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TazmanianDiablo Blog

Halo 2 PC!!

Heyy everyone im jus here to tell you i got vista!!!(no didnt pay) and its greatt im gettting Halo 2 PC soo i can test out some amazing gaming!!!!! thinking about shadowrun for some easy achievements that i cant get on the 360 which are swapped on the pc but whatever i totally cant wait i got 30 minutes till i start to play it its killing me as i wait 4 it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gamerscore 25,000 and movin up

Heyy all Yes my gamerscore is completely on crack but i dont care because my goal is 30k this freaking year man in a couple of days im gettin avatar off gamefly expecting to get those in about 5min and hopfully finding the mail lady once i beat it but yea thats gonna be me for the next summer alsoo i got about 4days of school sooo cheaaaaaa later PEOPLE!!!!


Duddde wassup everyone this is me staying up till the battlefield demo comes out i cant wait to play it its gonna be sooo freakin awsome sooo ill keep u posted with footage asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found somthin

Heyyy all i found these old speakers that have a big ass sub woofer soo tomarrow like after school i will play it n show u because these things are awsome also if you are looking at this give me some songs that have serious bass but yess this thing is awsome!!!!!

GH3 Videos

heyyy all im goood enough in gh 2 make videos!!!!!! sooo im gonna put up videos everyday hopefully of me playing the songs in order!!!!! soo get rdy for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!