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The End Of My Tether

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There was once a time when visiting Gamespot used to be a fun thing to do... you could have a bit of banter with other users safe in the knowledge that if someone were to get a little out of hand and start using expletives then they'd get a few days rest... I had several of these myself as the blood boiled and the word "retard" slipped into a response or 40.

Since the lifting of posting restrictions Gamespot is no longer the happy joyous place it used to be, the lunatics have taken over the asylum, rabid fanboys hunt in packs so that if you added up all their IQ's you'd still be struggling to hit 3 figures... friendly banter has become scarce.

Gamespot isn't fun anymore.

So I have a number of options open to me;

One: I can search elsewhere and find a site where I can just ramble on to my heart's content, free from the morons that think just because they shout the loudest they rule... I've got a very old IGN account in the name "TTDog666" which actually matches my Gamertag.

Two: I can make use of one of my other GS accounts and vow never to post in any news thread no matter how retarded and inaccurate the comments are, I can set my profile to friends only and never have to worry about some halfwit polluting my blogs.

Three: Just sign out and only access the site as a guest.

Now I have to say I'm sort of favouring the second option... while the site may becoming swamped by pond scum there are people on here I'd genuinely feel sorry not to hear from again, had it not been for Gamespot I'd have never met N-REAL and experienced one of the most surreal weeks of my life... and it would give me an excuse to explain why I play what I play on the console that I play on to those who haven't read everything I've ever thrown out.

Plus I've always regarded my typing out of my gaming experiences as a sort of therapy, all the thoughts in my head about how Halo sucks or why I refer to a certain driving game as "Gran Turdismo" need to be released in some form... and option 3 would leave me just simply writing the world's longest gaming diary.

So now I open up the floor to those who have taken the time to read this or any other wall of text I've posted, to offer any words of wisdom you think may be of help.