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Lucky Star

aka The Most Boring Show in Existence. Honestly, nothing interesting happens throughout the duration of the entire damn thing. Well, I've seen plenty of users around Gamespot have avatars, sigs, and banners dedicated to this show so I thought I'd go out on a limb and give this show a watch to both fulfill my need for some decent entertainment on top of trying new things. Sadly, this show has to be one of the most boring, slow-paced, niche-pandering pieces of animation ever made. Maybe it's due to me not being all that into Japanese culture, but every single joke in the series is an elongated explanation of terms I've never heard before used in jokes that would usually only take a few seconds to send across. Sacrificing time to explain terms such as "tsundere" and "moe" to me, someone who doesn't know all that much about the vocabulary of this genre of animation, is a stale waste of potential and winds up becoming more of a lecture on stuff I don't care about since, after all, I'm expecting comedy and not Vocabulary in Anime 101. In addition, there doesn't seem to be any kind of story to it. I guess you could say there technically is one since they all go to school but there's really nothing to speak of beyond that. The episodes mainly consist of, as said before, explaining things for way too long that I simply don't seem to get. I can see who this would appeal to, mainly those who are well-versed in modern Japanese culture (and in anime as well) but, that being said, people who are not part of that niche (me, for example) feel left out in almost every attempt at humor the show makes. I literally never laughed once when watching it, and I felt that the entire thing was a massive waste of my time. One thing that would've made Lucky Star even remotely funny would have been the use of general humor that everyone would get but, sadly, the show is one giant Pander Bear. On the positive side of things, I guess this could be jotted down as a learning experience so I can avoid these kinds of shows in the future and watch more interesting, fulfilling shows like Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, and even Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo. Yes, I officially declare that even Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo, a show with hardly any plot and quite possibly the strangest sense of humor in any show, is much better than Lucky Star. Not that I'm insulting Bobobo (that show is awesome) but at least it used humor that would reach a wide audience by combining Monty Python-esque silliness with over-the-top Japanese slapstick. If you want a good laugh, go see Bobobo, not drivel like Lucky Star. Also, I recommend shows like Trigun and When They Cry. Awesome stuff. That is all.

OT is boring

Nobody makes interesting threads anymore (though that may just be due to me being here a while), all the responses are the same generic ****, all the debates are the same redundant and dull ********* repeated to the point of madness, and whatever interesting topics that do pop up are either left in the dust by Religion Thread #734,323,459 or locked shortly after their creation. I honestly can't find much to post about on that place anymore. Sure, I tried to make threads every now and then but they usually die out before they reach the 20 response mark so I'm left with commenting in the ultra-generic popular threads revolving around religion, politics, and, worst of all, politically religious threads. Girl help threads are a hit and miss for me since I can usually come up with something witty to post in most situations but trying to inject some humor in the other kinds of common threads is damn near impossible due to the overwhelming amount of debating drowning out whatever I say. Seriously, Gamespot should just make a religious board so folks can go moan about whatever they want on the subject so OT can become a better place. Everything has become so stagnant that I find myself posting one or two times a day at most, sometimes more if there's actually something worth posting in (a rare encounter, mind you) but I remember when it wasn't like that...well, sort of. Sure, religion threads have been on this board ever since I started going there (and I'm pretty sure they were around before that as well) and political threads never seem to want to go away but there should honestly be a separate board for religion threads, especially if the admins have to make a thread outlining the proper etiquette for those discussions. /rantity rant rant

Soapbox Hate Mail: Greatest Hits (pt.4)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Well, I went blog diving again and scrounged up some more hate mail. Let's not waste any time and dive right in:

NOTE: User names are not displayed for their protection.

Entry: VGHM Special: Failed Consoles (That had Potential)

Now, you wouldn't really expect me to get hate mail for something as informative and objective as this, right? Sure, there's a little bit of subjectivity to be had in terms of determining which ones were truly failed but all of my choices (maybe with the exception of the Dreamcast) were all based off of sales figures. Anyway, here we go:

@THE_DRUGGIE you need a life. I suggest rehab. How long has it been since you have seen the sun? Oh and I now your fan boys care and cause there such little b****s there gonna give this a thumbs down, but really... get a hobby not glued to a screen! JUST KIDDING! That was really interesting, no hard feelings, eh. Keep on bringing on these awesome blogs. KEEP BLOGGING BRO!:):):):):)User

Something tells me he wasn't kidding. D:

...Wait, I think that's the only hate mail I got from that one. Uhhhm...




I guess I should go through another one:

Entry:Hyrule Cucco Massacre: A Study in Being Humbled

I thought it would be alright to try something different with this entry and do a comedy piece. Let's see how much hate mail that gets me:

Get a frickin life everyone. You spend your time blogging about pointless things about bad games.User

Although that was less personal than the previous one...well, it was still rude.

@User the very fact that your using the words your using online, proves my reasoning that you don't have any life. I bet you grabbed a dictionary when you wrote that comment. So just relax a bit. And get a life!!!!!!!User

Wait a second...I think this is the same guy as the previous entry....

Anyway, I couldn't find anything beyond that so I guess I should go through yet another one to see if there's something I can add to this storm of people on the Internet telling other people on the Internet to get a life:

Entry: Video Games Are Art: Justifying the Statement and the Reason

Yup, I think video games are art. This topic lead to a lot of super-sized comments full of philosophy about art and it was all in all a pretty intelligent discussion...well, except for these:

Maybe if you didn't do so many drugs you wouldn't have to keep adding components to your argument that you had initially forgotten.

Hahaha. Just kidding.User

Once again, I'm not sure if not serious.

There is two things that make a videogame that are art ... Music and the visual aspect ... everything else aren't art ... where is the art in line of code ??? where is the art in control scheme ???

Another thing ... Monopoly is art ??? Don,t think so ... Monopoly and Okami have what in comon ??? they are games !!!User

Yeah, that was the first time I've seen a Monopoly-Okami comparison as well.

If you have to justify playing video games by calling them art then you should put down your controller and pick up a paint brush...your making the world frown when you randomly rage to every douche bag commentUser

This comment made me RAGE!


Well, that's another part of the series for you. Not nearly as long as the previous entries but still something. I'm not sure I can find enough truly biting content to make a fifth part but, when I get around to diving through the few remaining untouched entries, I'll be sure to let you all know.

Thanks for reading!

DeviantArt makes me feel completely normal

You know, sometimes I wonder if I'm a bit of a weirdo. Recently, I began looking through all the old copies of Game Informer I have (dating from 2002-early this year when my subscription ran out) and took out some ads to pin up on my wall. I found some awesome ones for Metroid Fusion, Serious Sam, Shenmue II, Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, Metal Gear Solid 2: Subsistence, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, Onimusha 3, Armed and Dangerous, Resident Evil 0, and a particularly awesome Japanese-styIe poster for Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee. My ad removal skills are pretty good so I didn't really wreck any of them aside from the Resident Evil 0 one which has a big old tear down the middle but I'm still happy.

Anywho, to counter my feelings of thinking I'm eccentric I thought I'd browse DeviantArt to see if they had any cool images of Snake I could use for a new avatar and...well...words cannot describe my horror. Well, maybe it would be better if I described it in step form:

1. Went on DeviantArt

2. Searched for Metal Gear images

3. A few cool images but nothing I would put as an avatar.

4. Cosplays that aren't half bad...well, mostly.

5. Old Snake and Otacon...erm....ignoring that.

6. Solid Snake as a...wolf? What?

7. Solid Snake as a wolf and Otacon... D:

8. Poorly drawn fanart.

9. Close browser.

10. Cry uncontrollably.

Honestly, what the **** is up with that site? Sure, I guess I should've expected a little bit of devious art from a site named DEVIANTart but that's just a little too much. I know there's worse stuff out there related to the Metal Gear universe (my therapy bills can attest to that) but the sheer quantity of ****** up **** is horrifyingly astounding. I don't know what goes through some people's heads when they choose to create such abominations and disguise them as "art" but I can safely say that I'm not even close to weird. In fact, I make Ned Flanders look like Lady Gaga when DeviantArt is thrown into the equation. That being said, there are some legitimately good artists out there and really talented ones who are...well, misguided but the volume of purely disturbing images on that site makes it the go-to site for asylum escapees.

Soapbox Hate Mail: Greatest Hits (pt.3)

Part 1
Part 2

Alrighty, I did a little more blog diving to come up with another entry to the Hate Mail series and it looks like I'll be going through one of my less-popular entries.

NOTE: User names not displayed for their protection

Entry: Aspects of an Outstanding Sandbox Game (Pt. 1)

I haven't written a part 2 to this editorial because...well, I can't really explain myself now can I? I guess I just never got around to it and probably never will since I have more than enough other subjects to write about for any possible future entries and...well, I hate revisiting topics after such a long break in-between entries. In any case, this entry got a modest 152 comments but still contains some good stuff:

i better not here bad examples about oblivion in part 2User

Better not where? By the way, I said Oblivion was the worst example of diversity in the sandbox genre.

For a guy who's always on drugs your blogs are pretty not absolutely terrible.User

That...was...a compliment?

To say Oblivion had a bad game world but a good story is one of the dumbest things ive heard. And you think collectibles and mini games make a game world great? LOLLOLOLOL Go back to your kiddie games.User

Yes, we all know that Fallout 3 was intended for kids.

you bash oblivion and gave fallout 3 a 7.5

While you gave saints row 2 a 10/10

Do you hate rpgs?User

I just like Saints Row 2 more.

oblivion is a bad diverse world are you crazy their is nothing more enjoyable to walk in the world and enjoy it's beauty while loking at the imperial city far away. insulting you should be executed for you're heritical thinking.User

This, by far, is my favorite piece of hate mail I've had the pleasure to read. It cracks me up every single time and, better yet, the first piece of hate mail noted in this blog comes from the same user but way later in the entry's cycle.


Yeah, this one was lacking in the hate mail department in terms of volume but this entry has most of my favorites.

Thanks for reading!

Silent Hill PSN Review (

Yup, continuing the horror review series for the month of October with Silent Hill. This one's a little shorter than usual but I think I got all the points I needed to across.

On a side note, I'll be doing more blog diving when I have the time so you can also look forward to more Soapbox Hate Mail entries in the future.

Thanks for reading!

(also, I think I should comment on other people's blogs more... >_>)

Soapbox Hate Mail: Greatest Hits (pt.2)

Welp, I just went blog diving again and went through my earliest Soapbox entries to give you more hate mail to read.

NOTE: User names are not displayed for their protection.

Entry: 10 Best Video Game Musical Score of All Time

Personally, I'm ashamed of this entry. I made so many awful errors (including putting a picture in for the wrong game) that I look back on this and honestly think I deserve every negative comment I got...well, except the recurring "you should've put ____ in there!" comment that took up about 50% of the 497 responses.

No Chrono Cross?User

No, I didn't put that one in there.

The lack of Chrono Cross is weird as well.User

Yeah, I didn't put that one in there.

Chrono Cross.User

...Did I put it in there? No? Well, there you have it.

No no no Chrono Cross HAS to be SOMEWHERE on this list as well as the original metal gearUser


I somewhat agree with the list that you put together, however, I think that it lacks something, I just cant put my finger on it.User



My memories of that game are more gameplay than anything.

No Chrono Trigger = FailUser

Chrono...Trigger? ******************!!!

No Chrono Trigger?User

Why does the world hate me?

What about Chrono Trigger?User


From reading this, i can tell the author is either young, or is a mainstream gamer that only plays games cuz they are popular (FF7, Zelda, MGS, Halo, ect...all huge franchises)User

Yes, because EVERYONE plays Afro Samurai, right? Also, though not related to the article, I play Killer 7 on a regular basis and that game certainly isn't as popular as it should be.

FF9 has the best sound track of any game seeing Sonic on here made me laughUser

Don't talk **** about Sonic 2's soundtrack. :evil:

This list's lack of Planescape: Torment shall be chalked up by this commentator as a sign of the apocalypse.User

Fun fact: that comment was from a mod. D:

The subtitles are not funny either ***User

I cried myself to sleep over this comment. D':

gamespot sucks, IGN is wayyyyyyyyyy betterUser

Methinks this guy got lost and waltzed into the wrong editorial.

ummm hello no runescape and I'm happy to see that Mario Bros. is not on this list on the account that they always used the same songs throughout the game ZELDA ROCKS music game play and story it is the ultimate game (from Nintendo). Metal Gear Solid 4 used music from past games as well so to say a particular MGS game is better really cant be true on the account its in MGS4. note to the blogger next time put in a full series and just use specific games as examples so people can stop whining about their opinions not being on this list that is of your opinionsUser

Fun fact: this is actually a good pal of mine who made an account on the site. Don't worry, he's just joking with Runescape.


Why are you yelling at me? :cry:

Nice list!


Oh burrrrrrrn!

fail listUser

Fail hate mail.

Listen to Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Then revise this list please....
Chrono trigger.... I demand a Re-write of this article.

Also Silent Hill 2 ? soundtrack isnt all that great. like you said it was how the music was implemented in the game that made the GAME great. how is it #1 unless this list is in no particular order?User

If I re-wrote something like this, I would still not put Chrono Trigger or Cross on the list. Why not? Spite. Also, Silent Hill 2 still has the best soundtrack.

I agreed with none except for FFVII...

Seriously, terrible taste...

Afro Samurai TENTH best of ALL TIME? Kids these daysUser

But I'm 20. :V

lol I personally like the music from Hey You Pikachu (N64)User

Not really hate mail but...Well, worth putting in here anyway.

sweet, hot....Wow writing words is not the same as catching my eyes and enjoying the hot video across the room and smiling, So please come to enjoy my blog*---(site name)-..--*you will find i so many hot dating with hones, hot, open-minded girls....User



Yeesh, comment diving is taxing.

Soapbox Hate Mail: Greatest Hits (pt. 1)

For a little over a year now I've been writing entries for Gamespot's Soapbox and, due to being on there so long, I'm bound to get a nasty comment directed toward me every now and then. Instead of reporting any of them, I take them in stride and simply ignore any mean-spirited commentary on my entries. Now, I thought it would be funny to go blog diving and bring up the best of the best in insults toward me.

NOTE: User names not displayed for their protection

Entry: 3 Reasons Why Vader Should NOT be in the Contest

Oh boy, this entry got a lot of comments (576 to be exact)! The subject matter definitely made me a prime target for flaming and resulted in at least a few nasty comments:

3 reasons why you are severe butthurtUser

I chuckled a little at that one. :P

Your argument is weak and I'm glad to say so far Vader is doing quite well. So I LOL in your general direction.User

A good twist on the French Taunter from Holy Grail. :3

Malak is a deep and complex character? Are you kidding? Did you play the same game as me? Maybe he was expanded on in the EU through novels and comics, but if that's the case, it sort of defeats your argument. You either haven't seen any any good characters EVER, more specifically good villains or, what is more likely - you are a Bioware fanboy.User

KOTOR was the only BioWare game I've played and I think I'm pretty well-versed in knowing video game villains given the three examples I posted along with the reasons.

im guessing your a "tween" and A:are too young to remember the older star wars games or B:too young to have a job to go play some star wars games, or C:ignorant to games history.

heres a list of SW games to educate yourself...

hes been in WAY more video games than he has been in movies. the movies are what made him originaly popular but hes the same guy we all know in the games.

all you trolling little kids and game nerds need to get over itUser

I started cutting after reading this. :cry:

One reason why this thread is pointless:

Who cares? It's an irrelevant opinion poll that means absolutely nothing. You should put this much care into your job and every day life and stop having a fit about something like this.User

Eh, I actually put more work into my writing for college and Digital Hippos.

good... let the butthurt flow through youUser

Again, I just can't help but chuckle every time I hear the term "butthurt." :P

Waaah! Waaah! My silly colossi didn't make it in the contest! Waaaah!

Get over it. Vader trumps any of those clowns.User

But...but...why do you have to be so mean? T_T

I disagree. It seems to be the trend to hate on Darth Vader. You know why? Simply because he IS so damn popular.

EVERYONE would be hating on Joker if he was leading because "Oh, he's a comic book character, yknow? Not fair!"

How many games has the joker appeared in again?

Fact is simple: Vader's winning. You don't like it.User

Alright, not as biting as the other comments but it deserves a little recognition for the overly-simplistic summary.

1:who cares that star wars has 2 slots
2:star wars the force unleashed
3:that valid choises sucks
4:the people who agree are gelous that he will maybe winUser

The thing about point #3 is that it refers to my alternate choices of Pyramid Head, Colossi, and Glukkons...Meaning he just insulted Pyramid Head! D:

Heathen! Infidel!
The force is not strong with you!User

Don't bring up my force deficiencies, I'm very sensitive about them! :cry:


this is all wrong, im srry... the only 2 things needed for a villain to enter the contest were 1: 2 b a villain, and 2: to b in a video game. so............ haUser



I'm going to need some aloe vera for that burn. :(


So that's all the hate mail I can dig up from that entry. I wouldn't really call most of it "hate mail" in comparison to trolling I see on other sites but it always amuses me to see the occasional insult hurled my way for whatever reason. I'll get around to diving through my older entries for saucier comments but right now...Well, going through 576 comments was a real pain and that was honestly all I could take.

Thanks for reading!