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Here is what I got:

Pirates of the Caribbean
Master and Commander
Spiderman 2
Star Wars Trilogy DVD Set
Sony Noise Cancelling Head Phones
Best Buy Gift Card

Bought Rome: Total War from my friend today for $30 and bought ESPN NFL 2k5 for Xbox at work for 18 something after my discount. I want an MP3 player, especially a Creative Zen Micro, but they are a bit pricey. Going shopping tomorrow, we'll see what I find.


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I just started using Mozilla Firefox today and I love it so far. So many games to buy. Rome: Total War is probably the next game to get for sure. Does anyone have it and what do you think? Problem is I'm trying to save money for my next car so I won't buy it for a long time.

New job

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So I had an interview at Gamestop yesterday and I got the job! I'm so excited to start working in a games store. Finally I might have a job that I actually enjoy.


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Yes I did get my copy of Fable today! The game sotry is rather linear thus far, but what you can do as far as developing your character is pretty open-ended. Needless to say, it's a fun game. I like showing off to the NPCs for renown poitns. Always a fun time. Now I am thinking about going out and buying the Sims 2.

Test 1, 2, 3 Test

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So this is my first entry, I'm off to bed, but I'm just trying it out. I played the Scrapland demo today and that was pretty sweet. I got it off www.gamershell.com. Check it out. The graphics are very stylish and clean. The animation is wonderful. The voice acting is top notch. The only two things I didn't like was the fact they just throw you into the game and expect that you know how to play it. Hopefully the final product will ease you into the game more. I suspect it will. The other thing is the controls could use some fine tuning. Other than that, pretty cool game.

I'm out.