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Woop Almost Christmas


Long time no see

Its almost Christmas

I am geting, iTouch, fable II, NFS undercover and sd vs raw 09

I havnt been on for ages, soo busy with exams, COD5 and Fifa



Lots to say

Well In the last month ---

I've had my birthday

I got Euro Game and GTA!!

I've preapred for Fifa 09 :P

and now back to school!!! :(:(

But i now listening to a ton of music found some good new songs

Im Not Over - Carolina Liar

Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down

And out of cheese you should listen to the song that that starts :

I can ride my bike with no handlebars!!

Over and Out

Spain and Back

I've been away in Spain for the past 15 days enjoying the heat and sunshine - no rain at all in Malaga :P

Watching the Olympics/Football/Cricket on Sky/ BBC

It was awesome


And the shock plane crash in Madrid was only day before I went home :D

But we trvalleed safely and I'm back --- on here

Liverpool got off to a successsful start to there Premier League Campaign narrowly beating sunderland 1-0 but I was pissed that Sentanta hnad it so i couldnt watch it. Its the ame with the England match why the hell give it to setanta let the BBC have it!!

Anyway look behind you cozI am Teh Assassin ::::::::::::PP

Virtua Tennis; The Wombats and STUFF!! Lmao

Well, tommorrow I will be getting Virtua Tennis 3 for Xbox 360 as we have now pre ordered it from Argos for £19.99 BARGAIN!!

I have a new obessession with a few songs :

The Anthem - Good Charlotte

All I ever wanted - Basshunter


Erm... Liverpool havent signed or sold anyone recently so theres not muche else! OH Yeah

According to lord waspy and Ben in my class

ROBYN IS HOT LOL - Dt and Tutor :P

Its about time!!!

Its about time I posted a blog as I haven't for nearly a month. So let me give you a brief analysis of what has happened and whether I liked it or not:_

- Spain won Euro 2008 :)

- England only drew the Cricket today :(

- Completed Halo 3 on Legendary at last :)

- I then got promoted to Leutenant Grade 2

- On Call of Duty 4, I am up to rank 27

- At school we have been doing our options, I can't take German and ICT CiDA because they clash :(

- I am takin drama instead of one of them :)

- I am intending on getting Viertua Tennis 3 soon :)

- Its just over a month till my birthday :)

- Spain on Augustv 4th !!!C :D

Well thats meant to be brief :)



Call of Duty 4 Arrives!!

My seemingly endless wait for Call of Duty 4 is over!! I checked my order yeserday on TEsco online they said there was no stock till next to tuesday. So i got home from school today and there it was in its packaging waiting for me. I'm glad ive finally got it and now I am going to be playing it alot!!!


Sorry -No Blogs Yesterday

I didn't post any blogs yesterday due to my great disapointment to see one of my favourite countries in the competetion. I was heavily backing the Czech Republic to reproduce the feats of 4 years ago. I thought it would interesting to see Turkey equalise but that was because I wanted to see the Czechs take pens. I was gutted for Cech because that mistake may cost him dearly, in terms of status with chelsea.