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How to fix RROD

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Since Gamespot won't allow me to post it, do a search on youtube for "**** you microsoft" to find a video of how Marines fix a RROD'd 360.

CNET UK Survey: 60% of Xbox 360s Have Broken

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Sixty per cent of Xbox 360s have kicked the red-ringed bucket, compared to 16 per cent of PS3s and just 6 per cent of Wiis, according to our survey on the reliability of games consoles in the UK.

CNET UK commissioned the survey last month -- and the results don't reflect well on the Microsoft console. Some 1,128 UK-based console owners responded, of whom 562 owned Xbox 360s, 473 owned PS3s and 591 had Wiis (some owned more than one).

Ouch, I'm so glad I bought a PS3 instead of a 360 when I finally got into this gen.