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Hello guys

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What's up guys? It's been a while since my last blog..uhh I don't remember when was the last time since I looked at your blogs and the stuff on GS forums.

Never mind,what's going on ? I'm waiting for GTA V,while waiting I'm playing some PES2013 and Mass Effect 3,I must say Mass Effect 3 was awesome,I'm satisfied with the serial :)


See yaa ! :cool:

This year E3 has rocked the house !

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You all have to confirm this one ;) man I was watching demos,trailer and other stuff and the entire time I was like this :o :o :o . It was unbelievable. First of all Sony this year was amazing The Last of Us !! you can't explain the hype for this game in the world.After that Beyond,GoW: Ascension...We can't forget the third in the series Dead Space 3.. AND OF CORSE THE AMAZING,UNBELIEVABLE,GORGEOUS,BEAUTIFUL RESIDENT EVIL 6 !! I think this one won't be so scary like the other two before :) ...This were some words when you are so hyped for the games which are coming :D

It's summer time..time for cocktails,parties,ladies and everything else good ! So enjoy your Summer,because every Summer has an story and I think this one will be amazing

Ouh yes !

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So guys what's up in your lifeeeeeeeeeee? In mine is everything perfect and I'm enjoying totally :cool: ...man I can't wait to get my Diablo 3 copy...I'm so hyped for it,and also every new trailer of AC3 is making me crazy for it :lol:

Life is not a dream

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So guys,first I will ask you what is going up in your life?

In my life I'm going to school and training a lot. I have 2 or 3 games at week,so I have to study and to prepare for soccer..it's not easy trust me :? .I'm going to school at afternoon so I have training at morning and I have to study at night. I have to give my best to be good at school,because my parents want that :)...and when you look at all that,there is no,but i mean "NO" time for games,and that is the problem...

I hate...

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I hate when I can't buy games,because my private commitments :evil::evil: ...Now Mass Effect 3 is coming out and I can't buy it because,I have to buy new shoes,shirts and other stuff,and when I ask my mom to lend me some money for the game she says " The games are to expensive I won't give my money for that".

I'm so pissed off..that I forgot to say that I won't be so online here because I have a lot work in the school..I have a lot of commitments with my girlfriend and my season is almost starting so I must train everyday in the morning,because at the afternoon I'm in the school. So guys have good time playing ME3 because I can't I must wait some time :(

Skyrim on PS3

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So I need your help..What do you say about Skyrim on PS3. I have heard that Skyrim on PS3 is the worst version and that isn't that good

Altair you did you best

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I finished AC1 and I must say if there isn't so much repetitiveness and if there was some interesting and cool cut scenes with subtitles in the game then this game would get some decent score. It's nice to explore the world of Altair after playing AC2,AC:B,AC:R and always wondering what happen in AC1. The best thing in this game is that you are ALTAIR..man I so love this assassin,his voice,his skills everything what he does is great. And the cities are nice Jerusalem,Damascus and Acer....I especially like Damascus :) It will get sa 7 from me.

It's not what I expected

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I'm playing Assassin's Creed right now and I expected that the story is a little bit interesting,but it's not it's boring like everything else in the game.Now I see why all say that Assassin's Creed 2 is a big improvement,because this one is very bad.First there is no subtitles and I must set my volume on high to hear about what they are talking,there is no cut scenes(Which I really like in games) to leave te joystik a little bit on the desk and just watch what they are doing.Only good thing which I like is that you are playing like Altair,man I love this guy,his voice,his self confidence and skill.He is like Kratos in Assassin's.Oh I almost forgot...I hate that I must travel with horse 10-20 minutes to go to the city :x . You are just riding you horse and when you see your the soldiers you must blend.. So right now this game deserves a 6 maybe a 7