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TPM1 Blog

TPM1 is back!

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Hey everyone, sorry i have not been on gamespot in quite a while, i have had other things to do. But now i am back i will be contributing once again.

thanks for reading


Gears of war 2

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I can't wait for the up and coming release of Gears of war 2 on November 7th. I seriously think it will be the best game this year and possibly next year, for any console. this is just my opinion. So please comment this blog if you want to discuss it.

Final fantasy XII!

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The UK finally has it and so do i, and i have to say so far the game is amazing as i suspected, once again square-enix/final fantasy producers have not let us down.

I finally got a 360!

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At last i got a Xbox 360, i've been saving for a while and today i finally got one along with "Gears of war" which i amazingly good!

Thanks for reading


Join the final fantasy confederation!

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Like the heading of this post says "JOIN THE FINAL FANTASY CONFEDERATION!"   were looking for more members everyday and would greatly appreciate any new members.

Thank you.

NEW FF union "final fantasy confederation"

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The new union has now been created me and not-e-n-e are just waiting for the other two people we have invited to be charter members to accept there invites. Not-e-n-e's profile will keep you updated if you'd like to check it out (see my friends list) and we would appreciate any fans of FF joining our new union when it is fully up and running!



Devil may cry 3: Dante's awakening

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I just got it the other day (finally) i have the first and second one and they are both really good and ive jsut started getting back into it...It rocks!!! :D

final fantasy IX

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i bought it yesterday....i must admit i've been wanting it for a while because i had no clue what is was like, knowone speaks of it but anyway i think its pretty good, even tho when it came on and i heard the music i thought "yer ive jus wasted my money" but so far its really good!! i reccomend it!
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