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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

I am really not sure what is drawing me back to this game but I keep playing Circle of the Moon for GBA. For some reason the other day I was like "I'm going to play circle of the moon" so I did and I realized I love that game quite a bit. Although I find it strange that after like four years I start that game again.

I have also joined the Castlevania Union, although I have noticed it is not very active, you should all come and post up.

Super Castlevania IV

Recently I reviewed Super Castlevania 4 and said it was boring and didn't understand how fans of it could be fans of it so I decided to play through it one more time. Well people you got me, I played through it and despite its incredibly easy gameplay I adored it, however Rondo of Blood is different, that is only slightly good but it is much harder. I will change my review when I get the chance.