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@Tokeism: you magnificent son of a bitch! you did it! thanks so much, that was the cave!

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come on guys it's driving me crazy

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i've tried looking it up, but to no avail. Basically, i was playing a while ago and found a cavern / cave that had some narrow tunnels and opened into a cavern with a really high ceiling. In this cavern there was a lake / body of water and in the middle of the water, a wide roughly circular rocky column. there were some bandits (i think) and some short wooden bridges from the outer ring of this cavern to the centre (the rocky column). i've got absolutely no idea where it is, but wanted to find it again, it was fun to play through. thanks in advance

also, i have both the dawnguard and dragonborn add ons 

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that's actually a pretty good idea, i'd support that

#6 Posted by TRIST4N (99 posts) - does include that feature, they've released gameplay showing

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short answer: bad

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overall im disappointed in halo 4. it seems that 343i has messed up lots of simple things, such as custom game options (really annoying, also very simple given all of the combined options in 3 and reach), the pre game lobby is a mess, forge feels clunky, lack of falcon/hornet/human aircraft, mantis doesn't feel right (i don't know, it just doesn't feel very halo-y if that makes sense) and last, but not least, the campaign was terrible.

lots of missions involving a sort of "fetch and grab" style, e.g. you have to destroy two laser pylons, each pylon has a shield powered by three separate power sources, quite tedious.
it was better when the forerunners were just sort of "they were there, did heaps of cool stuff, now they're gone"
i didn't understand who / what the didact was at first, as he hasn't been mentioned in halo before and didnt introduce himself.
he knocks you out and then cortana's all like, "hey chief, the didact flew away in his mini death star thing"
also the librarian evolution thing was retarded.

to finish, i hope they release a patch fixing custom game options, (and maybe forge controls too)

please remember that this is simply my opinion, you do not have to agree, i'm simply sharing my thoughts 

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not liking it, it makes it way too easy to avoid grenades
i haven't been killed by any grenades and i haven't killed anyone with grenades 

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and the marines always disrespect me! if you walk too close they yelll out "hey! ever heard of personal space!"

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