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Yep... that's the sort of thing... so when I changed from my original 360 to a new slim one last year i just unplugged it from the back of the old one and slotted it in the new one.

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There used to be a VGA cable you could buy to replace the TV one... had all the necessary connectors to hook it up to a PC monitor... it's what I use.

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A game, set in the 80's and with umptten references to 80's culture, with what would have passed for a futuristic setting back then.

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Playstation 4


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what do you think i think they are


I think you need more lessons in basic English grammar.

*Are... as in "Are the rumours getting out of control for the Xbox 720

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Doubt they'll change much... maybe put the D-Pad the way it was with the S-Type on the original Xbox and we'll be back to perfection.

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The new, black wireless adapters that you slap on the back of the console use the simple "Network Name" and "Password" wifi system.

I used to have the same problem with the old models but when I boguht the new one I could connect my 360 the same way I connect my mobile phoen to our wireless network.

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BadAssMarshalXxX -Upcases are cool -Bad Ass is cool -XxX is cool Can't go wrongMonsieurX

Using the word "Upcases" because you're too illiterate to use the word "Capitals" just makes you look like a halfwit.

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doesnt sound legit, you mean to say you bought two brand new slim 360's and they both red ringed within weeks of each other. I cant possibly tell you how slim the odds of that happening is. I would venture to say theres a variable on your end thats causing it but i'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say pass on the third console unless you cant get a refund



Agreed... plus why buy the second when the first would be under store warranty?

To go wrong so early would be an instant replacement, if not through the store then via Microsoft support... so in the words of South Park, "I Call Shenanigans"

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Eternal Sonata, Magna Carta 2 and Tales of Vesperia... although I hated the last one I appear to be in the minority.