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Sometimes, I Amaze Myself

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I have a knack for finding rare games for low prices, that's a fact. I found Eternal Darkness for only $10, Fatal Frame II for $18, and the Silent Hill games (about a few years ago when they really were a bit rare) for under $5 each. The best part of all this is that the used media stores around my area all have disc resurfacing equipment so everything I buy used is as good as new. Now, after using a $20 gift card (and some extra cash I had) for one of those said local stores, I have acquired some pretty damn good games:

Primal Rage (Genesis) for $2

College Slam (Genesis) for $2...even came with an old Genesis poster!

Shenmue (Dreamcast) for $7

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (Gamecube) for $8

last but not least, the highlight of the haul was this:

Resident Evil (PS1 original version) for $7

I have never, ever, since I saw it in a rental store when I was 6, seen a copy of this. Sure, I already own the Director's Cut on PSN but I absolutely love this cover. The hand-drawn art looks awesom and, quite frankly, I'm considering putting the manual and disc in a frame to hang up on my wall. Funny thing about the original version is that there's a different Capcom logo at the start-up and I think the opening cutscene is a little different (though that might just be my crappy memory catching up on me) but it's generally the same game with a lot fewer features. Still, I couldn't believe I found this.

Also, funny thing about the used copy of Shenmue I bought: it's the exact same copy I sold to the exact same store when I was a kid. It got bought from there before since I didn't see it in the visits after I sold it but it somehow turned up in the same store again. How do I know this is the same one? I remember having the exact same crack over the front of the disc case...not to mention I found some of my handwriting in the manuals. Quite the strange event.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the comments on the previous blog, I appreciate it.