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New Open Wheel Discussion Board

This is a very cool board for fans of open wheel racing (IRL, F1, Champ Car). And to kickstart the grand opening, we are hosting a free arcade tourney, all the more reason you should sign up and have fun posting in a friendly environment. We have weekly features and we'll even be starting up fantasy racing leagues most likely. The only way this will work is to have you sign up and have fun. And if you are interested, there may be moderator positions open in the very near future!

Michigan Picks

Pole=Ryan Newman, Kasey Khane

Winner=Denny Hamlin, Greg Biffle

Darkhorse=Jamie McMurray, Jeff Burton

Underdog=Jeremy Mayfield, Scott Riggs.

Power Rankings

1 1Matt KensethHe is listed on his Web site as 152 pounds. Which means he pretty much wanted to make sure his official site got his weight exactly right.  2 2Jimmie JohnsonI wrote last week that the Lucky Dog rule should be canned. I got a lot of e-mails about it, most of them really intelligent, but some said this: "I hate the rule only because Jimmie Johnson used it to cheat and finish sixth at Dover!" Oh yeah. Good reason to hate it. 3 3Jeff BurtonReport: Burton's car insurance rates nearly double after Pocono speeding penalty 4 4Greg BiffleNot sure if you like my Subway stories, but he is another one. One time, about two years ago, I was in Subway and saw the worker sneeze into the sandwich bay without covering his mouth. He realizes it and says, "Boss! Better come replace all this stuff!" 5 8Denny HamlinReport: Hamlin planning on making more than one payment on his new airplane this month  6 6Kasey KahneBoris Said is helping him prepare for the two road-course races this season. At least that is what the team said. Personally I think they are using Boris to drive away the distraction of attractive women.  711Tony StewartReport: Injured shoulder yet another excuse for Stewart to skip shaving  8 5Dale Earnhardt Jr.Well, I guess Ben Roethlisberger finally achieved his dream of getting more media attention than Dale Earnhardt Jr.  9 7Kevin HarvickThank you, FOX, for not showing Delana Harvick on the pre-race show. Your heroic actions saved me about 1,000 e-mails, 678 of which were verbatim excerpts of military hat-wearing protocol.
Translation: I welcome racing-related e-mails, or simply e-mails from women who say they love Tony Stewart at any weight. 10 9Mark MartinFrom his page: "Martin claims his road-racing experience came from his days driving on the windy roads of Batesville, Arkansas." Why were the roads windy? Were there no trees to stop the wind?1110Jamie McMurrayBrian Vickers' defection from Hendrick Motorsports is a golden opportunity for Garnier Fructis to go after McMurray to market their Super Stiff Gel, which has remarkable structure and hold. 1217Kurt BuschI can almost hear what Greg Biffle was thinking when he passed Kurt in Turn 1 like he was standing still. "Bet ya wish you'd stayed with us, huh?"1313Kyle BuschReport: Busch dismayed to learn that NASCAR actually cashed the check he wrote to pay the Mears fine 1416Scott RiggsI am telling you, he's a strong dude. He's one of those short, stocky guys that is all bowed up. He could bench press Jimmy Spencer, and he should do that someday on Trackside. It would generate a lot of press for him. 1512Carl EdwardsHe had one of the few cars that could have hung with Hamlin. And it's a shame, because Edwards -- in case you haven't heard -- has a crewman that has refused to shave until Edwards wins. You should see him. He could use his beard to store lug nuts. 1615Ryan NewmanReport: $1 million offered for photograph of Ryan Newman wearing sunglasses17NRBrian VickersHis family and friends have got to be concerned about how he will handle the tricky transition from Mountain Dew to Red Bull. 1819Bobby LabonteReport: Labonte still hasn't written a blog for his MySpace page 19NRJ.J. YeleyJ.J., considering Denny's success since cutting his hand and seeing how Tony Stewart performed with the bum shoulder at Pocono, it might be time for you to get vested in the art of self-mutilation. 2014Jeff GordonReport: Oil prices skyrocket on news that Gordon falls out of the top 10 in points 2122Clint BowyerI didn't see his car on the TV monitor one time on Sunday. If I owned the team, I'd shout into the radio, "Spin the car on pit road so we can get some TV time. And make it look good."2225Elliott SadlerI was really hoping that he would have a voice-over cameo in Cars. I guess the movie studio didn't want to go through the trouble of providing subtitles. 2323Jeremy MayfieldReport: Mayfield already dreading the "Did the fact that you won here on fuel mileage take away from the win" questions this week from the local media 2424Casey MearsSources have told me that Hendrick Motorsports -– in the interest of protecting their relationship with Garnier Fructis -- has the retained option of not signing Mears if Mears refuses to stop using Jeremy Mayfield's Flowbee. 2521Dale JarrettAverage finish before announcing that he was signing with Michael Waltrip Racing: 16th
Average finish since: 32nd


I got simracing on Friday!!!!!!!!!!But i suck really bad.  I joined a big race at Michigan, called the North American Challenge. Over 100 people have joined.  I probably wont make it ot the final race, but it'll give me some good practice.  Who knows, maybe everyone in front of me will wreck.  I accidently wrecked a guy at a race, and in another race, he wouldnt shut up about it, and he wrecked me back.  I still finished ahead of him.

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Pocono Picks

Pole=Brian Vicker or Jimmie Johnson

Winner=Jeremy Mayfield or Brian Vickers

Darkhorse=Jeff Burton or Jamie McMurray or Kyle Busch

Underdog=Reed Sorenson or David Stremme

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