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Indie Games

Anybody play the indie games on Xbox Live Marketplace? Here are a few of my favorites you should definitly check out:

1. BloodyCheckers: Great RPG, checkers is addictive and easy to pick up and play. With a 30 hours story you can't go wrong

2. Avatar Golf: Course Editor, 8 person online play, all around great game

3. Puzzle games like Vizati, Blocks that matter, Hack this game, etc.

I think BloodyCheckers and Avatar Golf should be arcade games. They are that good and deserve a higher price tag.

Down goes Osama

Finally, almost 10 years after 9/11, Osama bin Laden has been brought to justice. I remember the day 9/11 happened, and I was too young to understand the magnitude of the attacks, nor the retalition that would follow. Still today, we have U.S. troops across the world tracking down these people who caused so much pain to the United States of America. Whether you support the war or not, today is a good day to be an American. My school was much livlier than it normally is, everyone felt a sense of nationality. Obviously this does not mean that the war is over, nor that Al Queda will just roll over and die, but it is still a great day. Hopefully the intelligence we got from bin Laden's compound will give us a lot of valuable information for us to use to bring more people to justice.

Recent purchases, thoughts, and the year ahead for gaming

Here are some games I have bought recently, the price i would suggest you pay for it and how i would rate them out of 10

Splinter Cell: Conviction

+ Best stealth game on the market, fun co-op, multiple game modes

-AI knows too much on realistic, but not enough to make it frustrating

This has been my favorite game for the past couple of months, and I got my cousin into it as well. But after beating everything (and there is a lot of stuff) I don't have the urge to go back for more. I hope the next SC game has a level creator.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior

+ Good graphics, nice sniping mechanic, good atmosphere

- Infantry missions, people being able to hit you with ARs from 250 meters, poor AI

(6/10 overall, 9/10 sniping missions), $10-$15, preferably rent it you will beat it once, takes 6-8 hours

Mirror's Edge: Just started playing, but it is very good at what it advertises, free running. It is a steal for $20 or less


+ fun and addictive online play, great with friends, funny story, creative single player missions

- Sometimes repetitive

(7.5/10) I really like games like this, but only pay full price ($10) if you have friends to play with

Fallout: New Vegas (have had since december, but still)

+many paths to follow, nice gameplay and graphics, great character building mechanic

-minor glitches here and there

(9.5/10) I really preferred this game over fallout 3 story wise, but fallout 3 had a better atmosphere. I would easily pay the max at my local gamestop ($40) for it.

Fable 3:

+ funny story, good gameplay

- boring after beaten, co-op better than fable 2, but still unpolished IMO

(8/10) $30


+funny story, gameplay flows great

- Can't get into it, but that is probably just me, still great game

(8/10) I paid $15 for both, but haven't got to far in them. Steals at $10 apiece though

Thoughts on the year ahead:

Big name releases i have my eye on:

Skyrim, Portal 2, L.A Noire, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Skyrim is the follow up to my favorite game of all time, Olbivion. I expect this to be GoTY for me and probably will play this game for years to come. It is looking very promising, expecially with the new combat mechanics and skills system. If this is as big of a hit as I think it will be, Bethesda will cement itself as a top 5 publisher, already is a top 5 developer.

Portal 2: I loved Portal, but what stands out in my mind about Portal 2 is how can they give you a lot more gameplay hours, not make it repetitive, and charge you $60. We will see

L.A Noire: This game is all about the graphics and the mystery solving. Being published by Rockstar, I assume there will be a lot of controversy about parts of the game, most likely the realism of the game and how the cases are taken from actual police cases. This game looks great, but i am going to wait for reviews on this one.

Deus Ex: What catches my eye in this game is the choices. You can get through the levels so many different ways that it really takes choice to a new level. I think the game has great graphics as well. I am hoping that the stealth in this game combats Splinter Cell, and the combat rivals any FPS's.

Those are my thoughts, I already have Skyrim pre-ordered and will get the most expensive edition they are releasing. I think that it will surpass all expectations and be the best game of all time, and hold that position for awhile

Downloadable Game Conundrum

I feel that there are a lot of amazing arcade titles out there that I cannot bring myself to buy. Scott Pilgrim, Raskulls, Dead Rising 2: Case West, etc. Why you ask? I call it the Downloadable Game Conundrum. I never have any issues shelling out 60 bucks for a new game that I have not played at all and buy it strictly on word of mouth. Yet I play an arcade game's demo and love it, and I do not buy it.

I find that this could be because of my age, mainly me not having my own bank account to charge LIVE arcade games on whenever I want. This means that to get an arcade game I have to go out and buy Microsoft points. This is no trouble as I can do that on the way home from school, but I still do not do it. I think it is the fear that the game will not be as good as a retail game. There are some great XBLA games that I have played and loved (Plants vs. Zombies, Limbo, Castle Crashers, etc.) but I can never bring myself to buy a game unless I absolutely love the demo or the game is on sale.

Relating back to my previous statement about buying a full priced Retail game, some of those I play for a while and never play again, but I have no remorse for buying them. I am not sure why that is, maybe because I could always sell a retail game back, or let my friends enjoy it. I believe that downloadable games set off a reaction in my mind that it could be a bad buy, because after I hit the buy button there is no going back.

From what I see on the forums this is inside a lot of gamers. From waiting on a great game to go on sale to not getting a game because it is 15 dollars, I see it a lot. I am guilty of not picking up Limbo until it went on sale to 10 dollars, same thing for Braid and Castle Crashers. I have loved all 3 of these games, for the most part more than a game a picked up used for 20 bucks at GameStop. I am notsaying buying retail games over downloadable games is bad, retail games have bigger budgets and for the most part better games. But what I am saying is do not be hesitant like I am to buy an arcade game.

My current situation is that I have 2400 Microsoft points and do not want to spend them. I am waiting for great games and DLC to go on sale or drop in price. I think this is cheap, but with all the games I just got at Christmas I think I should wait anyway. I do not want to buy something I will not play for months now, only to have it go on sale in a month. That is beside the point though; I have rarely bought arcade games at their full original price. Hell, I bought Super Meat Boy for 10 when it came out before its price rose to 15. The list goes on: Castle Crashers, Braid, Limbo, all the Sonic games, Age of Booty, Super Meat Boy, and many more. ALL bought on sales or after price was reduced.

This leads me to believe I am cheap, selfish, what have you. But recently I have realized something, if those games were on a disc for the same price at GameStop I would have picked them up in a heartbeat, maybe even at higher prices. This is what confuses me to no end because there is no difference between a disc and downloadable games besides the place the game resides while you play it.

This needs to stop with me and hopefully someone who does the same thing will read this and stop too. Understand what I am saying, games should be purchased if they are worth the money, no matter downloadable or on a disc.

Holidays: My Opinions

Basically Christmas is always been a great time of year for me. No school, gifts, and lots of fun. I love that the school system still gives us Christmas break, even though it is in our first semester and have changed the name to "holiday break" to not offend anyone. This country was founded on Christian values and I am sadenned to see it runfrom them, but on tothe gaming part of the blog...

My Gifts/Games purchased around Christmas:

Fallout New Vegas, Fable 3, Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition, Dead Rising 2, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Red Dead Redemption Undead Rising Expansion, and Limbo. I also got a year of xbox live and 3200 msp. Pretty good. I am now set in games until Elder Scrolls 5 comes out (why does the release have to be afteri start college!!!!). My friend also recently returned to me my copies of Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect so i have those to play too. I am also playing Reach and a little of Black Ops on the side. I got a copy of Red Dead for my cousin with a buy two get one free deal at gamestop, so i am happy i can finally play with someone.

My New Years Resolution of Gaming:Beat Assassin's Creed 2, beat Fable 3, Fallout: New Vegas,play through Dragon Age and all expansions,pass into legend on Red Dead Redemption, get the gold visor inHalo: Reach (by the end of January), beat Dead Rising 2, Limbo, and AC: Brotherhood, as well as go back togames i own but have never touched.I hope to reach these goals by June. Also I just wantto havemore fun gaming this year. This past year or so i have been fixated on achievements and i realize thatneed to have more fun.

If you wanna play with me onXBLhit meup: Dcon6393

I hope to be back on this site more often

Hey guys, I have been gone for awhile, i have mostly been active on xbox360achievements.org. It is a great site for achievements, but to me i want to get back to the games, not the achievements. Recently I got:

Halo: Reach (9.75/10)

Black Ops (9/10)

Risen (8/10)

Plants vs. Zombies (9/10)

among many many games

In the near future i am getting

Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition, Fable 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Two Worlds 2, Dead Rising 2

If anyone wants to play some Reach friend me and message me on XBL

Im back, for this post bwahahaha

Okay i have come to terms with the fact that it is hard enough for me to finish a game, let alone write a review, so here is what i hope to be an extended blog about games you should get if you dont have them for the 360 or the DS, so read closely:

Xbox 360:
shooter: halo 3 or CoD MW 1 or 2
havent had a chance to playMW 2, but i heard it is amazing, plus everyone is playing that insted of 1, and halo 3 is as competetive as it has ever been and still insanely fun

RPGs: Oblivion (read my "review" haha) and Fallout 3
Oblivion is the best game of all time in my opinon, but Fallout, from the same developers, is sick as well, it is a great game and only buy GOTY if it is around 20 dollars more than regular, cause only Point Lookout and Broken Steel are worth 10 each, but the others are decent all the same.

Mass Effect: havent played it that much because of my xbox's massive ability to not recognize discs, but it is just like Knights of the Old Republic, and i heard Mass Effect 2 was great as well

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel: for you grinding fans, it is a great game, 10 or so races, 200 levels to raise up, and 600 side quests, but only buy if you are okay with the ridiculous font, i cant read it at all, if you have an HDTV it should be fine. But tons of stuff to do, never played Diablo, but heard its like that, oh yeah and online co-op

BORDERLANDS: this game is so sick, millions of weapons and tons of fun, but if you do buy it, you have to add me as a friend so you can play co-op with me, my cousin wont buy this game, that jerk. But co-op is great and 3 DLCs already out, including a hordeish mode

Puzzle: Peggle, look it up, so addicting its not even funny, also decent on the ds because it comes with peggle nights

Batman Arkham Asylum: Bioshock and Assassins Creed with Batman, it is truly an epic game that i wish i had beaten before my xbox went postal

Fable 2: great simplified RPG, research it if you think that is your thing, more 3rd person action than rpg though

Nintendo DS:

Meteos: insanely addicting block dropping game

Picross: addicting number/logic game, if thats your thing

Professor Layton games: puzzles with fun side things and funny story

Advance War: Dual Strike: SICK

Mario Kart: suprised there are few racing games on the DS? well thats cause no one wants to try and top this one

Well that list will keep anyone busy for awhile, oh yeah my life... its sweet, i have a great girlfriend, my grades are pretty good, except one crappy grade that im bringing up, i made varsity soccer, if only to sit bench, and im slowly getting more freedom from my parents.

Thats all i got, look into these games if you dont have them, and friend me on Xbox LIVE (Dcon6393) and i will eventually accept, i hope to buy a new xbox within 2 months, but il be on and off for whenever it works.



this is definitly the game i have been looking for. Shooter RPG with co-op, it sounds awesome. Can't wait for it to come out, right after ODST, another game i have been looking foward to. If you haven't heard of Borderlands you should look it up, it looks promising, like Oblivion with guns and co-op is what it seems. Which is a great thing to think about

Summer s-u-cks

Wats up, just dropping in to say hi, i definitly need to write some reviews when i have the time, keep forgetting. And about the headline thingy, yes summer sucks. Its complicated but this is probably been one of the worst weeks ever. Basically everything is breaking in my house and every good thing in my life has basically disappeared. At least i have video games to get my mind off of stuff that happens. I haven't gotten anything new really, except i bought Peggle on Xbox LIVE and it rules. My xbox got the red rings so that sucks, hope to get it back soon. Just wanted to say that i knowi keep forgetting GS and i am gonna drop some extremely long reviews soon, unless things in my life start to go back to how they should be.

From the over analytical perspective of....


Every so often... i post a blog

Hey, wats up. I have been gone a while and got only a few games. I got a DS, with Advance War Days of Ruin. I'm still playing Halo 3, so hit me up for MLG customs or Mlg games. I did get a seconf LIVE account. My two accounts are now "ax Tarzan xa" and "Dcon6393". Hit up Tarzan for mlg customs and such. I'm still playing Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Civ Rev. Fallout 3 is sick, escpecially with the new dlc. I'm counting down the days to the Mythic Map pack and i know its gona rule. I haven't been focusing on school until recently and decided I want to try to go to Full Sail University and study Game Design. I'm still a sophmore, but I'm planning now to be a game developer. I eventually want to develop a deep RPG like Fallout and Oblivion. I'm having fun just chilling, but I hope to post a lot of reviews and stuff during Spring Break after i do my three projects, which should push me to the point of ripping my hair out. Anyway, I should be posting some in depth reviews, 10 times as good as my old reviews and I want toupdate my Oblivion review. You should see me around soon and I hope to see some friend requests on Xbxo LIVE, just leave a message saying your from GS, or ill probably decline.

Sincerly.... sorta