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Sony loses Christmas in October.

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This is another example of Sony losing all focus. My comments on the story:

PS3 is too hard to develop for and that is why they have these problems. Better hardware does not always mean a better system. You think they would have learned with the PS2. Ask any major development shop not owned by Sony and they all say the same thing. It's more difficult to develop for. Developers have semi - fixed timelines so they end up cutting features, stripping changes, dropping platform support and finally pushing back release dates. If Sony had a clue part of their getting back to basics would simply be focusing on developer support. As it is, they are 3rd in the console war and it looks like they are going to stay there.

Sony Still Owned!

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Once Again Sony PS3 has been compared to the 360 and come back lacking. Ha ha!

I believe they will be able to get closer over time but the bottom line still is that the PS3 is harder to develop for and harder to produce results on. Even if the hardware were better (its not), they would still have problems with devloping games just like the PS2.

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