. So until Christmas- when I got my wireless controller, I had to use my crummy, hard plastic, cheap wired controller - that originally came with my PS3.

Then come March, I decide to buy a game called Mag. I realize my PS3 isn't working that well since I've gotten it, but at the time, I didn't know what to think of the subject. So I keep playing. After a long, hard match, the results come up and I level up, except, once the results close, the game is supposed to bring you to the main menu. This did not happen. Instead, I got a black screen that never cleared up. I tried to quit the game, nothing happened. I tried holding down the power button, that didn't work either. I then turn the PS3 off from the back switch. This does the trick. But, if you turn the PS3 off from the back, without turning it off from the front, a message appears saying " You did not turn your PS3 off properly, data might have been lost, blah blah blah." This message did not appear once I turned it back on. My PS3 brought me straight to its main menu. I'm thinking to myself " That's odd, why didn't the message appear?" I then just think, oh what ever, and go over to the game section of my PS3. I look for the disc of MAG showing me that the game is in….but this disc does not appear! I try cleaning it over and over again, it doesn't work. I try other games, it doesn't work. I started to panic, so I tried "Default Settings" and again, it killed my new wireless controller I got for Christmas! I burst out in anger, but realize there's one other thing I can do. Call Sony. I call Sony, and after a while, I finally get to speak with someone. And you know what the first thing they tell me to do is? Yup, "Restore Default Settings" I stopped the lady in her words and told her what happened the last times I tried it. She pauses, then she keeps going over everything I said to her. All of a sudden, the words that I thought I'd never hear, were released from the lady's voice. " I'm sorry sir, there is no troubleshooting available for this problem. But what we can do, is send you a box, with instructions on how to ship your PS3. The fee will be $198 plus shipping and handling……" I had blocked out the rest. I threw myself on the couch, and proceeded to cry. 9 award winning games, with no system to play them on. I've had three friends with this same problem. I heard that the shipping and handling is around $50. So it could equal to around $260. I also was told to just buy a new one, but people don't always have that kind of money, especially at 14!

I've loved my PS3 ever since I got it (still do). Every time someone said, "Xbox 360's are better!" I defend Sony with good back up smack talk. I'd thought they were our friends. I still thought of them in good way after my ps3 broke down…well kind of. But, then when I put my problem into Google, I realized there were hundreds, even thousands of people with the same problem as me. And it's because of the Blue-Ray depletion. You can't buy them anywhere except for E-bay and your local Junkies store. I've been refusing to spend $260 and $300 for a new system since almost everyone with a PS3 either has or will get this problem. Sony most likely knew about this. And the more PS3'S sold, the more PS3'S are going to get shipped to Sony, and Sony gets more money! I realize this is very long but I appreciate your time. Thank you very, very much for your time, and have a wonderful day! Long Live Gaming.

Email= GameGeek72@hotmail.com

Name= Malachi Tekur Whitten

Edited on May 10, 2010 6:57 pm GMT

Sony: Robbers or friends?