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Frail Women of Gaming: Chie Satonaka


Egads! The day has finally come where we can listen to some lady on the internet ramble on about women in video games on the Internet and create a discussion (just not on the video itself, mind you)! In celebration of this monumental event of making ~30-minute rants on the Internet, I have taken it upon myself to delve further into the seedy underbelly of the video gaming industry and take a close look at specific characters that are stereotypically subservient, helpless and, most importantly, frail. The first in line of this new (probably one-entry) series is Persona 4's own Chie Satonaka!


Chie Satonaka is one of the many frail women folk from the Sexistsona series, infamous for having women participate in battle while really fun, catchy music wails on in the background. However, what makes Chie so special is that she is a particularly strong case of frail, showing by far the most weakness out of any female character in the history of the JRPG genre, by far the most prominent example being her actions as a person.

Personality is something every non-COD character should have, and Chie has it in frail, helpless gusto. To make an abridged list, her traits include being addicted to sweet, delicious meat; watching kung-fu movies while being addicted to sweet, delicious meat; and kicking Yosuke in the crotch while being addicted to sweet, delicious meat. Indeed, her tendency to consistently pine over sweet, delicious meat is a subtle, yet incredibly obvious way of injecting a major weakness into her character and, as a result, her ability to battle in general. How would she be able to fight if there was no meat at the end of the tunnel? How would she be able to extort money out of Yosuke if she ultimately didn't get to sink her teeth into some meat? How could I make this sound even more sexually suggestive?

That's how!

Even though she does have a lot of meat on her personality, Chie's weakness for meat, like I said before, is part of her frailty. How can someone with a hopeless meat addiction ever function properly in society outside of being a kung fu master? Not being able to take up a profession downing meat and kicking people in the crotch would be nothing less than suicide for someone like Chie, making her tragic, but in a way that suggests the developers wanted to show how women are typically weak meat addicts who can't stop chomping on cuts. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg; what's more devious is how frail Chie is portrayed in combat.

Kicking is Chie's weapon of choice throughout everything ever, so it would make sense for her to do that in combat, right?

...well yeah, you're right. She does kick things in combat.

Chie shows the frailty of femininity by kicking Jungian psychology square in the testicles every chance she gets, which is why I ask: why kick amorphous blobs in the giblets anyway? Yes, I know she does high kicks quite often but why kick Yosuke in the daddy sack so often? Does she think that all the shadows equate to indirect representations of Yosuke's crotch? This highlights the fact that not only does Chie have a meat fetish, but she also can't stop thinking about Yosuke's happy place. I mean come on, why else would they act like an old married couple?

ANYWAY, back to combat: Chie, unlike all the others, has an incredibly weak special attack that displays how frail she i-

Okay, never mind. I take that back. My word, she's probably the most macho woman I've ever seen in a video game. I mean look at that, seriously! If you skipped over that video, press play and marvel at the content. No seriously, I'll wait.




Done now?

Okay, you saw that, right? Holy crapola, that was amazing! Chie is such a marvelous example of sexism gone totally right in video games!

Hrm, what do you all think of Chie Meatonaka?