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Done with college

Finished my exams, and with those college. Damn, it feels good to be free and be away from so many people that I secretly hated.

Update #2

Been a while, so I might as well update everyone who cares.

I got accepted into in all of my university choices, and I've accepted an offer from the University of Leicester, so it's nice to have that pressure lifted. I've just recieved the results from my January Modulars, 98/100 in gov' and politics, 76 in Law, which is just about what I need to secure my place.

That said, I have a history paper to do that counts for 15% of my total grade, plus I really despise using sources. So, it's not something I look forward to writing up.

That's really about all that's new.

So, I joined a religion (sort of)

Yeah, I recently became a Discordian, which is pretty blog worthy, I would say. I can now say that I am deeply religious, yet remain atheist.

The idea is that we pray to chaos, and the main godess mentioned in the Principia Discordia is Eris, the ancient Greek godess of strife and discord. Eris is just a symbol of chaos though, as would a LeVeyan Satanist take Satan as a symbol, for example. Of course, this isn't true for every member of the Discordian society, as we all like to be completely and utterly different from each other. We're not an organized religion, since we pray to chaos.

It's not like many other religions, it's more like an attitude towards life. Maybe it is a joke disguised as a religion? Maybe it is a religion disguised as a joke? It is seriously anti-serious. Dogmatically anti-dogmatic. You really can only make sense of it by realizing it is nonsense.

Or perhaps it is none of this.

Long overdue update

It's been a couple of months, so I figured that I should at least motivate myself for this. To be honest, not much has changed, still stuck in the college > home > sleep > college routine. Did well in my AS exams, AABBC overall. A2 exams are fast approaching, and I still haven't been taught over half of the content for a couple of courses, so that's troubling.

University applications are almost done, got conditional places in Leicester, Keele, Portsmouth, Kent and I really cannot travel to the interview at Essex, so probably a rejection seeing as I can't get there.

As for that, nothing much has changed, and to be fair, it's going to be a while before anything interesting happens to me.

Alright, here goes

I've been around a while and haven't gave out that many details or anything, so I might as well do it now.




College Student in Law, Politics, Modern History, Russian, Japanese (completed), General Studies (completed), business studies (dropped).

I live in the north of England.

That's all I can share, and I don't even know why I am.