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Lost Games & Starting Over

So I left that no-good S.O.B of a husband of mine and foolishly while I was moving out, left behind some of the games. I don't know why I left him anything to be honest, but I guess I'm just too good natured for my own well being. I sure wish I had a good racing or fighting game right now though!

Anyway, I'm getting back into gaming again now that life has settled down a little. In fact, I have someone coming to deliver me Rune Factory Frontiers today! I'm looking forward to having a new game to play, despite that I still have a whole slew of gamesyet to beat.
There's nothing like that new game smell though. ;)
I'm dying to play Red Dead Redemption, but I'm going to hold off until it's a bit cheaper. 60 rupees is just too damned much to pay for a video game when one only works part time.
Don't those game devs realize how hard we gamers have to work to pay for our habits?

Teek's Quicky Update Extraordinairre!

So, long time no postage!

I've had a bit of a shock in early Feb and have moved out on my own. Sad part is, I'm without reliable internet or income, so things are going to be tough.

On a happier note though, I'm so broke I can't afford to buy the new games that have come out recently so hopefully I'll get a chance to whittle down my now playing list!
Anyone playing Star Ocean International? I'm bummed I couldn't go out and buy it, but the buzz seems to be a bit disappointing anyway.

I hope everyone is doing good and had a lovely (un)Valentines day. I got my spiffy Vday emblem too so, thanks Jody!


One down, Twenty-six to go!

*Pats self on the back*
That's right, I did it. I bought and beat Mass Effect! Now my "Now Playing" list is back down to 26 items! XP

As far as Mass Effect goes, I really enjoyed it. I could get used to being able to beat a game in just over 40 hours while still getting in a good amount of side quests. I managed to get my "completionist" achievement without even trying. By the way, I love how they handled achievements. Getting bonuses toward shields, new gear and various other game-altering tidbits is just plain genius.

And the voice acting. Oh, how completely ruined I've become by the amazingly voiced video games I've been playing lately!
Drake's Fortune 2, Dragon Age: Origins, Tales of Vesperia, and now Mass Effect.
It's incredible how much depth a well-voiced character has in comparison to the good ol' silent protagonist of yesteryear.

Mass Effect was good, but also host to a surprising amount of screen tearing, texture pop-ins and occasional glitches. [My Mako got itself impaled on one of those geth spikes once. Hilarious, yes. Worth a restart? No.] The side-quests, as reported, do become quite redundant after a while, but I persevered through sheer force of stubborn will and an urge to see it all.
After a long stint of side-questing, I got a whim to see a bit more and went ahead with the main storyline-- only to discover too late that there was no going back. I'd stumbled into the plot of no return, and saved.


So I didn't manage to clean out my log completely, but after doing every side quest aside from a few of the galaxy-spanning collection quests, I don't feel like I missed much.

All in all, a great game! I'm sure I'll end up making a Renegade, because by the end of everything I was starting to get annoyed with my goody-two-shoes paragon. It'll be fun to shake a few collars in the 2nd run.
But that'll have to wait until I've whittled down my NP list a bit more.

Currently Playing List

My "now playing" list has just gone from 4 items to 26. No, I didn't recently come into money. Nor was I hired to be a playtester. Neither am I locked in a cage somewhere with wires sticking out of my head while men in white coats study the effects of game-induced euphoria on the female human.

No, in fact my game list just reflects all of the games I have purchased previously and not managed to beat.
This all came about while I was chatting with a few people about my habit of getting to year 3 in Harvest Moon and then suddenly losing interest. After getting some good advice and thinking about it, I realized the problem wasn't only with Harvest Moon games, but a TON of games that I've bought!
Thanks to my addiction, I'm soon to add Mass Effect (the first one) to that list as well...

So I've decided to list all of my unbeaten games in hopes of actually finishing the whole list! It's going to be a mammoth undertaking but with sheer stubborn will and some encouragement from my friends (dumpling321 shout-out! Get that Ico beaten!), it should prove to be an interesting endeavor.

Wish me luck!

Trolls & Tingles

Something occurred to me the other day while I was reading the forums. Something that had to do with the intended meaning behind the use of the label "forum troll".
As I've learned over the years, a word's connotation can change or evolve over time, and I believe that is the case with calling someone a forum troll. No longer is a troll the ugly, ungainly creature of old who liked to eat hapless goats trying to cross a bridge. Rather they have become cute toys with plastic gems in their belly buttons, or capoeira practitioners who happen to speak in a jamaica--er, "troll" accent.

So in short;
I would like to petition the general public to change the usage of "Forum troll" to "village idiot".
Forum trolls are entirely too fuzzy and floppy eared these days.
*Feeds the trolls with penny candy and bellybutton lint*


Feeling nostalgic, so I went and searched for some old game videos on youtube. Lookie what I found!

100 NES Games in 10 Minutes!

Ahh, reminds me of playing "sick" to get out of school so I could have the TV all to myself to play my brother's games.


Are games going to change this drastically again in the next 20 years?