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I didn't bother to read all the responces so forgive me if I repeat myself. For games to bond with, MMO's and any co-op games will do the trick.

The most obivious choise is World of War Craft. It's not my favorite but it's fantastic for all ages and you can play together, also you might look at City of Heroes, it's a comic book world where a two man teams are best. But if I were you, I would just wait for the new "Champions" game coming out this year. It's the same game, by the same company but a new and a more polished version.

On the co-op side of things, correct me if I'm worng but Red Alert 2 is co-op and I found that game to be a ton of fun without any gore or sex.

Good luck

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I'm old school and have been playing vids for far too long, I haven't been able to get over the bordum of FPS's, it's a feeling of been there and done that. But killzone is a must buy, it's addictive and easy to play even against pro's that don't sleep or eat. I would think anyone with a PS3 should have this title.

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Uncharted was a sleeper hit with me. I picked it up late for the trophies, and ended up really liking the game. Uncharted 2 maybe the same kind of sneak attack of goodness. GOW will be fun and the best in series, but it's only a hack and slash. I have never re-played a hack and slash game after beating it. But they are always fun the first time around. Can't wait for both.
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Really? thats too bad, I thought the poor choises GS makes in their PS3 reviews were fair game here. I didn't disrespect anyone personally, nor did I use offencive language. Just some real talk. I don't get your comment towards me, but fair enough I'll just go back to IGN. I just stopped by to get some gaming news.
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Has anyone noticed how Gamespot will mark down a Ps3 game that is a cross-platform title and "may have" slightly less AA. But when a game comes out with noticeably better graphics than it's 360 counterpart, that score will be the same. Example, Bioshock, and Eternal Sonata, It is just so ridiculous it's funny, Gamespot gives no respect to the ps3. So if they are now giving bad reviews for games not giving out trophies, that is on par with the sites attitude.
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I just picked up Heavenly Sword at gamefly.com for 17 bucks. It's a short game but it very good looking and fun. Well worth 17 bucks.
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FYI, I just bought HS for 17.95 on gamefly. No matter what it's worth 18 bucks. Plus I think it will be on PS3's greatest hits for half off soon.
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I don't know anyone with a broken PS3, even used ones. I did however go through 3 360's, two couldn't read the disks, and one overheated. And is the 360 really cheaper? I don't have the numbers in front of me but the cheap 360 doesnt come with a harddrive and doesn't come with a wireless router and theres no blueray. Hard drives are about 100, and the wireless is about 100. I don't know I'm just saying...
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I agree with the general feelings of why are you asking this question at this late date? It's sounds like your a 360 fanboy that wants ps3 fanboys to defend their console. Weak and pointless. But with that being said, the best reason you have to buying a ps3 is because you have a PC. Why would anyone want a 360 if they own a PC? All the games that are exclusive for the 360 are on the PC look and play 10 times better. The PS3 is still the most innovative console that is pumping out games that are unique, and the blueray player makes the ps3 last far longer than its 10 year life span. The 360 is slowly on it's way out with word of a new 360 in a couple of years. If you really looking for a list of reasons to play a ps3.

Uncharted - Heavenly Sword - Eye of judgement - Tekken DR - Eden  - Monsters - Flow - The Last Guy - Metal Gear 4 - Little Big Planet - PAIN - WipeoutHD - Resistance 1,2 - Ratchet & Clank Future, R&C Quest for booty - HOME - PSN - Plus any ps2 or psone game if you have the 60gb that is.

Most ps3 haters IMO are teens that their parents bought them a 360 and they don't have the money to buy one, or they simply don't have any first hand knowledge of what a ps3 is, which is made only worse by media bias and ridiculous game reviews from places quite frankly like Gamespot whos reviews aren't consistent.

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I bought an arcade, and then a cheap used HD, it was all under 300.
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