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Gears of War 3 @ ACL Melbourne

With ACL Melbourne being the first LAN any of our members had attended we were keen to prove that we could provide the same results in the offline, up close and personal environment. This however did not happen straight from the get go.  Pool Play started with our first match against Reborn in which we lost 2-1 in disappointing fashion. This trend continued into our second match of pool play also losing 2-1 to Team Supremacy in another match we felt we should have been on top of. We ideally could have been more prepared for this LAN so kept our heads up putting those loses down to rust and motivated ourselves to get back into the swing of things with enthuses on communication and shaking off mid game paranoia when rounds went slow. With these things pinpointed we went into our third on the main stage with confidence and got the win we needed beating Fatal Deception 3-0. With pool play over and all teams seeded we got matched up once again against Reborn in the first match of our double elimination bracket. With our team now in the swing of things we were able to take a 3-1 victory sending us further along into our next match-up against the M12's in which we took a 3-0 victory putting us straight into the Winners Bracket finals against Mindfreak. We got off to a good start against Mindfreak taking out the first map Drydock, which i would consider one of their stronger maps. However they bounced back taking one of our stronger maps off us in Thrashball and then went on to win a close King of the Hill on Trenches and sealed their win on Old Town execution. With Mindfreak now in the Grand Final, we had to face the M12's once again in the Losers Bracket Final to secure our spot in the top 2. We were pretty confident going into this match as it would be continuation best of 11 with us already having a 3-0 advantage on them from our previous run-in earlier on in the bracket. M12's came out strong taking the first map but with an already convincing lead this didn't faze us at all and we went on to take the next three maps to secure our spot in the grand final. Pretty much a role reversal of our Losers Bracket match, we went into the Grand Final 3-1 down in the continuation best of 11 and never really found our feet to get back into the game. Mindfreak were extremely on-point all round and didn't allow us to get back into the series finishing off the tournament with a 6-1 Grand Finals win. Overall we were pretty satisfied with the 2nd place finish as it was our first LAN event and it reflected our online performances so far, confirming our team without doubt as the second best in Australia. Big thanks to Durkaa and Hayabusa for making the event run smoothly and professionally and all the other teams for competing and bringing some limelight to our game.

Exile5 Gears Up For Battle with NVIDIA

 Team Exile5 is very excited to announce were joining forces with NVIDIA, adding them to our family of prestigious partners. Weve been building on our successful results for the last 5 years and to reach our current position of support from organisations like NVIDIA has been an incredible journey. This new opportunity allows Team Exile5 to expand our roster of current players and introduce new members to the team. Team Exile5 aims to compete at the highest levels at all times and by utilising technology from NVIDIA this will allow our gamers the extra edge when it comes to performance and graphics power. NVIDIA has been the pinnacle for ultra-graphics power for many years and so we here at Team Exile5 are exceptionally excited to be working with NVIDIA. E-Sports is growing at a phenomenal rate worldwide and to see so many different bodies and communities interconnected and working together is exciting and demonstrates how far we have all come. This marks the start for some very big projects for the team and we would like you all to join us in welcoming NVIDIA to Team Exile5!