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Im leaving..

yea u can just read the title but

im leaving the ite for a few weeks idk wen ill be back

it was nice meetin some of u lol and ill see ya later..

bye ppl..>_>

Today was actually..


i woke up EARLY

friend came over went in the pool for like 4hrs

went to a diner and these guys yelled

*show us ur boobs* lmfao it was so funny and my friend was like

taylor uk they r talkin to u right lmfao

im like no they arent and we agured for like 10mins

anyway i walked alot..>_> then went back in the pool lol and had pizza

i broke my gay pink phone well nm thats not a bad thing

well today was overall fun ^^

well post or well dont lol

hi ppl ^^

ok im really bored *yawn*

hows everyones summer? whos going back to school?

its 1:34am damn i need to sleep more..>_>

i want pancakes damnit

*sigh* post or leave agaun ur choice *yawn*

Jokes from Bill Maher and a Spoiler!!

well i couldnt think of any other title but anyway

[spoiler] i did it!! u kno ur jealous of my mad skillz :P [/spoiler]


um its wednesday...um...Hannibal Rising is an crazy ass book love it tho ^^

Bill Maher New Rules:

1.The compliacted teh Starbucksks order, the bigger the @$$hole. If u walk into a Starbucks and order a

decaf grande half-soy hlf-low-fat-iced-vanialla double shot gingerbread cappuccino extra dry light ice wit 1 Sweet'N Low and 1 NutraSweet......ur a huge @$$hole.

If ur this much of a conrol freak about coffe, u must be really unbearable when it comes to somthin important, like a Danish

2.Stop bringing out DVD's so soon. I'm still ingoring u in the threater

3.Cornbread isnt bread. Its cake. ^^

4.Former drug addicts and alchoholics have to stop sayin, " I almost died." No. Cancer survivors almoost died. U almost had too good a time.

5.Cut the Shnizzle. We all know its hilarioius wen white ppl-especially old ladies- talk "street" on TV, but early reports indicaye that every single network sitcom this season will featurew at least one 8-year-old kid saying "shnizzle". Attention all real rappers-u have guns for a reason. Use them

6. The President must stop saying that Osama Bin laden "can run but he can't hide." Boy, can he hide. We can't find him with cruise missiles,satellites, or million-dollar bribes- although, oddly enough, he is reachable through c-l-a-s-s mates.com.

7.Ladies Leave ur eyebrows alone. Here's how much men care about ur eyebrows: Do u have 2 of them? Okay, we're done.

8.First Amber Frey was mad that Scott Peterson was married. Then she was ad that he had killed his wife. Theres just no pleaseing ppl.

well theres some jokes and yea ik lavs gonna say u copyied me or somthin o well anyway like always comment or get the fuk off my blog ^^

My 1st attempt to...



ok i failed anyway

FOR all u Basketball ppl

i can now do a HOOK SHOT!!! WOOOOOOOOO YAY*partys*

k thats it bye ^^

more about me survey

Igot this from ganges14 NICOLE SAYS IM EMO!!!

im bored so here

Starting time?8:38 P.M

Name? Taylor..>_>

Nicknames? Tay, Izzy-sama, Liz,Sakura-san, Damien..>_>

School?Waste of timeHigh^^

Eyes? green,blue,yellow (mostly green)

Height?5.8 i think havnt checked...>_>

Siblings? a big brother

Ever helped somebody cheat? YEP

Missed school because it was raining? No unfortunetly...>_>

Set any body part on fire for amusement? i lit paper towels on fire once does that count?

Kept a secret from everyone? um yea..

Had an imaginary friend? hahahha...no

Wanted to hook up with a friend?yes sir

Cried during a Flick? Yes...and my friend laughed

Had a crush on a teacher? hell yea, and does a principal count?

Ever thought an animated character was hot? hell yea

Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the Block tape?mmm...how about.. no

Prank called someone? maybe...

Been on stage? Yea..

Favourite shampoo? AUSSIE SHAMPOO!!! dude u can get high off that stuff smell so good ^^

Favourite colours? black,red,blue,green

Day or Night? does it really matter?

Summer or Winter?SUMMMMER!!!

Like anyone? hell yea

Known the longest of your friends?um this guy named john

Name your best friend(s)? Jade & Kelsey

Who's the loudest? Kelsey

Who's the shyest? me..

Who do you go to for advice? i dont ask them for advice...

Who do you cry with? Me,myself, and i

Cried? um not recently.. i cry inside not outside

Cut your hair?idk i hate hair cuts..>_>

Worn a skirt? no i havnt...haha ok yea i have

Been mean? yea duh...

Been sarcastic? no sh!t sherlock...>_>

Missed someone? um...ricky?

Hugged someone? i dont like hugs..>_>

Fought with your parents? all the time ^^

Wished upon a star? yea its bs im never doin it again

Laughed until you cried? yea, dane cook is a silly b!tch ^^

Played Truth or Dare? Yes

Watched a sunrise or sunset? No

Went to the beach at night? no unfortunetly

Read a book for fun? hahahahhahahah no only comicbooks

Are you lonely? yea i am, so?

Are you happy?no im not, wat r u a shrink?

Are you talking to someone online? yea u got a problem wit that?

Do you believe in God or the Devil? um idk wen i meet god ill anwser this ? ^^

Do you believe in love? yea i do

Do you believe in The Closet Monster? the wat? w/e thats means NO

Do you believe in The Big Bang Theory? idk the time line and god and crap r not right

Do you believe in Heaven or Hell? im going to hell if there is one but idk

Do you believe in superstitions? depends

What is your full name?im not tellin there could be pedos around..>_>

Who named you? my dad..>_>

Backstreet Boys or N Sync? they r both gay so neither

What is your computer desk made of? um a white painted wood

What is your favorite state?MIAMI,FLORDIA!!!!!!!! and wen i go to HAWAII

Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? France, Aussie, Hawaii then Japan

Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? Ricky ^^

How many buddiess do you have on you list? i dont really care, its just a #

How's the weather right now?rained, cloudy, kinda humid

What did you do last night? was on comp talkin to friend ryan then watched cosby show till 4am ^^

What's the best thing that you find about the opposite sex? 1. SARCAST/m

2. Funny

3. smart

4. handsome/hot/sexi

Favorite hair colour in the opposite sex? somthin sexi, lmfao idc really brown,blonde,black

Pizza or ice cream? ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do YOU eat an Oreo? i dunk it in milk ^^ and then eat it duh

Dream car?- an expensive one ^^ like a BMW convertable

What do you want to be when you grow up? MODEL!!! sike hahaha wow that was a good one um i guess lawyer or dentist or work for the CIA

What are your future goals? Get accepted to harvard, get married, and have kids ^^

Favorite music? rock,japanese, r&b and i guess rap

Least favorite time of the year? um winter

Did you notice that number 90 was missing? um no and i dont really give a sh!t

Fast or slow? hehehe FAST moo-hahaha only pervs will get that one hahahaha

If you could change your name, what would it be?- um i guess Elizabeth

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? no they take up room

Have you ever been in love? im in love now

What will your first son's name be? im hoping DANIEL, cough if someone reads this he'll know

Favorite drink? SPRITE

Do you like scary or happy movies better? define happy? but Scary r better speacilly wen u have a guy wit u hahaha

Lust or Love?um i had lust but i prefer love

Do you consider cheerleading a sport? lets see...NO

Do you want your friends to do this survey?i couldnt care less their choice

When's your birthday? May 6th

How old will u be? 15

Time done? 9:15

nicole says the title was g,,, a ,,,y

um yea...this is just a blog i havnt nothin important to say cept:

1.i got contacts

2. i got skinny jeans

woo for me w/e well spam if ur a spammer do w/e the fuk u want i couldnt give a sh!t

either post or just go ur choice..>_>

the Harry potter 7 ending

ok listen i thought long and hard (about 3mins) on this and ithink voldernrt will live!!! see there will be a Hogwarts massacre and voldermort is gonna walk into the school and just start killin ppl and everyone dies the end ^^ if everyone dies i think it would be awesome srry all u Hp lovers but the all need to die lmfao jk but in other news

1st spartan is leavin *cries* but august 1st he is going to london,england *cough* lucky bastard *cough* and is going to buy the 7th harry potter book there and he will be going to amusemnt parks and stuff blah blah and also in news

lav is still a perv oh and jjsatana as unfortunely been banned tempoary he will be back soon

and also in the most important news Rush Hour 3 comes out on my daddys bday August 10th ^^

You speakin' French? You Asian, man, stop humilliating' yourself! - Detective James Carter

Dont bother posting on this blog

like the title says dont bother but its not like anyone will listen anyway i just wanted to say this:

SPIDER PIG SPIDER PIG does watever a spider pig does


um u can get off my profile now ^^ bye