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Hey all, this is my blog beginning.

Hey everybody, just wanted to post my first blog entry. Well, I might as well tell you a little about myself.  No, I am not new to Gamespot or Xbox Live, this is all my new alias and such. I didn't like my old name even though it was a higher level, by far, account. Well, now for a little more about me. I love graphic design, I also enjoy playing Guitar Hero 2 ( I am going to buy it soon ). I enjoy modelling and codeing scripts and levels using Maya. I LOVE Photoshop more than anything too.

I recently got a new computer so all my old works were deleted. Yeah, I was too dumb to not put them in a photobucket account before it too, so I have to restart from the ground up. I don't mind if you add me to Xbox Live, I just want to tell you all I won't have "Gold" for a bit due to income issues and my age. Haha, yeah, I am one of those kids who has to get a job to get their income. :P

My FAVORITE thing to do though by far, is write stories. I hope you all enjoyed my first blog entry. ^^