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At Long Last! Dragon Quest IX!

I finally got Dragon Quest IX! I picked up my paycheck at work (finally one that was over $100), then dropped by GameStop. But as I was waiting in line to get it, I saw something truly amazing. GameStop is having this Power Sale going on, where select used games are 50% off! I saw God of War 3 for $29.99! I asked the guy at the front how long the Power Sale was going on for, and he said 2-3 more weeks, and to expect GoW3 to be in there for that time. Apparently, it didn't sell as much as was anticipated.

My reasoning for not getting GoW3 you may ask? Well, I don't want it as badly as I want some other games, such as DQ9. And I'm guessing that DQ9 will last me until Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep comes out on Sep. 7. Hopefully that will last me until Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood comes out, which I still haven't pre-ordered. And if I can't get Brotherhood, THAT'S when I'll get GoW3. The price would've dropped even more, and I wouldn't have bought any games for a while. And if I can't get either, by that time Christmas is just around the corner! It's so crazy it might just work! MWAHAHAHA!!!...Ahem.

Now I just have to hide the fact from my mom that I bought a new game. She was yelling at me yesterday because I wanted to :lol: My car was in for its routine inspection, and I texted her asking when my car was going to be back. That's ALL I texted her. She called me at lunch and asked, "Why, what do you want to buy?" I of course said, "Nothing." She knows me all to well :P

In other news, I still haven't been able to finish Special Ops in MW2. I'm just 8 missions away. The problem is that the servers for it really suck (LAG CITY), and I can never find a partner. However, I would like to thank BboyCG013 and Megaman5364 for helping me get through some of the missions and earn some trophies! Thanks guys!

So, I'm off to play some DQ9! What games have you guys picked up lately?


I Need a MW2 Special Ops Partner

Hey there peeps! Just a quick blog to ask for some help. I'm just a handful or two of Special Ops missions away from getting the Modern Warfare 2 Platinum Trophy. The problem is, not many of my friends can help me out at the moment. So, if you have a PS3 and MW2, and can handle VETERAN difficulty in Special Ops, HELP A GAMER OUT PLEASE!

-TG92 (ImplodingBacon on PSN)

Happy 4th of July!



ADVENTURE TI...Nah just kidding. Happy 4th of July everyone! My family and I are over at our neighbors house for fun, swimming, food, food, more food, and the Rays vs. the Twins game! GO RAYS! After a while of being over there, I went back home because I'm dead tired and I'm gonna take a nap. I'll probably head back later.

QUICK GAME UPDATE! Yesterday I beat Darksiders. Absolutely amazing game, but the weapons take a little too long to level up, even with the extra experience enhancements (Combat Lore, War's Glory). And now since I beat the game, I have to wander around to whatever enemies are left before the last battle to try and max out my stuff for one of the trophies. Another one that kills me is the trophy 'Dark Rider', where you have to ride War's horse Ruin for 100 miles. First off, 100 miles is a heck of a long ride in this game, and secondly, you get Ruin at the third dungeon, so your game is almost over and there's not many places to ride ruin that can help you with the 100 miles. And one thing that I was slightly disappointed about was no New Game +. So when I start a new file in the Apocalyptic mode to get that trophy, I have to start all the way over, except for this special armor you find that carries over to all new files once you find it.

But besides those minor annoyances, Darksiders was a great game and earned my approval and a rating of a 9.0. Great story, gameplay/mechanics, characters, voice acting, weapons, gadgets, some customization, gigantic levels and bosses, and quite frankly everything you could ask for in a game involving the apocalypse.

@z827: To answer your question from my last blog, yes there is free-roaming. You're not forced to immediately start the next event in the game.

And I absolutely love the ending! It left off at the perfect point for the sequel, which is rumored to be released in 2012. That's a little far away, but if Vigil Games makes it better than the first, I'm fine with it. Plus, 2012 is the perfect year for an apocalyptic game! But once again, like in other blogs, I won't spoil the ending. Because I hate spoilers. The only way I want to find out a game's secrets is by looking them up.

Well I've rambled on yet again. So once again I say Happy Independence Day everyone! What are you guys up to today? Or what did you do? (depending on when you read this blog)



The Summer Blog Pt. 1

So it's been almost two months since my last blog, not because I haven't been doing anything, but because I've been too lazy to write a blog :lol: I'm going to divide this blog into two parts! This first one is all about the games I've been playing or want to get! The second will be mostly about my personal life and what I've been up to.


Ratchet and Clank Future Series


Tools of Destruction: My first taste of a PS3 Ratchet and Clank! I think I played through this game 4 times. The graphics really blew me away, even though I don't have an HDTV. You could see the individual hairs on Ratchet's ears! How badass is that! Another things was how crisp and colorful the explosions were. I know some of you were already used to good graphics, but this was my first taste of true PS3 graphics.

But that wasn't the only thing I liked about this game. The story really gripped me all the way to the end. It made me wanting more and more. It was a perfect mix of action, suspense, and humor that R&C games are accustomed to. And I can't forget about the weapons! SO MANY WEAPONS! MWAHAHAHAHA :twisted: ONE LAST THING! What pisses me off is that Insomniac didn't release a patch for this game to add in trophies. If they did, I would've had another, because I beat challenge mode, leveled up all the weapons, and got all the skill points!


Quest for Booty: Not bad at all for a downloadable game. Maybe not worth $15, but still great all the same. The funny thing was that a few weeks before I started the Future series, Quest for Booty, along with a few other games, were HALF off! This damn game was $7! Anyways. I beat this game in just a few hours, and didn't bother with another playthough because there were no skill points and I leveled up all the weapons.


A Crack in Time: Pure perfection from a Ratchet and Clnak game. There wasn't a single thing I didn't like about this game, besides the fact that you couldn't get the Hard Mode trophy by beating Challenge Mode on Hard. The graphics were bumped up by at least 10 times form the first game. It was brighter, Ratchet's fur looked more animal-like/real, and Clank looked...well I can't actually describe it that well besides saying that the metal he was made of looked real!

But like Tools, the graphcis weren't the only thing I liked. THE STORY! Oh my God the story was spectacular! I didn't want the game to end because it was so good! I have to say that I wasn't expecting what Azimuth did when they all got back to the Great Clock in the end of the game. I won't say what he did because I don't want to spoil anything. But I could really feel the characters emotions because of how well they were portrayed. I felt a connection to the game, and it made me want to do absolutely everything there was to do.

I had to make two files total. The first I started on normal mode, beat it, then did Challenge Mode on Hard. But of course, you can't get the Hard Mode trophy in Challenge Mode. In this firts file, I made sure to get everything. All Zoni, Giold Bolts, Rino V Holo-Plans, and whatever else there was to get besides the Skill Points. My second file was just to get one trophy: Q-Force Champion for Hard Mode. I'm proud to say that I didn't just BS my way through the game. I got everything I did in my first file, and possibly more :lol: All I know is that I GOT MY 5TH PLATINUM TROPHY FROM A CRACK IN TIME! WOOHOO!


The other day I downloaded two demos: Uncharted 2 and Darksiders. I was gonna download Dante's Inferno, but decided not to.


Uncharted 2: Now the Uncharted 2 demo took forever! And what pisses me off is that nothing can download while you play a game on the PS3! So I had to entertain myself on AddictingGames.com while that thing took nearly an hour and a half to download. When it was done, I was so stoked! Made by Naughty Dog, maker of Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter, Game of the Year for multiple gaming shows and websites, so it was awesome RIGHT? Not so much. The controls were very awkward. When I tried to hide behind different walls and rubble, Drake would stick out the wrong way when I tried to shoot, or not crouch down all the way. And the climbing! Forget it! I get that Naughty Dog made it realistic, that it is hard for normal people like ourselves, and we're not all Assassins like Ezio and Altair, but my GOD! You think Nathan Drake would be a little better at it! He's ripped!

And the icing on the cake! You know how long the demo was!? About 20 minutes, if not that. The reason the demo was so big was the graphics! Sure they were absolutely stunning, and better than Ratchet and Clank, and made that one chick with the black hair and red shirt look really, really..really...really.....good.....:)....what was I saying? Oh. Well the graphics rocked.


Darksiders: Alright Darksiders! A full dungeon for a demo, 90+ minutes of gameplay! And guess what? It was smaller than Uncharted 2. Uncharted was about 1800 MB. Darksiders was 1300. Took a hell of a lot less time that Uncharted. The funny thing was how long I played it. It finished downloading at about 11:30 at night. So I started playing it, thinking it wouldn't take that long. I finished it at about 1:30 in the morning :lol:! My reasoning was that you couldn't save, and I wasn't gonna re-do a whole two hours of gameplay.

Darksiders is what happens when you mesh God fo War and The Legend of Zelda together. I'm surprised there wasn't a copyright issue! Let me explain. The action is just like God of War, with the reaction commands when an enemy is near-death, and just the overall feel of the fighting. Zelda comes into play during the dungeons. Long and winding dungeons with maps, keys, puzzles, and getting weapons in the dungeons. The weapon you get during the demo is called the crossblade, but it's actually a giant shurikun. It reminded me almost completely of the Gail Boomerang from Twilight Princess. You can charge it up before you throw it, aim it, and select multiple targets.

So I'll probably be getting Darksiders! I was absolutely addicted to it. The story is great, and I want to know what happens!


PSN Portable ID

Darksiders used is only $27.99 at GameStop. Unfortunately, I've been short on cash because I haven't been getting many hours where I work because business has been low. So I thought about trading in two of my games that I didn't like and probably won't ever play again: Batman Arkham Asylum and Prince of Persia(2008 ). But something bothered me about them. The trophies I've gotten in PoP was at 79% and AA was at 59%. So I went back into both games to round them up. I got one more trophy in each. Catch! in AA and Sinking to New Depths! in PoP. It's a good thing I could still get that last one in PoP, because those of you who've played it know you can't go back and do anything at the end of the game.

One problem! I don't know if I want to trade them in. Arkham Asylum is having a sequel, and PoP might have a continuation. But what am I saying! I had to force myself to finish those games, and I didn't even try to go for Platinums! So hopefully those two will knock off most of the price of Darksiders, and hopefully my GameStop Edge card will lower the price of Darksiders since it's used and give me more money for my trade-ins.

How did you guys like the 2008 Prince of Persia and Arkham Asylum?

Well, I've rambled on long enough. In my next blog, I'll list the games I want to get, although you can probably see that in my Wish List :lol: I have to say I'm glad I've finally written this blog! Tell me what you guys think!


No Platinum in Prince of Persia

So I just finished the Epilogue in Prince of Persia. I ended up with 79% of the trophies, and I've decided that there's no way in hell I'm going to play through that game again to get the trophies I missed. I've completely lost interest in playing that game, one because it got pretty boring just climbing around everywhere, and two....I picked up Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction today!

I've gotta say that Ubisoft did a good job with the epilogue. But even so, there was just way too much jumping around and not enough action for me. If there is a continuation of it, I'm not sure I'll get it. Well, I'm off to bed now. After all, it is 1:33 AM by me :lol: Night all! Tomorrow, Tools of Destruction! And a 2:00-9:00 shift at work :cry:



E3 Reader's Choice Loading Issues!!!

Okay so right now I'm trying to cast my vote in the E3 Reader's Choice, and nothing is loading! I can't even post a damn comment! I MUST VOTE FOR BIRTH BY SLEEP!!!!! Is this happening to anyone else!?

Just a quick update! I think Im getting somewhat towards the end of Prince of Persia. It's fun and all, but it could've been better. Too much running around and collecting Light Seeds and not enough combat and story. Because of the good plot and graphics, I'd give it an 8.5 so far. Dunno if I'll stay interested in it long enough to play through it a second time to try and get the Platinum Trophy.

As for after Prince of Persia, PS3-wise, I've set my sights on Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction! It's only $20! Woohoo!

Well, I'm gonna keep trying to get my vote in on E3 Reader's Choice. Later guys and gals!


Did Someone Say KEYBLADE?!

What!? WHERE!? Hey there is it! Wait! It's moving! Stop! ARGH!.....Oh, that's right. I have a Keyblade cursor now! I got it from this site: http://passionisart.deviantart.com/art/KH-POINTERS-sora-ver-88089575, And don't worry! My FireFox scanned the pack it as it downloaded, and I scanned it with SpySweeper. It's virus free! AND! On this site: http://passionisart.deviantart.com/art/KH-POINTERS-riku-ver-88564270, the same person made a Riku themed keyblade pack!

Here's the pictures of them:

Sora keyblade pack

Riku cursor pack

They are absolutely amazing! And I'm not done! I also got this kick-ass Birth by Sleep theme for my PSP! Here's the link as well: http://www.psp-themes.net/comics-anime-themes/kingdom-hearts-birth-by-sleep-5526-psp-theme.htm. And once again, I scanned everything. Virus free! The thee gives you an awesome PSP wallpaper, and puts different keyblades in front of the different icons! It's awesome! Also got a cool Birth by Sleep wallpaper, but that one has been replaced by a Prince of Persia wallpaper for now.

So as you can tell, I can't wait for Birth by Sleep! AND I've checked a few more sites for release dates. Well, one more actually.

GAMESTOP: Has Birth by Sleep's placeholder date as 12/31/2010. When I went and got Prince of Persia last Saturday, I put $5 on it to set my pre-order. I asked the guy about the date, and that I'd seen all summer dates, but he said it'd most likely be a Christmas release date. IT BETTER AS HELL NOT BE!

JUNE 1: I think this is the date we've all heard, and this date would actually be perfect for me. Near the last day of school, and right before I leave for my trip to Chicago (June 8). Unfortunately, since E3 2010 is from June 15-17, I'm not too sure about it. I'm sure Square wants to show something really nice for E3 to build up even more suspension.

G4TV: On G4TV's site, they have July 27th.....I really, REALLY hope this isn't the real date, because that's less than a month before I go back to school, and my whole summer would've gone by already. That would really suck. I plan on playing this game for the duration of my summer, or for as long as it takes to get EVERYTHING.

So, I'm off ot bed now. And if you didn't see it in my blog earlier, last Saturday I got Prince of Persia. I love it! Great story, amazing graphics, great fight sequences and combos, and perfect characters! So, until next time! And check those cursors/PSP theme out!


GIF Icon Help Please?

Hey there guys! I'm trying to make a certain type of GIF icon, one that transitions between pictures, and I have no idea how. Here's the icons I made that I'm trying to put together:

Terra Ventus Aqua Mickey

Feel free to use them! But does anyone know what I'm talking about? If so, I NEED SOME HELP PLEASE!


Can you tell I'm getting PSYCHED about Birth by Sleep!?!? :lol:

Trophy of GAIA!/ BBS Release Date Confusion?

FIRST OFF! I got my fourth Platinum Trophy! The Trophy of Gaia from God of War II! I still find it hard to believe that beating God Mode and Titian Mode weren't required. I guess that they're just too hard! But I gotta say I'm damn proud of my four shiny trophies :lol: After I finish the file I'm in in GoW II, I'm probably gonna head back to Modern Warfare 2. I still never started story mode, or got too far in multilplayer.

I have to give God of War II a perfect 10/10. Especially in Bonus play with all the Urns :lol: Infinite magic, infinite Rage of the Titans, 10x every orb you get, etc. I don't know what's better! The funny thing was that I realized an easy way to get the cyclops eyes: Arena of the Fates! I realized that AFTER I started my new game. When I got all 20, I unlocked the God Armor. AFTER I started my new file...:( Well, I still have the Hydra Armor.

SECONDLY! I did a little research on Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Take a look:

Here's Square Enix's Birth by Sleep website:BBS

And here's GameStop:


Just in case you can't see it, the first one says that Birth by Sleep is due to hit the States (North America) this summer. However! Gamestop's pre-order date is due to ship on 12/31/2010.

NOTICE ANYTHING WEIRD!? BECAUSE I DO! WTF!?!? I'm pretty sure that's a little later than this summer! About 6 months longer! Now unless I missed something, I don't know what's going on.

Questions!? Comments!? Concerns!? WTF'S!?


And Happy Easter everyone!

Challenge of the Titans?

MORE LIKE CHALLENGE OF THE CHUMPS! Except for Challenge 6 (Protect the Translator), it was nothing compared to Challenge of the Gods!

So as you can guess, I beat God of War II. I'm on my second play through on Normal Mode to get the rest of the Uber Chests and the Urns to get mah trophies! I'm very surprised that beating the game on God and Titan Modes isn't required to get the Platinum Trophy.

Soooo..........I have to say that I haven't had much to blog about lately. Kinda sad :cry: Let's see....I just became a cashier at Publix, I've started running for my black belt test on May 22, and I've really been enjoying my Spring Break! I went to the beach Tuesday, and to the movies Wednesday to see How To Train My Dragon in 3D! And even though my friends and I went to the beach for like 4 hours, and I used TANNING spray, I didn't get one bit of a tan :( Cure my Irish and German heritage! I'm even Italian too! You think that'd help me out a little!

I'll tell you one thing I enjoyed about Clearwater beach. There were soooo many hot girls!!! I love Spring Break! I wish I could tell you guys what I saw, but I have a feeling I might get in trouble. I'll just say this: Small and tight bikinis :D :D :D And a friend of mine who I went with looked sooo HOT in her bikini! ****ing sucks that she has a boyfriend though...and that he was there...and he's buff....and they've been going out for 13 months.....:( Oh well. Maybe I'll have better luck with someone else.

Ah well. Time for bed! Night peeps! Enjoy the rest of your Spring Break if you're on it! If not, we're almost at Summer Vacation!

Oh, and Happy April Fools Day! I completely forgot!