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Yay! It looks like it's finally going to happen, and sooner than we may have expected. There are articles that suggest an August 2014 release date. Risen 2 was a tad weak, IMO, but nevertheless, I really like almost anything that comes from Piranha Bytes. Can't say that about too many developers.



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-humanity isn't easy to come by later on. In the beginning, they shower you with it, yes. But later you will depend on killing invaders, or helping others defeat bosses.

Without spoiling it by saying where or how, it's possible to farm humanity all the way to almost the very end of the game. Maybe it's cheesy, but it does make humanity less precious (and I'm not talking about killing lots of enemies in an area that still has a boss).

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My first playthrough trying to get this achievement, I know where I missed it, I shot the gang leader with the Tranqaulizer Rifle and he showed the death's head, but I didn't redo it and lost the achievement. On my second try, I checked every person I put down and reloaded and redid if they had been killed, the gang leader again and a Bellflower solider forced a reload and redo after using the Tranqaulizer Rifle, everyone else was stacking Z's. Got to the last part, shutting down the Hyphon and killing Zhoa, did that and did not get the achievement. I'm about to say to hell with it, but it won't let me be. Is there any indication in the game where you can check and see, say after each area, if you've violated it. I do all the side quests and even save Malik and check everybody after the action is done and I'm missing something, somewhere; I'm thinking it's in the last boss fight sequence but don't know what to try differently. I haven't been using the Lazer Rifle to kill Zhoa and maybe it's taking too long and one of the soliders is being killed by the electricity or something, but that shouldn't count against me. Anyone got any suggestions? My have to just do the main story and sneak by everyone just to get this achievement, but that's kind of doing it the easy way in my book.

I'm afraid I don't have anything encouraging to offer. It's a very frustrating bug because the game does just sort of kill people on its own. But it's by no means impossible to get. I actually managed to get the achievement on my very first play through. I somehow missed it the second time around despite being as careful as it sounds like you are but then I got it again on my 3rd and 4th play throughs. And no, there's no way to know until the very end if you've failed it. At least you can look at it as incentive to try again :-)

One thing you didn't mention is if you killed the guards in the prologue (before you have any augs). Because if you did, that would fail the achievement. Seems kind of unfair, but there it is. Killing the bosses (including Zhao) does not count against you so that's not your problem. Dropping Diamond Chan off the root does count. Did you do that? Saving Malik or not does not matter.

As for being careful, obviously checking the bodies after to see if they're dead is good. I've heard reports of bodies dying when left in vents (never happened to me) so don't do that. I have seen bodies die when stacked, so don't stack them on each other. I've also killed bodies by bumping a cardboard box into them.

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Heck, even if their bodies are found, you may not even lose any Ghost bonuses. There's only a few periods while in Detroit where you can get the bonus and I assume if the body isn't found during those periods, it's okay. Although, I wonder if the bodies could be found earlier and then found again later with both counting against you.

And I think the police will eventually calm down and return to neutral but I haven't done too much to get them excited.

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  • New purchase (if you don’t already have the game): £12.99/€19.99/$19.99
  • Own the basic game (with no DLC): £6.99/€7.99/$9.99
  • Own the game and Missing Link DLC: £3.49/€3.99/$4.99

I actually think this is pretty awesome. I never expected, or thought it was reasonable, for it to just be completely free. But this is better than I expected. I'll totally fork over $5 for it. I think it's worth it just to say this is an awesome game.

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Yeah, I see the same thing. It also seems that the platform specific feeds no longer work either. I used to subscribe to the Gamespot PC News feed (http://www.gamespot.com/rss/game_updates.php/?platform=5) but it's just a 404 now. I'm sure the RSS feeds are low on the priority list but at least some comment would be nice. Was this intentional and even remotely on a plan to address?

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I disagree, since the game was in development for nearly six years. That's a huge amount of time. Sometimes additional content is just that---additional content.Zippon
I think the length of time it took to develop the game is irrelevant to whether or not the game was really complete and worth the price. If it took them 10 years to make a 10-hour long game, that doesn't justify a $60 price tag and then $10 DLCs. If it really took them six years to develop this game then I think they didn't do it very productively (and I write software for a living). I really finished this game feeling empty and that it was lacking in content so asking me for more money feels a little offensive.
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The idea of DLC for this game kind of pisses me off. I was a bit disappointed in the game and in wasn't a very long game. Any DLC feels like an attempt to squeeze more money out of us for content that should have been in the game in the first place.

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Yeah, I agree. That all makes a lot of sense to me and I can't argue with any of it or offer any alternatives.

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I enjoyed both of the original games more than Infinite. I think my biggest complaint about Infinite is that it's mostly a sequence of battles with a bunch of empty wandering in between and a lot less just plain fighting. Compared to the original two, there were far less random or individual enemies to deal with.

I also really missed having some power like Adam that you had to collect and having some bad-ass bad guys you had to defeat. There were a few in Infinite but there was no reward attached to killing them. The fact that I had to increase most of my abilities just by collecting money seem less interesting.

I also couldn't stand the 2 weapon limit. That just drove me crazy. Not to mention no tonics, no ammo variety, no hacking, no research. I thought leaving all of that out was a step backwards.