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I got Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

This games is so awesome. I got it yesterday. I went to best buy to buy Crisis Core: Final Fantas VII and Naruto Ultimate ninja 3.

But they didn't Naruto:evil: But at least I got Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. And today I'm going out again to buy Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3

Tomorrow is my last day of spring break:( School starts on Monday. And that really sucks alot. Because on Monday it's my Birthday.

So anyways how is every one.

I'm one year old here on gamespot

Well today is my birthday on gamespot(not my real birthday)

Wow it's been one year since I joind gamespot

Many things have happen like all the people that have been banned:evil:

Im so happy only 2 more days of school and I have spring break :D

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whats up.

Well I hope everybody is having a good time today. I know I will lol.

Well I have not been on since 2/29/08 because I had FCAT which is a test that u have to take

every year :evil: and u have to take it for graduation that means that if u don't pass that test

u will not graduate from high school that means no diploma :evil: that is not fair.

Well now im back and I only have 4 more days of school and I have

Spring Break:D So how is everyone?





I got a PSP :D

I'm so happy. I have the silver psp and I have three games Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 2, and Final Fantasy tactics. Now I can't wait for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII That is going to be an awsome game. How is everyone? I'm studying for the worst test ever the FCAT :evil: I hate that test.

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines




*gives chocolate*

Whats up

Whats up everybody. Well I'm feeling alot better now. And all my tests are over :D also I dont have school today or on Monday.

So I have four days off :D

I have a question. Who here plays MapleStory?

Im sick

I dont even know how I got sick >:(Today I wen home early because of that:)2morrow is the last day for exams :D finally lolI think I faild the science midterm. I hate science. But im glad thats over. So whats up everybody.

PSP or the Wii

I have a question.

What should I get? The PSP or the Wii. And what game should I get for the PSP or the Wii?