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I don't know Whether to laugh or to be inspired

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I was looking for the rest of the DS release calender at where I came across this...

Now I remember how I would spend hours trying my best on the PC Mock theory tests and it payed off but if I had this then I could of practiced away from my computer.

Why am I bringing this up? well it seems that there is now a lot more of these "Testing" games on popular devices and systems like the DS, Mobile Phones (Cell Phones for the Americans) and Ipod but what if these were put on The 360, PSP and PS3. Would we have a characters like Gorden Freeman, Master Chief, Kratos teaching how to do a 3-point turn The history of Ancient Greece or to find the X of an Isosceles triangle. Or even going on-line and taking your actual and make it competitive. all I can say is hopefully nobody uses GTA 4 as a substitute for a diving test especially in the UK.

Hunter moon

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Okay new video baically this is my work from foundation art at Newport Uni be as critical as you want.

4 year Booze

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Well I'm finally here ready to start my Art Foundation course I'm staying on campus and here is my roomand here is my Gaming set up so I'm secure.hopefully I can complete my course and then do three years in Game design and have enough money for booze!

Transformers the movie

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So I went to see Transformers the Movie this weekend. but before I went to see it I was worried. mostly because when I was a kid Transformers was the best show EVER! but I was worried about having my child-hood destroyed. Just to make things worse I was reading a few online comics and there was a mixed reaction mostly complaints. but Ifound the movie to be entertaining and was pleases. It was long but this aloud the audience to understand the Transformers and their story. Hopefully there will be a sequel which willhave a more foucusedstory. The humor in it was nice and was fairly modern which I liked. I think it is approachable to everyone fans or not as it has a lot of action and a wide range of Characters.

Current-Gen Meals

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Recently after I had a meal at a restaurant and then listened to the hotspot I thought up a theory of knowing the difference between the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. I think it is good and it might to be helpful to people but say what you think.

PS3-I think the best way to describe a PS3 is a posh Gourmet meal. The word is from the French It is often used as an adjective for meals of especially high quality, whose makers or preparers have used especial effort or art in presentation or cooking the meal, or for facilities equipped for preparing such meals, such as a restaurant. The term and the practice may have negative connotations of elitism or snobbery, but is often used positively to describe people of refined taste and passion. When putting this in context the PS3 console itself similar that it is Expensive, It is the best quality out of the three, and it is show that you have money. Then you have the problems it is Expensive, Very small portions (Not a lot of games), after you've eaten you feel like it hasn't filled you. Some people who have these meals are not that social.

Xbox 360-The Xbox 360 I think is like a normal meal like at TGIF, Old Orleans, and Pizza Hut EST. When you go to these restaurants you go in with either Family or friends. You are greeted by a waiter/Waitress and are taken to you're table. When you sit down the restaurant is relaxed, and you order a drink then you are given time to look over the menu and decide what you want to eat. You choose what you want and wait for a while. When you eat you socialize and enjoy yourself and at the end you ask for a bill and leave. Now this is the Xbox 360 side. You are greeted by the Dashboard and you choose where you want to go. The 360 has a huge variety of like XBLM games-(Appetizers) Games-(Main Course) and accessories-(Side orders) Video's Music-(Desert). Xbox live is the restaurant itself a huge social experience where you meet friends, meet new people. But there are problems you might be sat next to a whining kid, there is too much chooses (Too many games) some are the same but look different, can become expensive without you knowing. You might get poor service; you can get served slow (Lag) Tips-(Paying for Xbox live.)

Wii-Basically the Wii is kiddy take away meal (Not saying either is just for kids). What I mean is that firstly it's cheap, it is in small portions it, it really fun and tasty, it is normally eaten it with the family and it comes with a free prize-(Wii Sports). But just like happy meals they don't satisfy you're hunger, it is normally just for kids and there isn't much choice.

Simplify Me When I'm Dead

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Simplify Me When I'm Dead: Written by Keith Douglas. A small war poem I liked so much I decided to make a small movie about it. Plaese Honor our Veterans of any war. please coment and rate away.

Bunny Death

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This was the best way I could spend a Bank Holiday?


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