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Fuhck your tequila. We get wasted off screen shots!

Courtesy of the Bold Bullet :). Skyrim mods are the truth! I'm married to 4 different women as well. Got them b1+ches makin me money everyday. Too much?

All in game steam screens. I could probably snap some better ones. These are the few I randomly captured while playing yestersday :P.


Chest hair, don't care.


I break hearts :cool:.


"I wanna flyyyy awaayyyy. Yeaaahhhh."


Buster Sword for this busta ass guard.


Got lightning materia in that mug.


Serene, know what I mean?


Kinda felt bad for this chap. Sike! "Lydia, finish him." "As you bid, my Thane."


At the same damn time!


Hi :).


All a brotha needs now is a Nazghul and Fell Beast.

smaller vs BIGGER

Smaller games are impressing me more than many of the blockbuster titles out there (as of late). Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery EP, Lone Survivor, Botanicula and Legend of Grimrock are some of the newer ones that make me go, "This. This is right." Could just be the mood I've been in recently O_o.
Check them out if you can.

Fascinating dialogue/debate on string theory!

Just got around to watching the 2011 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate!

> > > > BTW, it was moderated by the absolutely awesome Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. He's a brilliant astrophysicist and scientific orator who does extremely well in reaching people within their own terms when discussing science. A fantastic teacher. I suggest looking up some of his lectures. We need to clone him and place him in every school! You don't necessarily have to be trained to understand. He even trolls the panelists lol! He also attempts to get them to put their complex terminology and explanations where the common listener can understand.

String theory attempts to account for the behavior of all matter and energy in the cosmos (an idea originally proposed by Einstein, though he didn't call it string theory). It's like a "theory of everything". There's been two great developments in the scientific community within the last century. The general theory of relativity, the theory of gravity and how it effects/relates to stuff that is really big. Like stars and galaxies. Then after that was quantum mechanics, which deals with the small things such as atoms, molecules, and subatomic particles. These amazing developments work in their own realm and it has been extremely difficult, some say impossible, to mesh them together into a sort of 'unified theory' or the 'theory of everything' known as string theory. It has proven quite hard to get them to work together within mathematics. They're like enemies so to speak. But there are moments where they need to cooperate, like with the theory of black holes. Black holes are very small in terms of length and very large in terms of mass. Therefore, quantum mechanics and GR theory seemingly have to meld together in some way. String theory is an attempt at that.

It has been a development for around 20 years and has had many hiccups along the way. I believe our mathematics is just not there yet, or we do not have the technology to measure. We will evolve and eventually meld the two. Perhaps it won't be string theory, it may be something else entirely lol. I think we will be able to make definitive, tested predictions. A genius on Einstein's level will rear his/her head and solve this question some day, which is looked at as the most important question in modern science. Science will evolve. It's ever growing. It's not stagnant, so something that baffles us now will be chicken scratch for future generations maybe. Afterall, it took astronomers over a millenia to arrive at what we now study in astronomy.

The panel here made some very interesting proposals. Dr. Jim Gates says everything may be defined by code. That's right, 1's and 0's. He even referred to living in the Matrix lol! It's a 2 year old theory he and other colleagues are studying at MIT (more on that in the video). Dr. Brian Green made another point that maybe our current mathematics isn't the answer. Who knows. That perhaps in the future if we make contact with superior intelligent life, and share ideas with them, they will tell us that mathematics is old and there's a new way to measure, pattern-ize, and detect. WOW. Mind blown.

There's some talk of dark matter and dark energy as well. They don't get into the Higgs boson at all (the God Particle, which was originally coined as the "Godamn Particle"). Multiverse is barely touched on. It's mostly about string theory. It's a long watch but very fun with a good Q&A at the end. All around a great panel and discussion. Looking forward to 2012's debate.

CHECK. IT. OUT. (if you're interested)

The Oscars...

I watch a lot of movies. I'm talking mega bunches. That said, I can't wait to not watch The Artist. I do love John Goodman though. Meh...

"But it's pure. It's CINEMA!" Shut up.

I really liked Midnight in Paris :). Made me feel all good inside.

When I found out The Artist won Best Picture:

I'd rather watch this:

Video Games + Love + Sex = Happy

I have few obsessions. Video games, women, and food. Since it's VDay, and this is a video game website, I'll leave food out of this post. Simple math tells us that only two of my obsessions are left: video games and women. Now I'll explain, as concisely as possible, how I found out I have a lady who's down with me and my video game obsession.

> > > Disclaimer: She's not a gamer. Well, she bought a Wii. Then again, everyone bought a Wii.

  1. She wants to aid me in writing my video game script.

    I'm currently writing a top secret script along with my brother, Episode_Eve and she is my biggest supporter. It's good to have an extra opinion and supporter.

  2. She pays some of my bills so I can go buy a game with my money instead.

    Yeah, having your car insurance paid for in order for you to completely pay off the remainder of you for Mass Effect 3 reservation is a monumental effort.

  3. She saves my games, then turns off my gaming systems if I fall asleep while gaming.

    Times when I'm dead tired and fall out while playing an adventure game on my laptop, or an RPG on my console, she'll go into the options menu to save the game for me before powering down the system. Yeeeaaahhh.

  4. She enjoys watching me play games, for extended periods of times.

    From Limbo to L.A. Noire to Dead Space 2, she loves spending time with me to watch me "conquer the game". LOL she really says that. Plus, I look like a total boss when I kill a tough enemy or solve a tough puzzle.

  5. She actively asks me what new games are coming out, so she can help pay for them for me.

    "What new games are coming out?" "Do you want me to help you buy it?" "We can go half and half on that Zelda game for you."

  6. She's allowing me to make plans in our home to build an ultimate gaming den for LAN Parties and stuff.

    This is one of the best things EVER. A room dedicated to gaming is a dream of gamers around the world. Many people have one, other do not. I'm not talking about your bedroom or living room where you play games. I'm talking about a room with multiple televisions, consoles, and at least two gaming PCs. Win. Win. Winny win win *tear*.

  7. She buys me gaming friendly food for epic gaming sessions.

    She knows exactly what type of food/snacks to buy. Non-greasy, non-messy grub for me to keep up my energy during those extended play times. Planter's Trail Mix is a favorite.

  8. I'm turning her into a gamer, I think.

    Yes! I'm converting the public to the dark side. Bit by bit. Next up? My children, whenever I have them, hehe.

  9. She turns on thy Trey or the 360 after we get down and dirty,and hands me the controller.


Bonus: Here's something my brother, Episode_Eve's lady friend did for him in 2008. She camped out in New York outside of the Virgin Megastore to buy Metal Gear Solid 4 on launch day, and to get it singed by Hideo Kojima. What. The. F*ck. Can your lady top that? Damn... I'd be smitten beyond belief.


After reading, it may appear as if I'm some type of masochist with a fervent desire to take advantage of a female in order to support my gaming obsession. No, no, no. I give much in return. It's not one sided. It's simple, in the end. When you love right, and lay it down right (if you know what I mean),companions do things for you. Things that you never would have thought they'd do. The woman is a supremely caring specimen. A magnificent being. When they love, they do so without end. So do your lady a favor and thank her for all that she does for you. If you are in a position to care for someone, make sure to do your best to capture them mentally, physically, and socially. They'd bend over backwards for you. Some of you already know what I mean.

> > > Share some of your video game love stories! Some of you probably have a companion who goes above and beyond for you concerning games.

Games I'm buying this year. NO MATTER WHAT!

Message to Quetzalcoatl, Planet Nibiru, an Earth scorching solar flare, or whatever event or entity that wants obliterate our world in 2012: slow your role and wait another year so I can play these games, please? Becuase look, I'm in my Nic Cage mode. No remorse with the spending on what I want. This is what I'm buying this year. Witness this.

> > > No particular order. There are 14 games here that are in my 'gotta have it or I'll feel incomplete' category. More may be added after the E3 news blast. I'll do a post E3 blog then. $60 each? Yeah, they're that alluring.

"Scratch, nice."

Bioshock Infinite. What I want the most this year. On the verge to calling it something I need. Irrational Games want to tell a meaningful story through nothing but gameplay. Half-life is the only other game that does this as effectively. Other games have tried and have succeeded, but not like Half Life and Bioshock have. Also, there's a giant man-operated crow, the ability to warp space and time, and the main character's name is Booker. WTF? America in the f*cking sky, that's what.

A new movie starring old Drake and that grown actress who looks like a 15 year old.

The Last of Us. It's a love story, but not like you expect. It's a zombie game, but not like you expect. It's ND's version of survival (and they say it's not like you expect). They're taking notes from great movies such as True Grit, No Country for Old Men, and Road To Perdition. That brings hope for real tension and 'on the edge of your seat' moments. We're also told it's not a shooter. So what the hell is it? It's a new IP with really good graphics made by Naughty Dawg. And they want to change storytelling in games. I'm in line!

Something you probably never heard of, but would maybe like to play if you had heard of it.

Dragon's Crown. It's stylish generic fantasy. It even has the word "dragon" in the title *sigh*. I won't allow that to spoil my fervent passion for side scrolling beat-em-ups adventures with lite RPG aspects, and dragons. It's similar to the throwback download, X-Men: The Arcade Game, game. Now you've heard of it.

Transformers, but all of them are called "Hawks" for some reason.

StarHawk. This game will be innovative for two reasons: Has a black lead character voiced by the guy who voiced the black cyborg dude from Teen Titans. Has a gameplay mechanic called "Build & Battle" where players drop game essential structures like walls/vehicles/spawn points/turrets from the sky, in real time. As if Emmett Graves wasn't enough for you to be interested?

The Free MMO to kill all MMOs. At least for me.

Guild Wars 2. South Korean WOW Killer! Naw. It's too late to accomplish that. Panda Bears and Chuck Norris already killed WOW. GW2 has so much going for it, and has taken a long time to get it going. It's been a long time coming, baby! I just called to see how you've been doin lately! I'm not an MMO person unless it's free and actually looks fun. GW2 wears that description proudly.

Nintendo of America, thank you!

Xenoblade Chronicles. For a moment I thought Nintendo of America just didn't care. Turns out they do care. Or at the very least they figured there are enough potential buyers in North America to make the shipping worth their time. Vast. Open. RPG. Wiiness. This may be The Last of the Mohicans of great Wii games before the Wii U releases. Get, get, get it!

Save the Galaxy and sleep with any species you want.

Mass Effect 3. The Renegade inside is telling me to be a boss. The Paragon is telling me to be a lil p*ssy. This is the final (maybe) game in the larger-than-the-stars Mass Effect trilogy. One lesson aliens in the our universe will learn from Mass Effect 3: Don't f*ck with organic species, and most of all, don't f*ck with America (and Edmonton, I guess).

The game that made old people pay attention to games (besides Mortal Kombat).

Grand Theft Auto V. Don't know much about it. Just that the teaser looked pretty with fluid animations and soft, thick lighting. It appears to be modern day. I have inside info leaked to me saying it's so realistic that you are indeed playing it right now. The gaming crowd was mixed over GTA IV. I was on the "this is freaking amazing" side. Chances are GTA V will get me in an awesome gaming trance all over again. I have ultra high expectations for the content and themes in this one.

Supremely legendary RPG that may not be PC exclusive.

Diablo 3. A sense of obligation forced me to put it on this list. Sike. Months went by where this game was not on my gamedar. I didn't give a damn. Now I have a new found and eerily uncontrollable desire for this. Aaarrrgghhhssshhh. *fights off dormant, inner hermit*

Will Cortana and Chief FINALLY do the nasty?

Halo 4. While some Bungie fans are torn on whether or not they have hope for 343's take on Halo, I know Microsoft won't allow this game to be sh*t. I think Bungie dropping Halo was one of the best things to happen to the series. And we get to see more Forerunner stuff!!! I expect innovation and the most varied and fresh campaign since Halo:CE. I think Cortana will get a human body as well, so...

Pfft! Another JRPG with no dialogue trees or multiple endings?

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Studio Gibli's RPG is adorable, just deep enough for me and looks to have that Ghibli charm that materializes warm and gooeyness inside of me. Similar to a peach cobbler (sounds good right about now). Am I down, am I down, yeah I'm all the way down. We'll be fine.

Chris and Leon are back and they can take cover. F*ck your survival horror.

Resident Evil 6. No matter how much nostalgia's grip of the past wants RE2 in HD, it ain't happening. Salvage your memories Accept this "dramatic horror" thing Capcom is doing with RE6. You may be surprised. I'm itching to slide across the ground while I headshot zombies. Another observation... Chris still looks like a Gears of War double and Leon's hair has a mind of it's own.

The world may actually end before it's release...

The Last Guardian. The Last Guardian.

A first multiplat outing looks like the best one yet.

Overstrike. A comedy adventure game made by the studio who never sleeps. 4 player co-op that revolves around exotic weapons, immersive storytelling, and humor. Written by argubly one of the best comedy writers in video games, T.J. Fixman. I support Insomniac to the ultra mega max attack. I've bought all of their games this gen and have participated in all of their community competitions. There are only two studios who I'd enjoy working for the most: Epic Games and Insomniac. I'm buying this and I know I'm gonna love it. My second most anticipated game this year.

> > > OTHER STUFF ON MY GAMEDAR: The Syndicate from Starbreeze Studios, Fortnite from Epic Games, Twisted Metal from Eat, Sleep, Play and Journey from ThatGameCompany.

Racks, Stacks... On Deck!

Listen to this song as you admire the stunt. Buhlee dat, homeboy.

White girl stuntin? Sexy.


"If you ain't gettin money, get the **** from around me."

"All that money, the money is the motive."

"I got show money, baby. I wanna show you how I throw money, baby. I wanna show you how I blow money, baby. I'm a kid, so it's hard for me to hold money, baby."

"I'm always on my grind, I don't ever get no sleep. I done overlapped my money, now my money following me."


2012 isn't the end of the world. It's the end of being a broke ass n!gg@.

If you gettin money this year, I fux wit you, bruh.

B*tches on a boat. ROSS.

F*ck out my face, nicca.

Rack, racks, racks.

Voila, magic.

Even lil chinese boys get it in.

Random dove because he can.

Waterfall. Arab Money. Real talk, this dude got it!

Open the vault on these lame asses.

Bruh I just cashed my income tax check. Time to stunt on these fools. Let's go to the mall.





What? You hatin? Lil daddy don't like that.

It's OK. Let it marinate.


I watch a bunch of movies. I'm a cinemaniac. I don't have time to go in depth with each movie, but I'll give a quick synopsis and say whether or not I recommend it. Enjoy!


  • Headhunters (2011): A Norwegian crime thriller. I really enjoyed this and liked the main character a lot. The events that occur are very funny. You'll be like "damn, damn damn" while you watch it. Has a bit of dark comedy in it as well (kind of like Terribly Happy, another Swedish flick). I recommend it for anyone who doesn't mind reading subtitles! If you like crime thrillers or mysteries, you should see it.
  • Kill List (2011): A very dark, funny, and twisted horror drama. It's from the UK. The acting is superb. It's gruesome. The dialogue is snappy. If you're American I suggest watching with subtitles. Even though it's English the lines are delivered with thick dialects and are sometimes incoherent. It works though and comes off as very natural. Will leave you scratching your head, like WTF is the meaning of it all. I have about 80% of it down, but even after a second viewing, I'm mind boggled. Cult cIassic status definitely, but still a bit frustrating in the end. Maybe that's the point. Recommended if you like dark stuff and horror.
  • The Dead (2010): A new zombie flick that takes place in Africa. Guess the director took played some Resident Evil 5, hehe. I like the dynamic here. It's a really good zombie movie. The zombies are very slow and almost expressionless. They don't moan, but are many in numbers. Not too many unique kill scenes, but it's just a unique setting and a good survival story. Kind of like a zombie western, in Africa. Zombie fans should def. take a look!

To Mass Effect 360, or Not to 360?

Mass 3. It's gonna be off the damn Captain Hook. We all know this. And if you don't, go play Final Fantasy XIII-2 (no I'm kidding, I care about Final Fantasy very much, just not the characters Square are creating now. More on that in a later blog...).

So now that it's known I care about Mass 3 in some way (I also beat Mass 2 on Insanity hehe), we know that I'm gonna buy it. I own Mass 1 & 2 on 360. I associate the Mass Effect series with the 360. It feels 'right' for me to play it on my 360. Just how I feel. But... doesn't Mass 3 have multiplayer? Wait a nano second... Do I have XBL Gold? No, I don't.

Here's some quick back story: I'm a renegade. I don't like being f*ckd in my ass with a barb wired bat. That's what I feel MS is doing with XBL fees. They be making money fa sho, but they won't get my money for Live until I find it worth it, and especially not when I have free alternatives. I don't pay for XBL. But I do sign up for free trials here and there to play Gears of War 3, LMAO.

So Mass 3 has online multiplayer, which will be a big part of the game. Although it's not mandatory to finish or enjoy the main quest, it's a new feature that I'm VERY interested in. I get to share one of my favorite universes with some buddies online. Socialize and kill some bad guys with my god-like biotic powers. But I refuse to pay the Live fee. Yeah, someone out there may be like, "Bruh, it's only $50 a year!". To that I have to say, "STFU. I know. I'm not paying." I'm Rambo in this situation. Stand for something or die for nothing. I'd be the same way with Sony, if they ever tried to pull that mess.

Now I'm stuck between a rock and a pool of STDs. If that doesn't make sense, I'm in a pickle. A big fat one. I don't know if I should get Mass Effect 3 on the 360, or not. I don't want to get it on PC or PS3. It feels wrong to me. I've invested a very small part of my life in this gaming universe. It won't feel right to 'select' or 'choose' my previous Mass Effect events from a glorified bullet point list. My Shep has lived through them on the 360. Any other system would seem fake.

I'll be making my decision before the game comes out. I won't allow this to delay my experience. WWSD (What Would Shep Do)?

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