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    Wasn't planning on buying it anyway... this just helps justify that decision.

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    No Pressure

    We’ll start with a clarification: Much of what follows was written last year, back when I bought my PlayStation 4 as part of a “The Last of Us” promotional bundle and I cracked and bought the console...

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    DriveClub... an exercise in Mediocrity.

    Why DriveClub is probably the worst game I've been hooked on for a long, long while...http://www.ign.com/blogs/ttdog666/2015/02/26/stalled-on-the-grid/

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    Hello! Is There Anybody There?

    Just a quick query really... I used to use Gamespot a lot... up until about 2 years ago just after the revamped site went live... and the f**kwit hordes of fanboys took over the forums and news posts ...