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One Final Thought...

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Okay... so the Xbox One has the option to charge gamers to play used titles but whether this will happen, or what the price will be is still very much in question.


It's not a massively popular function obviously.


Now what I want to know is this;


If Sony weren't planning on doing the exact same thing surely they would have been shouting it from the rooftops by now... really putting the boot in and making the most out of Microsoft's fumble... but they aren't... their keeping very, very quiet on this.


They've mentioned that the PS4 will be primarily a games console... but they've not said a word on the used game situation other than the PS4 will be able to play used games... they've also been really quiet on whether or not they intend to start charging for the PSNetwork... again missing a massive chance to put the boot in... and that's not very Sony like is it?


And would EA have totally abandoned the Online Pass system if only one of the next gen consoles were planning to implement such a function from day one.


Anyway... enjoy... I'm done here.