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HELP! Which is a must buy first...Jak and Daxter or Sly Cooper?

I've always wanted to play these series! I can't decide which one should I get first! I know they are great games but I can't make a decision yet! Some reviews don't help at all! I really want to check them out but since I'm a game shopaholic I want both but I can't just one at a time....so I will appreciate you're opinion guys!

It's good to be back to the blog again! Hope everyone's okay!

Back Again! New Games and Stuff

Wow...It's been a while since I passed through here, I think I lost interest on GS because of the reviews! :( Even these days the reviews STILL lack something, the bad things on some games that GS notes are stupid, seriously and those things are a reason the score lowers a lot! Well....can't change everyone :)

I don't know whats up with companies that EVERY SINGLE GAME IS BEEING RELEASED ON NOVEMBER! DAMN!

So many good games, not a lot of many to afford them :(

Me recent purchase was Modern Warfare 3 and.............seriously, I cried, so EPIC, i can't describe it! its just awesome, but I try not to let my fanboy side take over; IW made a lot of changes and the look great and the multiplayer fun and competitive as always!

Wish list for the end of 2011 are MGS Hd Collection, Uncharted 3, Halo Anniversary and SKYRIM

AC: Revelations, I decided I'll ask a friend to lend it to me....can't stand to buy another disc expansion of Ezio xD even though he is awesome!

So.....I'll try no to disappear too much....College these days its tough now!

Memorable Heroes in videogames

What is a Hero? An individual that fights against evil, saves the day and a damsel in distress? Yes...Or a person that you can look up to, someone that doesn't exactly has to have super powers to save the day or stand out? HELL YEAH!
And there is also those war heroes that ensure the triumph of a faction and even a nation.
What's the point of this? Well we usually when he listen to the word hero, we think about that definition...or just think about comics.

My first post in this blog...we play videogames, we see countless heroes, let's read and discuss about those characters that are memorable, the heroes that for their actions, they are remembered, we can also look up to them. ONLY videogames...not included comic heroes with a videogame (Batman, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, X-men, Ironman, etc) and no cliche heroes, what do I want to say? Always saves the day and the girl and beats the bad guy and everything is smiles and sunshines! So no Mario and Link.

Lets start with the Megaman series (X and Zero games specifically).

X is the blue bomber 2.0, the last creation of Dr. Light, he started as a rookie maverick hunter, under supervision of Sigma...before he became a Maverick that is. X is the typical hero and protagonist of the game, countless of tasks and fights against different Mavericks and finally save the day by kicking Sigma's butt.
But who is behind Zero, technically he was before X, his best friend and often considered as the Ultimate Reploid. I'm talking about Zero.

Put aside the thoughts that Zero is cooler than X (even though it might be true) and/or your fan towards X. Zero is always taking care of X, why? Cause they are friends; X looks up to Zero and Zero is there for him, watching his back and fighting side to side. Zero has sacrificed himself a lot not only for X, but to save planet Earth from the Sigma Virus. Now looking on the Megaman Zero games, Zero still is a hero, fighting for survival of humanity aswell as the well being of the Reploids.
Not also he takes care of his friend, he lost his loved one.
He is a memorable hero and character, I'm not trying to shove X.
He is also a heroic reploid, always taking a beating to save other reploids from Mavericks, following the steps of his best friend.

Moving on to Final Fantasy.

What? These guys always win and save the Universe? Well yeah...true honorable heroes and stuff, the Warriors of Light/Dawn. Square likes to make the main characters have emo attitudes and crazy haircuts.
There is one character that stands out among all the roster and I think many people will agree with me (If not...well...damn, FAIL), is the true SOLDIER 1st ****..
Zack Fair

Zack is a lively fellow, his dream? Become a true hero, funny huh? Is that the reason why he is a memorable hero? No actually, if I recall correctly, he never noticed he became a hero. His actions as a SOLDIER and as a friend (again talking about friendship). His mentor Angeal Hewly (original owner of the Buster Sword) always talked about keeping his SOLDIER honor, defend it no matter what and never give up his hopes and dreams.
Zack's actions where reason that Shinra won the Wutai war (look he is a war hero now)...NOT, Sephiroth took the real credit and that didn't slow him down.
He became 1st ****and received the task on locating and bring back his mentor and another SOLDIER called Genesis, teaming up with Sephiroth.
What's my point? Well Zack, saved Angeal, even though it broke his heart.
Maybe the most memorable thing he did was save the rookie Cloud Strife, they were friends. Zack never discouraged Cloud to become a SOLDIER (although he never did become one officially) He just said to him, keep dreaming and defend your honor.

Zack died protecting Cloud, fighting an endless horde of Shinra Soldiers. On his last moments, he trusted Cloud with the Buster Sword aswell as his dreams (along with his identity and title of SOLDIER 1st ****..... thief ¬¬)

Full sacrifice for his friend and defending honor.

  • Josef and Minwu from 2
  • Galuf from 5
  • Tellah from 4
  • Pretty much majority of the cast from 6

Next, I think John Marston from Red Dead Redemption

Former outlaw and blackmailed by the goverment to kill his former gang members. What purpose? Simple! Save his family. Although he is a badass and as you progress on the game, you decide either to be good or to be bad, in the end, John is a hero, he cares about his family even though he use to be an outlaw, he just wants to settle down and have a normal life.
The ending of RDR tells everything, John Marston is a hero, maybe not a good role model, but an example on what you must not do (looking on his life as an outlaw). He wants to be a good dad and seeks only one thing also...Redepmtion.

Next we have the Halo Series...who? Masterchief? NO! Yeah yeah I know he is the last Spartan, he destroyed Halo, saved Cortana and stuff. Yes he is indeed a Hero I won't deny it. But you know who else is a hero?
Sargent Johnson.

Yeah, considered also one of the manliest man in videogames by Screwattack.
He never backs out from a fight, he is a true leader, his only objective...stop the Covenant from activating, by any means, a Halo. He takes a beating by the brutes to activate the Ark even though he is forced to do it. He and Masterchief work together to keep the Covenant out of the rings.
Bad thing here, he survives the explosion of one of the rings (still questioning how) but he is killed by GuiltySpark, that sucks...but in his last breath he backs up Masterchief on destroying the monitor and Halo. So actually he is the reason we are saved from the flood. YAY! :D

Doesn't matter if its from Infinity Ward or Treyarch. I believe these War Heroes deserve mention.
First, Captain Price.

This english dude has suffered a lot. Betrayal, harsh environments, MASSIVE shoot outs against the Spetsnaz. We may not have a reason in specific since we don't know much about his past, but hell the way he acts on Modern Warfare, you think this dude is a true war hero, betrayed and beaten, he looks after his platoon, specially of Soap Mactavish. It's hard to express this, Captain Price is a character when you see him, you know he is epic and a hero, no matter if he is a War hero.
Next, Sargent Woods from Black Ops

And Viktor Reznov from World At War and Black Ops

In the game he is known by the title of "Hero Of Stalingrad" why?.
He and Dimitri Petrenko took down countless Nazi soldiers all by themselves. Epic and crazy. On Black Ops he looks after Alex Mason in the prison of Vorkuta, talking about his betrayal and how he needs to kill 3 people. He saves Mason giving freedom and eventually reuniting with him (no spoilers) and finish the job, still looking after him, never leaving his side.

UFFF that was hard! That's it for part 1. Thanks for reading, hope you like it..
And I have a poll so I can make a decision.
WHICH BELMONT IS THE MOST HEROIC? Which Belmont is going to be the true hero among his family?

Help me with that ;)
Thanks again guys for reading, rate and comment ;)

As long as there is evil, there will always be a shining beacon of good!

Gran Turismo 5 First Impressions

So I bought today GT5. This is my first try on the GT series, a little late though. Well I haven't explored everything but what I saw...WOW! It is a great game, graphics are beautiful and astonishing.
I liked the fact of obtaining licenses, in other words, learn how to play the game and yes they are helpful, at least for me since I'm just starting in this series.

I liked the view inside the car, I play in that mode and looking the car like old race games. The Go-Kart events are fun indeed and can't wait to try the other events aswell as the online multiplayer.
And I liked the fact that you HAVE to take care of the care, change oil, wash, tune motor among others.
I expect a lot from GT 5, that's all I've seen and honestly I liked it!
Good game so far

Thanks for reading and please rate and comment!

Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm 2

New Games = New Reviews!
This time, I bring
for PS3 and Xbox360.
This is the sequel for the PS3 only game, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm...duh, obviously don't you think? lol.
Well, for those who are fan of the anime and manga, know the story pretty well and now how epic this is. Well it takes 3 years after the end of the first game, aswell as the anime. Naruto sets out to train with Legendary Saanin, Jiraiya, now he's back to the Village Hidden In Leaves aka Konoha. He reunites with his friends and sets out for new adventures...according to the story.

The games consists on three game modes, Ultimate Adventure that is the Main Quest, Free Battle is the standard VS mode, that includes 1P vs Com, 2Player sparring, team battles or single battle. And a new adition, Online Battle, no explaining that I think.
Online battles are a welcome feature and it's a blast since the last game didn't have this feature. Online battle has a ranking system based on battle points or BP, this are awarded with every won battle, bad thing? Every time you lose, you'll lose a certain amount of BP. Fortunately you can search for players of your "same skill".

Ultimate Adventure is the story progression of Naruto Shippuden...in a different way. Here are my complaints. The games has an exploration mechanic that doesn't fit very well. You also have to gather materials to create Battle Items, this is kind of entertaining. Moving around and exploring it's a PAIN! No not that Pain, he does appear in the game.
Well it's boring getting to point A to point B. Later on you gain access to warp scrolls but not right away, LAAME!

The main battles are fluid and well done. They have active time events, you have to press a button or a combination of button as fast as you can, doing this earns you stars, if you unlock a certain number of stars you'll watch a scene from the anime, fitting the specific battle.

Well as far as the story goes, it's from the beginning of Shippuden until the most recent episodes of Naruto. So it's pretty complete on the battles and the characters.
MAJOR LETDOWN. No original Naruto music, not even the substitution jutsu sound effect. : (
Everything has a piano like remix, nothing related to the cartoon. Seriously that is so disappointing.
Cell Shade, nothing from another world, battle cut scenes are very fun to watch, but not when you lose a battle and have to start ALL over again.
ASWELL AS MINATO NAMIKAZE = AWESOME. Look him up if you don't now who the 4th Hokage is....LOL XD hahahaha or maybe not since I already told you.

Ninja Storm 2 its a good game, the fighting can really capture you, and has replay value, with some quest to unlock some characters, maybe one from Tekken?....
I Rate it 8/10

Final Fantasy Epic Moments (I - V)

Final Fantasy. These series have been with us since they were introduced to us on the NES, the life saver of Squaresoft now Square-Enix, it literally was their final fantasy against bankrupt.
Yes we know it's an JRPG, evolving with every numeric title and different sagas like the Crystal Chronicles, Tactics and Chocobo Dungeon; they are also stories, worthy of a novel or even a movie (CG movie).
Inside these stories, we find epic moments aswell as memorable, I'll list the ones we all remember of the original series.
NOTE: I haven't played 12, reason: I don't have a PS2 and well I have a PS3 Slim. I'll only mention 10 and not the sequel. If I forget of some moments, remind me, my memory isn't very good lol!

Final fantasy I

Ok I'll be honest, since this game IS the first one I haven't found any epic moment besides the truth behind Chaos.
I mean, plot twist, the real badguy behind the Elemental Fiends is the God of Discord, Chaos. Kind of epic.

Final Fantasy II

On this one I have more to tell...I think.

  • -Let's start with the search of Ultima on Mysidia Tower, the events once you get to the top are...epic, Minwu, you're a hero man, aswell as Joseph's actions before, on the snow plains.

  • -The rise of Pandemonium. You know the final battle is coming, the fate of the world will be decided inside that demonic castle.

  • -Finally, the moment Cid gives us his airship...for the first time. Cid, you're name has been passed on to each fantasy.

Final Fantasy III

We Americans finally played this game by the DS port, japs didn't sent the NES version to us, just like II.

  • -The beginning, when you are chosen by the crystal and given the first jobs, while you found out that the other 3 characters are orphans and destined to become the Warriors of Light.

  • -Descending to the lower world, once you get an airship, you can leave the island to visit the dark places of the world behind the clouds, but...why are the clouds dark? It's up to you to find out what's happening and restore the light of the 2 remaining crystals.

  • -The first moment you enter Doga's mansion. Why? Because of the music, listen to it

You know you will discover something big!

  • A specific fight against Doga and Unei, boy that was tough and the end...it didn't had to be that way.

  • Finally, the exploring of Eureka, The Forbidden Land. The whole trip is a kind of a challenge, obtaining the ultimate weapons before confronting Xande.

Final Fantasy IV

This, is one of my favorites. We knew it as Final Fantasy II. One of the best stories and music scores.

  • First, Cecil's redemption, abandoning the dark sword to become a Paladin, but he's confused of the things a mysterious voice said to him, why did it called him "Son"?

  • Battle against The Giant Of Babil outside the Tower of Babil on the Overworld. Combined forces of the Underworld and Overworld unite to bring it down.
  • The waking of the Lunar Whale and making the first trip to the moon.
  • YOU SPOONY BARD! (yeah you know its EPIC AND MEMORABLE)

  • The ending. I won't say anything, it's relieving, after all the struggle, peace comes. Until we have a sequel! lol
  • Lastly, the Opening movie of the DS remake.

Final Fantasy V

Seriously, about this whole game, I only consider 2 epic moments

  • The Clash On The Great Bridge, the whole scene its just intense and the fight against Gilgamesh.

  • When Bahamut speaks to your party and you know you have to get his help as well to search for the Sealed Weapons.

That's all for epic moments, if I forgot of some OF THE GAMES ABOVE, tell me. Thanks for reading.
I'll be uploading another blog of 6 - 10 and 13.

Which version is better? Xbox 360 or PS3

Ok! I'm planing to buy SSF 4, but since I got myself a new PS3 I don't either to buy for the 360 or the PS3. Do they have any differences? This may be stupid or pointless, but seriously I want to know some opinions! I would appreciate it, Thanks a lot

I can't say much, yes it's short but you can help me choose between those consoles, thanks again.

I'm buyin a PS3, game suggestions !

Hello guys!

So tomorrow I'll go shopping, time to spend all that hard earned money. So I'm planning on buying a PS3...finally! Since I already have a MGS4 why not buy a PS3.

I'm don't know what games to buy, I'm thinking about the 3 games of God of War, but I'm open to suggestions, tell me what games are cool and I'll see if I can buy them, and its good to have different options to buy.

Thanks guys take care!

@ZanarkandTidus: I'm Counting on you! ;)

Whats up with the new sonic games?

Everybody knows Sonic The Hedgehog

the blue mascot of SEGA, his debut on the Genesis has made him an icon in videogames and a masterpiece to all of us. On the life of SEGA creating videogame consoles before joining with nintendo. They created a lot of Sonic games, we remember very little of some of them but we remember how cool most of them were.By cool, I mean every sidescroller Sonic game we know, 1, 2, 3, Sonic CD, Sonic $ Knuckles and Knuckles Chaotix (If i forgot one mention it)I have played them and I still do, I have 1 and 2 on my ipod touch and always have a blast with them.Then SEGA brought us a new console, the Dreamcast. That meant that Sonic had to be tranfered to real 3D and wow SONIC TEAM delivered. They gave us Sonic Adventure. Man a true Sonic game in 3D, as fast as the sidescrollers and multiple character throughout the story, maybe the bad thing is that you couldn't trandorm into Supersonic at will but still it was AWESOME!.With its success they brought us a sequel, and a good one! Probably my favorite Sonic game (I do love the other ones). Sonic Adventure 2 is as great as the first one, they gave us a new hedgehog, Shadow and a whole new cast of characters.Both Adventures had everything, great music, great voice acting and they had Sonic in them! Truly masterpieces.Then the next gen consoles came, first the Gamecube, a good thing is that since SEGA joined with Nintendo, the ported this titles to the Gamecube. Then we had Sonic Heroes, a good title but not as great as the precedessors.eventhough it had a unique cast, a rebirth of some old friends of the first games and an original way of playing, using teamwork and swaping character with the selected trio to get over obstacles.At this point Sonic had some good story, the GBA titles are also one of the best Sonic games in the market, considering to be almost like the originals.Then, the Wii came....OH MY GOD, why.SEGA decided to make some Wii exclusive Sonic titles. (Unleashed is not exclusive but does have different features from the xbox and playstation versions)I've played these games, and I do have a lot to say.First, Sonic and The Secret Rings, okay, first title for the Wii.When you here Sonic, you think about SPEED and a little bit of free roam, in here, quite the opposite, yes a little speed but TOO LINEAR! I mean, this can't be, yes sonic games are usually linear but not like this, is now mission oriented! WTF!Also, HARD AS SH.....I don't remember any Sonic game so frustrating like this one. I didn't like it (My opinion guys, apologies to those who did like it)Then Sonic unleased, a nice try of a mix up, Sonic tranforms into a were-wolf? making it a beat em up all of a sudden in that mode but running stages while normal sonic. It's fun but still doesen't compare to Adventure.Last, the Black Knight, of these 3 titles, I did liked Sonic and The Black Knight, it was a little bit fast but still Sonic games must not be mission based. It had some customisable features that are fun. Difficulty, a little bit hard...TOO FRUSTRATING!It was nice to see Sonic use a sword, run and cut everything YEAH! but the speed and tricks ARE lacky.I wont talk about Sonic Riders and the Xbox360/PS3 versions cause I havent played them, tell me if they are worth it.In conclusion, they'rs no other 3D Sonic game that can be called a true 3D Sonic game since Adventure. These 3 titles have somethign but it doesn't make them memorable. The Black Knight is cool, but not that good, and boy I HATE YOU SECRET RINGS! >: ( Share your opinion, thats mine

Taste of KH: Birth by Sleep

You don't know how I feel right now! Finally...the patch for KH birth by sleep works!!!!!!!!! OMG, i'm playing it right now and omg! AWESOME!!!! I've noticed very fluid and responsive controls, maybe the good thing is that the dialogues are still in japanese, it keeps the intrigue of knowing the story, but at the same time I'm preparing myself for the NTSC release, If you have a CFW psp, download it, seriously, its great, I'm happy!

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