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Nubs, Nerds, and Necromancers

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Im going start off by saying that yes i am a game nerd. to a certain extent. I pray that the rest of the GameSpot community isn't in denial about them selves not being games nerd, because you know you are. I have this "friend" Jake Trygar. Jake is quite the interesting character. Jake, or J4K3 as the boys like to call him, is the BIGGEST game nerd on this planet. The worst part is he wont flipping admit it. Jake sit at his computer play warcraft3 for HOURS, he thinks its an hours or two, when literally, its 7 or 8, no joke people.

Let me move on. another factor of gaming that bugs me are, nubs. Noobs. Newbies. Failures at life. whatever you want to call them, they are annoying. we all were like this at one time be there should be a program that separates the nubs from the, excuse me i must but, the "1337's". This why i like halo 2 on xbox live, it does this automaticly. The real world should be like this. Separate the COMPLETE idiots from the non.

The necro part would be the realm of DIABLO yes i am touching al the subject that should not be touched. diablo in my town is a game of well, I cant explain it. Let me say this we have a top 20 player on the world at my school, and i heard about a kid (adam), who was hanging out with his friend (chris), who was thinking about buy diablo and the friend, chris, he was hanging out with started chasing these guys, after an hours on bikes chris stopped. Adam asked chris why they chased them for an hours at high speeds down the middle of the street through back yard and such. You wanna know what he said. he said "dude, he stole my best helm and shield in the game." Adam never bought Diablo 2