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Weapon of choice

Now that I have all 3 systems once again, I wanted to know which one you guys would play more. I've personaly have been playing the 360 due to Gears Of War 3. However, I think it blows that you have to pay to play online as a "Gold Member". The PS3 is the system that I play the most out of all 3...heck, its even the system that I use to watch movies on. The Wii s a fun system to play when my friends are over. And with that said its often. Games like Mario Party and Super Smash just to name a few, helps forget the other systems. But which one do you guys find yourself playing the most. And please, no fanboy/fangirl stuff...I can be one myself with that said.

I Cant Wait

Gears of War 3 will be among us in a little over a week. I can't wait to pick up my Gears 3 Xbox edition!!!

20th and 21st game

On release day, I picked up my augmentented edition of Deus EX which in my opinion an amazing title. I'm still playing it to go back and view the second of three different endings and not to mention the side quest that I missed out on. I personally recommend thistitle to anyonethat enjoys 1St person shooters with RPG elements.

My 21st copy is Dead Island. I've been playing it soli since I lack internet, however, I was able to play online for a few. My online experience kinda didn't meet up to my expectations since you can only play with other players that characters are in the same level as you. I did play with one other person, but we were just getting experience points by killing zombies. This title is also a good pick up if you enjoyed Fallout just with a very limited amount of fire arms.

Next Few Titles

Ill be picking up Deus EX next week followed by Dead Island. But I think that the biggest deal for me is Gears Of War 3. With just a little over a month left, I'll be getting the Gears Of War eddition XBox360 with the one year membership to Xbox live.

This will officially be my birthday gift to myself.

16th, 17th, 18, and19th game of the year.

After cleaning up and dusting my apartment, I looked down on the Nintendo Wii (red edition) with a great deal of pitty. This was after the fact that I went crazy just to find one of these and yet not dedicate any time to the system. The last time that I could remember using the system was to set it up one my first day of getting it. I can also say that for the Xbox 360 that my friend lone me. In retro spec, I have only been using my PS3 lately for movies.

I had a little bit of cash left behind so I picked up 4 titles.

No More Heroes 1, and No More Heroes 2 for the Nintendo Wii.

Ok, so I used to have No More Heroes 1 many moons ago and I felt it was the best Wii title that I owned so I picked up part 2 along with it. As for Part 2, I liked the fact that you can just jump into the action without having to worry much about anything els. I really didnt pay much attention to the mini games and that was due to the lack of time. With that said It took my almost 8 hours to beat the game. What I didnt like about the game was that at many points of the game you didnt feel like it had anything to do with the begining,.... and thats not to mention that there are alot of funny parts in the game that kept the feeling genuin to Travis Touchdowns' revenge.

I also picked up Fable 2, and Fable 3.

Now before I continue, I must admit that I've lost intrerest in this game due to once again the lost of time. I cant seem to put aside a few hours to play an RPG action adventure game anymore. I must had spent a good hour or so just trying to level up on "Smithing" and let alone another hour trying to run around and kill bad guys which I'm having a hard time finding. Im also trying to avoid doing any quest/side quest due to the nature of me and leveling up.

I having cracked open Fable 3 yet since I've been wanting to keep them in order and away from spoilers. I figured that If I'm going to spend hours on a game, I might aswell do it without anyone telling me anything.

More to the Mix

After talking to an old friend of mine last night, I noticed that I can never meet up to what I say I will do as a gamer. Just when you think that you'll put a stop to your video game list, more and more hot titles are mentioned. This is where I added a few more titles to the mix. Now I'm well aware that Iat one point mentioned in one of my Blogs that my final title for the year was going to be Deus EX: Human Revolution. However, I'll be adding about five more titles to that list as of today. Here is a line up othe titles that I so far have added to my wish list.

Gears of War 3



Battlefield 3

Dead Island

14th and 15th game of the year

I first picked up DiRT 3 which has to be by a long shot my favorite rally game. I honestly would have to give this game a 9.5 by my standards in racing game. The graphics and feel of the game is exellent and thats not to mention the soundtrack which I eneded up getting a i tunes 25 dollars card to download the soundtrack. If you love or enjoy racing titles, this is a must for you.

15th game of the year is infamous 2. Now, I'll be honest, I really havent had time to blog nor play video games, and when i do find time, I find myself playing DiRT3. I still have the game there and the wrap is still on it. Therefore, I cant say much about the game. All I know is that the game is getting great reviews.

I would like to see if I can start blogging more and also reading up on what you guys are bloging as well.

Hopefully, I'll be back on soon!!!

12 & 13th game of the year

12 Mortal Kombat

13 Brink

I know. Strait to the point.

Ironicly enuff, now that I got internet at my place,... PSN is out. No thanks to the hackers. Sony, however, commented today that it will be taking PSN back online late this month. Talk about slow recovery when PSN has been offline since April 12th?

10th and 11th game of the year

Ok. So We all know that too much work and money equals no time to blog. Well, at least one part of that is true. for me , its too much work. I was able to pick up my copy of Crysis 2 which I feel gets hands down a 9.0 rate. The game has a solid story and great multiplayer feel. I highly recomend it to anyone and everyone as far as for my 11th game of the year, I can't say I can say the same. The 11th game of the year for me was Need for Speed Shift 2. I did not find this game fun at all. I foun the controls hard to get a hold of, and I ran into a handful of bugs just playing the first 30 minutes. The only thing that I felt that this had going on was the AutoLog that EA put together to help you compeat with friends from all over on the wonderful internet. Other than that, I can honestly say that I give this game a 7.5. Not worth buying and honestly, not even worth renting. I might even trade it in for DiRT 3 which should be coming out real soon. Well, again, im sorry to cut this one short, and I hope all of you are having a blast with your new titles.

9th Game of The Year

Home Front.

Most of you guys had asked me to post up my impression of the game.

I'll give you guys the long and short of it due to my lack of internet and once again, I'm blogging out of my phone.

The game is great... well, at leaset for the offline part. The game did a good job of indroducing what took place and how it took place. The beggining of the game really did show alot of what later on relates to the game and did capured likable characters. As for the online part, I cant say much more than I really want to sink my teeth into it. If this is anything like MAG as far as online, than I cant wait to play it!!!

I give the game a 8.5 out of 10