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World Cup

Been watching a fair bit of the world cup, mainly the Aussies, every game they have played though they have been shafted by the referee's and todays game against Italy was no exception. They have done well to get this far and to be knocked by a very dubious penalty decision is bitterly disappointing.:x

Call of Duty 2

Got Call of Duty 2 a few weeks ago and have alreaady got through it on the normal difficulty, it's a bit short. Started playing it on the top difficulty and is alot harder and slower:|

Got Live

Played Live for the first time on the weekend. Had a crack at H2 but everyone plays with shields and i have built up my skill playing without so i did struggle a bit, but hopefully should adapt?

Got a 360

Decided to get a 360 sooner than expected, was playing around with H2 and the HD difference in 1080 is impressive, disappointing about the dolby digital though!

Halo CE completed again!

Finally got round to finishing CE, had a bit of trouble jumping with the hummer on that big jump, every time i landed, i died. You guys experience this?

The horse you rode in on

Onto the the final level in Halo CE, the previous level seemed difficult, particularly at the end. There seem an awful lot of elites guarding the banshee, in the end i just did a runner to get to it:o

Halo CE

Back playing Halo Ce for umpteenth time, one thing i have noticed compared with H2 is that it has more atmosphere. Particularly the levels that are outdoor like halo  -the second level and assault on the control room - the snow level. Having the pistol back with the scope is good.