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Please stop the comparisons!

Gamespot and the gaming community has always seemed to hate on the PS3. Is it because it's just to expensive? Maybe, but I also really want an Iphone and that thing is going to be around 6 to 800 bucks. That sucks, but I still want one. And why are we comparing two still images like they are going to be a deciding factor on which system to play on? For the record, I own both 360 and ps3, and without question blue ray is far, FAR superior to hd-dvd. 1080p through HDMI is freaking fantastic. And for the system itself, the PS3 is shiny, sleek, quiet, plays any PS2 game I put in it, plus comes with software that re-renders ps2 games into 1080p, and the online, video and audio features are really nice. The fact that the Ps3 is really trying to come up with new ideas is a selling point with me. Take the new "HOME" community, this to me is really what I wanted the Internet to be like years ago, Freaking fantastic! And also, I really think these system comparisons need to wait at least a full year or more until some unique PS3 exclusive titles come out. I'm sure this point has been ground into the dirt, but the 360's titles were garbage for their first year. And truthfully I still haven't seen more than two or three titles on either system that I think is so bad ass that one might need to go rob little old ladies to own a next gen system. The ps3 doesn't have killer titles like gears of war or viva pinata, but titles like, CnC 3, COD 3, F.E.A.R., and Elder Scrolls really need to be played on a PC to get the most out of these games. So until some real games come out, the game systems secondary features are what one should look at for motivation on buying a system. And I think the oblivious choice is the PS3. I like my 360 don't get me wrong, I just think the PS3 is the future.