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hiiiii :)

hey what have u nerds been up too just kidding just popping up to say yes im still alive lol just dont go on much anymore cause i am busy with life and stuff lol so anyways well u all are doing swell jeez i remember how much i used to be on this site hehe i do kind of miss you all peace!!! sweeties;) love yas

im back for good this time

hi everyone im sorry its been soo long. i havent talked to everyone in months how are u guys, deng i miss being here, all of u guys were so wonderful im sorry i have been distant lately, thats gonna change right now. promise

o yeh hes smexy. ive been getting into american idol and getting out of anime lately lol oops i kno im gonna get yelled at lol have a wonderful summer everyone, love ya

i so sorry i have never been on in like ages

how are u guys. i am so sorry i missed u all. i just was hanging out and doing bus stuff i have a life in real and on here so i try to multi task. i just finished this really good anime called marmalde boy, i was getting out of anime until this show it was so cute. im no anime nerd i like everything. and i love u all so very much. i wont be on as much as i used to but i will chat once in a while. i have to update my videogame collection too. random pics

this is marmalade boy, doesnt it look adorable?

dont ask.lol really bored i hope u guys have fun then

clinical depression

hey guys. i think i have clinical depression, cause i have every sympton except suicidal.

1:i am bored all of the time

2:I am easily agitated

3:i sleep all day

4:i barely interact with friends anymore

5:i lost interest in things once enjoyed.

i hate it. i want my parents to take me to the doctor but they think im faking it:( i would never blame anyone for my troubles tho, so dont worry about me.

o and i saw the new chapter of naruto shipp. the akatsuk and hebi are goin up against the leaf village its getting good. this is what i want to happen, i want sasuke to turn against the akatsuki when they are going to take naruto's demon,it would make me love him all over again. cause thew akatsuki are using sasuke to get the tailed beasts for them.

Question: does dianetics actually cure depression

fav. show ever

my computer broke

im so sorry i havent bee on in ages. man my computer died so i had to get a new one. i probably lost friends. oh well. and another thing. i resigned from all of the unions. i wanna start over



sorry guys i was fibbing, my fav in blue dragon is kluke the girl. but it's fun to see what u guys think of it.

this is my true fav.


hey has anyone seen bluedragon it is the best show out there, because it has a character named jiro, he is the strongest character I have ever seen. he is stronger then goku and cooler then dante. and faster then hyper sonic, and cuter then foxes. he's the best around. I love jiro!!!!

so hot:oops:

funny pics.

hya everyone. I have been soo bored, and i uhh just saw the new nar. chapter. I have more respect for itachi now, I don't wanna spoil it those of u who haven't seen it. but I just am very thankful to him is all. hee.^^ and uhh here are some pics i thought u might enjoy

lol have fun everyone

please come visit my friends blog

hi everyone I'm sorry i have been grounded for some time. my grades were horible. lol anyway my friends name is Dajj. it would help alot if u would help him out and post in his blog. maybe track him too, thank u very much. peace.

these are my three favorite anime girls ever