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Someone reply please :(
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Hi everybody this may seem like an odd place to post this but I am creating a new game that is a mix between turn based and real time game play for a strategy game that is more ambitious than Total war and Civilization 5 combined. I am planning to make a brand new game with a team's help that will surpass this titles with a unique empire combat but a intriguing diplomacy. This will include a timeline through various points in history plus every major and small empire being playable.Through the great nations of Africa to the European Super powers and The savages of Mexico and South America as well as the Scientific and mathematical Asians. This game will include a whole map of the world and like Empire total War as well as the battles in real time but like civilization 5 it will have the level of detail of the technology and similar animations for the leaders for diplomacy but much more detailed with reasons for war and this will affect a relation after peace is made and with the rest of the diplomatic leaders. Like the idea of expansion is worse than Holy War. This is a concept from Crusader Kings 2. I like the level of detail of diplomacy and leaders in the game and this will be implemented in. The Military is a big concept as it will span over several eras. I need to make it realistic but not overly so that it becomes boring. The battles in total war become a bit tedious and boring as time progresses so new technology and different landscapes will make this more interesting. Also as well as different units that respond in different ways will as well. I need a lot of people to help me with this project so too sign up just fill in an application like this Name: Job type wanted: Reason: Experience: Skype/Steam name: Any ideas: Please leave any ideas/ constructive criticism about this upcoming game.