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Don't buy console ports. Problem solved.

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It wasn't uncommon for a SNES game to be 75$.


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The end.




(2 or 3 years after thread creation; crash upon tutorial & indefinite restart)

Never again will I buy anything from Sony, not even cheap credits.

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cant comment about the good parts. cant comment about the bad parts.

So do me a favor? Don't buy from betheseda in the future; thus they earn it instead of expecting it,

All 3 are decent games but the last 2, oblivion and skyrim, cannot look beyond anything other than themselves. Am I supposed to pull my dick out for this? yawn.

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the state of Rhode Island owns the game.JimB

wait, what? o.0

better question; why the heck would anyone live and develop a game in Rhode Island? 0.o

Make it for all platformseddiemarion

Yeah because what we really need is another rushed ported game with terrible gameplay and a thousand +1 bugs and glitches like literally every other port ever released on multiple consoles.

I have the perfect solution that could have nullified 38 Studio's "economic downturn"

1. Leave Rhode Island.

2. Don't take out a $1.125 million dollar loan you can't pay back in the future.

The administration started using the company as a credit card and they went kerplunk.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise. *rolleyes*

If only I had a 5 dollar bill for every person that ever used a loan or mortgage as a credit card to buy or pay for things they can't afford ... my landlord did it 7 times and lost 7 houses. Welcome to America. LOL

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Are we playing the same game? I didn't run into any bugs or glitches except for 1 minor bug on the Teeth DLC. Yeah, you heard me ... zero, none, nada, zilch. I stopped reading your essay before I finished the first paragraph but thanks anyway.

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Rethink your build. Pure builds don't work here. I got a fitness/sorcery character. I dodge(blink) around with my daggers when I need speed, and if this was skyrim you could go through the entire game like that just fine ... but you need crowd control because dodging(blinking) isn't going to get you out of every situation in the clouds. Eventually some weak dudes will get you in a corner and take turns hitting you every half a second. You avoid that by switching to your staff and pulling out the spells.

Don't think about it like a typical RPG. The class upgrades are tick based, not point based ... for example, weapon skill has 5 or 6 ticks to upgrade in total, it's not based on 0/100 points like TES games are. You get 3 ticks per level. So it's really easy to cross class. If you go might/sorcery (warrior/mage) you'll still be able to wear heavy armor because your armor requirements are based on the total number of points invested in the category (might or sorcery).

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Yeah. GameSpot has always given crap reviews. If GameSpot rates anything lower than an 8 I know to definitely play it at some point. If it's higher than an 8 I know I probably won't like it, ie skyrim, mass effect 3, nba 2k13 ... etc.

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I only played the teeth one so far. It's good for an evening or two ... some people (me) had a problem with the armor reward you get at the end. Some people don't get one of either the boots or the gloves. I played it later on and already had something better anyway so it was no big deal. Decent enough for $10 bux I guess.

I haven't played the other one though but I know there is a player house included.

I didn't notice anything different about the graphics besides the models and textures in the DLC itself. A few new baddies, a new race and city, that sort of thing.

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People like this are so entertaining ... for some reason. I just get giggly whenever someone complains about people complaining so they start a thread to complain and troll bait a bunch of other people who complain until someone starts complaining about the people complaining about complaining and now the thread somehow went from Bioware making crap games to the War on Terrorism and I have no idea what anyone is talking about anymore.


So let's just do ourselves a favor and read this post one more time ...

Obviously it's Biowares game, and it's their choice what to put in, and if they want to turn it into a trainwreck that's their perogative. However they made many promises to the fans which they absolutely broken, that is misleading advertising. All this anger and hate is absolutely justified. Some examples of the lies told: - "the ending will not be an A, B, or C choice" (that's EXACTLY what it was!) - "you won't need to play multiplayer" (if you don't play multiplayer your final score is HALVED!) - "choices from all three games will impact your ending" - wrong, it's entirely determined by the last choice and your war assets Plus all three endings where the same yadadadada. The extended cuts made it slightly better, but you can't polish a turd.dahui58

... and let this thread friggen die. Capiche? =)