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This made me laugh about MW3

"Hey I just picked up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3"

"Really? Is it any good?"

"Are you kidding? with the amount of children online, its should be called 'Call for Help: Modern Daycare'"


Competitive console FPS is a joke

Just wanted to say that I finally realized why some people prefer to play FPS games on a console rather than on PC. Because it's easy, most maps don't even require people to aim on the Y axis, they just align their horizontal position by moving and shoot like in an old Doom game.

Competitive console FPS is a joke, it's so casualized it hurts, people can't aim and that's why they can't accept to use a keyboard with mouse and instead prefer to play with outdated FPS mechanics.


FPS Genre: Fast.. Or Sloooow

 I've noticed something. It seems that the length of time between spawning/respawning and making a kill is proportional to the development and complexity of fighting tactics. Games that allow you to respawn quickly and get into battle very quickly and to kill quickly (multiple kills in quick succession) tend to have players that do not have honed tactics. In comparison, games where it takes longer to go from spawn/respawn to first kill and where you don't really get many quick multiple kills in rapid succession have players that are more methodical in their tactics. When I think about it this seems logical. The first fast mode is more about point and shoot and quick reflexes. The slower fighting requires that you have a game plan in mind to make crucial kills. Thus, the faster the gameplay and shorter the reinsertion time the lower the general level of tactics. The slower the gameplay and the longer the reinsertion time the higher the general level of tactics. I think this may be why I see a lot of seasoned Arma 2 players dominating seasoned CoD players when they play against each other in either game. The tactical edge it already there in the Arma 2 players and does not need to be learned as second nature. What do you guys think?

Piracy Discussion

 I know a lot of people are into "pirating" games... I'm not questioning that. I'm not trying to make waves or start a debate. I genuinely, honestly and completely just don't understand how people justify illegal downloading as something other than theft. Perhaps its just that I've been trying to make ends meet by helping (among other things) to create games and have watched it just get harder and harder, but it confuses me. I'm not here to argue or tell anyone they're wrong and I really hope others won't. I just want to hear someone present an explanation that is something beyond privileged and selfish whining. That's all I can ever find on the internet with my feeble searches, but I know there are far too many clever gamers that could probably present a well reasoned explanation. Again, I don't really give a damn about people's arguments AGAINST pirating (so they may as well save it) No flaming. I won't argue. Just explain it to me like a three year old. Why do you deserve a free copy of a game that cost millions to make? What should that mean for programmers, artists and publishers?

Nintendo Cafe: RUMORS GALORE!

 Credible Rumors: - New console using a R700 AMD GPU - Also using a TriCore PPC similar to the one in X360 - Minimum of 512MB RAM- 25GB Optical Disc & 8GB of on-board flash - No built-in HDD included, SD card dependent - Controller has a 6.2" touchscreen on it - Controller also has the standard set of controls & buttons (d-pad, dual analog, 4 face buttons, 2 shoulders & 2 triggers) - Controller also has a camera & gyros/accelerometers - Backwards compatible with Wiimote - More powerful than PS360 (significantly or just a tad bit is undefined) - Production starts as early as October 2011 Reasonable Rumors: -Devs have had dev kits since sometime last year (just after E3 2010) - Rockstar has something to show (GTA V?) & so does Retro (DKCR2?) - Possible name for system is Stream - $350-$450 price point - Optical Disc is Blu-ray based - Launch date June 2012 - No Friend Codes - IR sensors in the controller - Size of original X360 & resembles modern SNES- Backwards compatible with Wii, GameCube Wild Rumors: - Trackpad on back of controller - Haptics & Vitality Sensor built into controller - Retro's game is Eternal Darkness 2 Things Confirmed: - Nintendo to work with an outside company to help build better online - Nintendo working closely with 3rd parties to bring games to Nintendo platforms. - System will support High Definition graphics (1080p assumed) - System will not launch on or before March 31st, 2012

Unappreciated Video Games

 Ever feel like there were some gems from your childhood--or even now--that flew under the radar for the most part? Maybe they were considered bad, or maybe they just didn't get marketed well and fell by the wayside in favor of better games at the time. Do you feel that they deserve something better; their chance in the limelight, so to speak? Feel free to post them here, maybe we can draw some attention to them, or perhaps just nostalgia for a bit. My pick is Secret of the Stars by Tecmo (pic related). I remember renting this game countless times as a child, trying as I might to finish it, but always getting stuck at the same boss, or puzzle in the game (before I had access to the internet.). I remember returning to the same rental place a few years later, after I had my own PC and access to the net, only to realize the game had been sold off to some lucky bastard in a clearance sale since there really wasn't much in the way of market for SNES rentals anymore. I never did get to finish the game, but it was one hell of a ride while it lasted. It's not the greatest RPG; not nearly as epic of a journey as Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior, but it will always hold a special place in my heart as one of my favorite RPG's.

Sony.. I miss you!

 Why do people want Sony to drop out of the console wars so badly? Out of all the gaming companies, they seem to be the only ones who gives a damn about their console. They've done questionable things like rootkits, but that wasn't intended to hurt the players as bad as it was. - Sony Sells consoles at a loss instead of having a weak console to make huge profits on - Has more exclusives than 360 and better ones, at that - All consoles always came with built in wifi, whereas xbox 360 only has 1 model with it - Still the strongest console this gen - Hasn't sold out the core fanbase in favor of soccer moms with things like the kinect - Still has free online whereas micosoft ups their price of online play - Console doesn't come with a free mic for online games I know that removing Linux made a few people buttdevestated, but I doubt anyone here is apart of the 1% that actually used it, and the 1% that did were actively using it to try to hack the PS3. Basically, Sony is like a senile grandpa that gives you money and supports everything you do. Conversely, Microsoft is like a stepmom who charges you rent to live at home even though you were there before her and pay all the bills now Nintendo would be a deadbeat dad who takes you out to get some ice cream sometimes but you seldom depend on the guy. Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream, Sucker Punch, Team ICO, Sony Santa Monica and Ready At Dawn, NetherRealm Studios, Valve at least from the time that Portal 2 was announced for the PS3 until PSN went down Guerrilla, Eat Sleep Play, etc. all have nice things to say about how Sony has supported them and makes them bologna sandwiches. Microsoft just had Bungie, and attempts to hoard multiplat developers with promises of money. It's worked for larger companies like Capcom and Ubisoft, but for the most part Sony is really nice to its studios. So really, why does everyone think Sony deserves to go bankrupt instead of a company like Microsoft who will nickel and dime you until you die?

Fighting Games is not ready to enter 'E-Sports'

 One problem is that fighters are inherently harder for non/low-level players to understand. They don't understand the difference between dumb spam that'll get you killed and proper spacing/fireball zoning. They don't understand footsies and wonder why both players aren't just jumping at each other. Scrubs only understand combos, so they jerk themselves off over the players who go for flash constantly. FPS games are fairly simple to understand just by watching. Dodge shots, shoot enemy. RTS as well to an extent. Micro units, macro bases. Most people commenting on FPS/RTS videogames have a decent grasp of the mechanics. Most people commenting on fighting game videos are going on about how they think they're better than the people they're watching because they don't understand what they're seeing. Also, another huge problem is that the netcode for fighters currently isn't good enough to support serious play cross coast. SSF4 is only playable at tournament level with a 5 bar connection. 4 bar can playable on rare occasions, but even then you're dealing with probably at least 3 frames of input delay. Same with Blazblue, and Tekken 6 and Marvel 3's netcode is just straight up garbage if they're not on the same coast. FPS and RTS games can be played cross coast and even cross country sometimes without affecting the gameplay too badly. As long as the devs insist on coding fighters for input delay instead of frameskip/rollback like FPS games, you're not going to see much improvement in this area. Ponder did a podcast recently talking about why devs don't use GGPO, and the jist was basically that they could, but it'd be too expensive and it wouldn't affect sales enough. Scrubs don't notice delay. Culture for fighters is completely different too. The top Starcraft players are Koreans who have created a huge pro-gamer scene. The top fighting game players, with the exception of Tekken, are all from Japan, and tournaments with cash prizes don't exist over there because of Japanese gambling laws. People don't realize that guys like Mago, Tokido, Daigo, Sako, etc. all have day jobs, and don't make a dime from playing fighters. Balance isn't really a problem. Tell me most FPS games don't just involve using 2-3 weapons. SSF4 is actually a pretty balanced game in comparison to most fighters, since it's so match-up based that lower tier characters often counter the top tier ones even if they have bad match-ups against the other mid/low tiers. If the Japanese would embrace patching, balance would be less of an issue though. The problem, from what I've seen is that devs tend to listen to low-level scrubs instead of input from top players. So what you end up with is mid-tier characters getting nerfed, top tier characters getting nerfed way too hard or not enough, and a bunch of minor buffs/nerfs that make little to no sense. For now we should wait until the fighting scene calms down. It's simply not ready yet.

Why the Majority of 'Girl Gamers' ruining online play

I have encountered something unprecedented in my time in online games. Bored as I was on this Sunday afternoon I dusted off Halo Reach at my friends house, I'm not proud of it but I was bored, and so I tried some firefight. Right off the bat I encountered the most foul mouth in the lobby. From a gamer of the female persuasion. I mean stuff you don't even see with a great troll. Her name was a missspelt attempt at 1337 speak-ing the word 'seduction' into some vile, truncated bastard imitation. She had 300 gamerscore and claimed she was part of a great Clan full of "lots of friendly boys". the other two players were part of her party. Constantly attempting to hit on her. That was unusual, but then the game began. Now I do not profess to be good at Halo, rather that it jsut requires little actual skill to play in firefight, I and was doing well. Apparently TOO well. As the match went on the female player and her two literal in game bodyguards dug into a corner with the two protecting her and denouncing me as a '**** who can't let a beautiful Goddess win'. Given she hadn't fired a shot I didn't see how this was possible. I 'won' in terms of score and was washed in a flood of hate mail from all her male 'friends' on Xbox Live. So. its come to this, Halo players white knighting for geekbait? I can't say it's surprising the dedicated Halo fans would jump on any hint of vagina in their way as though it contained the antidote but really? "Let her win so I look good" in Halo? I would like to apologize if you men had to deal with this.
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