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Diablo 3, anyone excited?

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OK, so as I wait for the new Starcraft like a child on X-mas, I just got hit with some incredibility exciting news thata new Diablo is in the works. Not earth shattering news to some, but never the less news to me. I was in Vegas with some friends last weekend and one of these friends just happens to be a programmer for the new Hell-gate London game coming out and he said that blizzard has already dropped 60 million into Diablo3.That is very exciting news to me because that says the game is far beyond what some experts have estimated how far along blizzard is to finishing D3. Does anyone think they will release 2 games within a year from each other? Blizzard is known for waiting a very long time between games. What do you guys think, 60 mill is a lot of dough?