I went to the site that we can't name for some reason

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Welp, finals are over and I've done alright on them...I think. Looks like I have another semester out of the way until about February and, to help pass the time, I thought I'd take an extensive look at "the site we can't name." Yes, if you've spent enough time around here then you should know which site I'm talking about. If you don't know, I will only say that it's where such popular phrases such as "U MAD" and Trollface originate from. I can't really hint beyond that, to be honest.

In any case, I sifted through all the boards the site had to offer and...well...it's not nearly as bad as people say. Aside from the obviously 18+ boards (and the Random board), there's nothing all that traumatizing. Of course, when a site has as loose of regulations as possible, there's bound to be more than enough saucy material present to offend soccer moms and children. Racial epithets are wantonly hurled around and there's plenty of recurring posts due to lack of imagination on part of the posters. Still, there's so much hilarious material on almost every board that it's hard not to laugh at something.

One thing I've seen people say about "that site" is that it's mostly just trolls trolling other trolls...and you would be half-right. Thing is, every board seems to have a different kind of culture to it, which may or may not result in mass trolling. The one dedicated to video games certainly fits the trolling bill well, as does the Random board and News board. However, the boards dedicated to anime in whatever form are usually trolled by the other boards but rarely by the inhabitants of the board itself. Writing off the entire site as a hotbed of trolls is a little too quick of a judgement since each board is like an entirely different site (most of the time).

In all honesty, I find "that site" more entertaining than OT. The freedom "that site" allows makes Gamespot (or any site, really) look like a dictatorship. Being able to speak however you want, whenever you want, and how you want to is something "that site" offers that most other places on the Internet can't.

Lastly, I should note "that site" is more reserved for simply having fun (something that OT has been lacking in quite considerably from my observation) and, if you know where to look, you'll find one of the most entertaining sites the Internet has to offer. My final say is that, while there are certain boards that tend to reinforce the stereotype of "that site" being a cesspool, there are some boards that are more welcoming, entertaining, and simply fun than most communities on the Internet.

I'm a cuddly musician, apparently

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Yup, I'm now a Spoony Bard. I never heard the term outside of the level name and found out it came from Final Fantasy IV. Cool.

Anywho, the semester's just about ready to wind up at the end of the week and I have a research paper to finish by Friday...as well as do a couple of finals at the end of the week. After all that, I can finally spend some time being free from anxiety (at least until the next semester starts in February). I swear, this semester's been unusually brutal given how many different things I had going on this time around. After I finish that last final exam of the semester, I'll be overwhelmingly relieved.

So tomorrow marks the day in which I have to write the final bits of my research paper...I'm not looking forward to it but it's something I have to do. It would be a shame to go through all that effort to pass the exams and wind up failing because I didn't hand in the research paper.

...I just hope my next semester will be a little more fun since I'll have a cIass that allows me to write for the school newspaper as welll as an Intro to Photography course.

Dumbest moderation I've had in a while

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Looks like someone got a little too sensitive and reported me for a comment I made on someone's blog. This blog was about someone complaining about elipses being annoying and I jokingly responded "...sure." Apparently, even though that was over half a month ago, I still got modded for joking. I only got a warning, though. Folks here need to lighten up a little.

TVtropes.org is Addicting as Hell (Also: About a Guilty Pleasure)

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...Disregarding my username and that title I just threw in there, I discovered TVtropes, a wonderful site filled with tons of terminology from all forms of media. I have to say, the sheer volume of content over there is awesome, offering up insight into things I never really cared to notice (but nevertheless surprised me) about types of shows and aspects of specific programs as well. One thing I found amusing was the Wild Mass Guessing (WMG) page for Azumanga Daioh. Yeah, I'll admit that the show isn't really geared toward guys but, in my defense, it has a boatload of slapstick and general comedy that amuses me to no end. I guess it's not too much of a surprise, now that I think about it since I enjoy shows like Bobobo which dabble in the same kind of thing every now and then on the rare instances in which the entire thing is not being batdookie insane.

Anywho, I digress: The WMG page for Azumanga Daioh had this interesting little theory:

Chiyo is an orphan but deludes herself and others into thinking her parents are alive.

Consider the following: In the episode which shows her morning routine, she claims to wake her parents and have breakfast with them. All we see is Chiyo standing in a door opening and then sitting at the corner of a table, eating. The camera goes out of its way to avoid showing the parents supposedly sitting next to her.

The beach trips start at her house, but her parents never come out to see the girls off. In the case of the other girls, there are never any on-screen situations in which it seems odd that parents are not seen. And the parents supposedly let a bunch of teenage girls and two women-children have free reign of their beach house and custody of their preteen daughter without coming along to keep an eye on things.

Chiyo's genius intellect has allowed her to keep up the charade by forging signatures, synthesizing voices on the phone and paying people to pretend to be her parents. Perhaps she even murdered them herself, though given Chiyo's personality, this is unlikely. The idea that a girl her age would be traumatized by the death of her parents to the point of psychosis, however, does seem plausible.

Another piece of supporting evidence is Chiyo-chichi (the weird flat cat thing). He must be some kind of supernatural entity, because he's appeared independently in more than one character's dreams, with the same claim about being Chiyo's father. Maybe he's the ghost of Chiyo's father, dropping by once in a while to thank Chiyo's friends for looking out for her.TVtropes


Funny thing is, after looking back on the episodes pertaining to this theory, it makes too much sense to be false. You literally never see her parents and, perhaps, she inherited the estate from her parents so she has all the money she could need. It wouldn't be unrealistic for child services to not get involved since, if I remember correctly, there was a Japanese film based on the real story of a mother who suddenly abandoned her kids and they fended for themselves. My memory is a bit fuzzy in that department but, if this is the case, then someone with Chiyo's level of wealth would be more than financially capable of living on her own.

Fan theories aside, I think that Azumanga Daioh is one of the best comedies I've seen in years, mainly due to the fact that the show is 95% general humor and 5% Japanese culture in-jokes...as opposed to tripe like Lucky Star which was built around nothing but Japanese culture in-jokes. The entire thing is pretty realistic and the characters all manage to have a human aura to them (especially Yukari, the hilariously immature homeroom teacher). If you're a fan of anime comedy but don't get many Japanese culture references, this is mandatory. I think I found another show to put on my top 10 favorite animes...which is as follows:


2. Cowboy Bebop

3. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

4. When They Cry

5. Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei (first two seasons)

6. Azumanga Daioh

7. Trigun

8. Gundam Wing (childhood favorite)

9. Devil May Cry: The Animated Series

Actually...now that I think about it...I've only watched nine animes in their entiretys' so I can't think of a tenth option.


Ah, whatever. I should probably get back to writing term papers tomorrow.

Resonance of Fate: The Most Underrated Game of 2010

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On Black Friday, I did some shopping around Amazon and found out that they were having a huge sale on some recently released games, one of which being Resonance of Fate. Since it was at an excellent price (70% off, meaning $17), I decided to give it a go after reading the description: a semi-tactical RPG with cinematic-styIe gun battles. Now, I looked up some gameplay before buying it just to see what exactly this all means, and here is essentially what the battles look like:

Battle video

To me, this looked like a synthesis between Final Fantasy Tactics and Devil May Cry. Hell, even the main characters have the same kind of lovable, cocky attitude as Dante and the battles offer up a great deal of speed that I thought was missing from Tactics. Also, any game that allows me to soccer kick a grenade into a thug's face gets nothing but positive points from me. On top of the combat, the end of battle quotes from the characters are pure gold, such as "That wasn't a battle, that was assisted suicide!"

The story is one of the most entertaining and engaging ones I've seen in a long time. Frequent, well-written comedy is present in both the attitudes of the characters as well as the story cinematics. One particular chapter-beginning cinematic was hilarious, involving two of the male main characters watching risque material on the TV, having a blackout happen when it gets to the "good part," and then one of the male characters thinking a monster was attacking, resulting in him running in on the female main character when she was taking a bath. The way the scene pans out feels a lot more natural than any other RPG I've played and, in addition, the voice acting is certainly above-average.

Since there are only three main characters, Tri-Ace realized that staring at the same old character model might get boring, which prompted them to add in some excellent costume customization. Everything from changing eye color, hair color, and every single detail of their outfits is possible, which I personally appreciate since I tend to get a little bored of seeing the same old costumes after a while.

In addition to all the features mentioned before, the ability to level up based on three dimensions (pistol, SMG, and thrown) makes levelling up quite an easy task since you can switch between those weapons when you level up with one of them enough to make grinding go a little bit faster. The level of the character, due to this, is compiled from the total of the three dimensions.

If I had to complain about this game, I would say it's a little on the difficult side. Learning how to fight properly takes some getting used to and the tutorials are text with a few still shots (though they allow you to test these features out in a safe environment in the tutorial, it still is a pain reading all that text) but, once you learn the ropes, the game hardly throws you for any significant loops in terms of combat intricacies. However, battles themselves get really hard, really fast. Trust me, by the second chapter you'll be dying over, and over, and over, and over until you realize that you'll have to grind for a while to stand a chance. Thankfully, you can start off right from the beginning of the battle if you lose (for a very small fee) which takes away most of the frustration but, at the same time, makes the more difficult battles a trial-and-error exercise.

Even with those complaints, Resonance of Fate is one of the most engaging games I've come across in a while. It's a shame this game hasn't recieved much publicity and, if you like RPGs, you really, really need to play this game. Hell, even if you like Devil May Cry but not RPGs, this game might convince you to like the genre a little bit more.

Thanks for reading!

So I Bought a European Game...

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I was browsing around the used game stores on Black Friday and saw a game with a 3+ rating, which was odd considering I live in the United States. Looks like somebody imported it and sold it to one of the retailers here, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. The game? Myst on PSP. Yup, I can play Myst on PSP. I've never played it before (and my previous experiences with the Adventure genre were Syberia and one or two other games I can't be bothered to remember) so I thought it would be a good change of pace. Well...I have to say that this game is the most obtuse one I've ever played in my life. No backstory is given, you just hit the "New Game" option and you're standing on a dock wondering what the hell to do next. I kind of like this approach since it makes it easier to get sucked into the game and, believe me, this is one of the most involving titles I've come across in a long time. I like how the puzzles are not all that obvious at first but, with enough patience, most of them can be figured out before I lose my mind..."most" being the key word. If you've ever played this game and beat it without a strategy guide...you're a freak of nature. I had to resort to using a FAQ at least once or twice due to some really, really obscure puzzles (one in particular apparently testing your ability to combine sounds to a certain direction) and...well, I'm currently stuck for the one billionth time. However, I won't let this game beat me and I'll definitely finish it before I die...well, hopefully. Anywho, playing a game as time-consuming as this on a PSP is a little bit of a problem due to the amount of battery power you'll consume trying to get anything done. Seriously, I wasted an entire charge just running around aimlessly hoping that the solution to a puzzle I was stuck on would suddenly pop into my head. Overall, this game isn't half bad but...damn, it's one hell of a mental workout.

So I got bored and created a Facebook page...

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Well, I wouldn't really say "bored" but rather "infuriated at having to write a 5-page paper on Eat, Pray, Love and wanting anything to do that wasn't that." I swear, I've never read more boring, detached drivel in my life. I have two possible courses of action with this piece of trash when my semester's over:

1. Send it to my grandma.
2. Burn it.

Honestly, I'm really, really thinking about lighting the damn thing on fire to let out the rage this book has caused. I never want to see this book again, nor do I ever want to hear about the film based on this throwaway chunk of literary garbage.

In any case, I created a Facebook page for myself in order to stave off insanity, so follow the link at the top and see for yourself.

Fanfiction.net and the Death of the English Language

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I got an urge to look up some awful fanfiction on the site after hearing some hilariously horrible stories from Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre (a show on That Guy With the Glasses in which one of the members reads abominations of literature) and...well, let's just say the experience was more soul-destroying than I thought. Thing is, the amount of pure, unadulterated filth on that site is overwhelming and it doesn't take too long to find a story that will make even the most emotionally distant individual cringe. One such story I found was based on the Metroid universe called Samus is Praegnent, the unrated edition by 111SAMUSRIDLEY4EVA2006-chan...yeah, that's just as pleasant as it sounds.

I'm not entirely sure if I can post the whole thing so I'll give a family-friendly abridged version:

Samus and ridley had been going out for six months now. It was a conincedence, considering that most teenage relationships exist for 2 months, according to a video. Everyone was really suprised, because they hadn't expected the relationship to last so long. Not even sames or ridely thought it would last so loing, and that says things!

Right now, Samus and rildey were at Ridleys house. Ridleys parents werent at home because of a business trip and Samsu didnt have to be home until 1 o clock. Right now, it was only eleven thirty. They were on the couch and it was quiet.

"So Samus, what do you think of... uhh... world politics" Ridly made converesly.

"Ridley, I dont care about things like that." samus asserted

"Ah" Ridley admitted.

There was a kind oif silence that happens when people dont know what so say to each other in a relationship. But ridley has something on his mind.

"Uhh,,,, Samus..." Ridley approached.

"Yes ridley?" Samus question answered

"You know how... welll... we've been going out for a long time, longer than the average, and well..."

"I agree" samus knodded.

"Well, you know how... uhhh... you see..." Ridley seemed unholy

"Ridley? I understand what you mean" Samus understood.

"Samus, are you sure about?" Ridley started, but It was too late. The train had started to rool, and it was impossible to stop. Teen hormones are a problem, an they can lead to more than is bargained for. Samus and Ridley found out the hard way.

*this portion removed for your sanity*

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Samus woke up the whole neghborhood.

"Samus, is something wrong?" Ridley noticed as he qoke up. "OH NO!" he fearfully exclaimed.

"Ridley, what if... if..." Samus worried. Ridley was cooler and didnt loose his cool.

"Do, its ok. My friend told me that it cant happen the first time, so never worry. Its ok," Ridley acsertained.

"Uh... okay..." Seamus tried to convince herself. After all, who doesn't think it could happen it could happen after just one time? Unfortunately, they were dead wrong.

It had been some weeks and Samus was at Helens house. Mandy and 111SAMUSRIDLEY4EVA2006 were there too. It was the morning, and Samus was feeling a little sick. The problem was, everyone else was healthy in her friends and family, so it wasnt likely the cold or the cholera. Something was up, and Helen was about ready to explode.

"Samus, I think we have an emergency!" Helen imploded.

"Ok Ok, calm down" Mandy controlled. She was the kind of girls who could keep their cool in a disaster. "Samus, we are all worried, but theres only one wayt o be sure," implied mandy.

Samus looked at her feet. "But where do I get one on those?" Samus speculated.

111SAMUSRIDLEY4EVA2006 broke the silence. "I have one," 111SAMUSRIDLEY4EVA2006 made known. She reached in her black handbag and picked up a small wrapper with something in it. Evereyone was shrouded in disbelief.

''111SAMUSRIDLEY4EVA2006, why do you have a praegnency test in your pocket?" Helen posed. Everyone except 111SAMUSRIDLEY4EVA2006 thought it was a reasonable question.

111SAMUSRIDLEY4EVA2006 rolled her eyes. "Dude, I have a life you know," 111SAMUSRIDLEY4EVA2006 controversially declared."

"Ok then" Helen calmed down. The only way to be safe is well... Samus are you ready?" Helen pried.

Samus was not ready, but it was the only way she could be safe. "Ok." samus decided. "Its time."

Samus was in Helen's bathroom. She couldn't believe this was happening. Ehat if... NO! SHE WASNT GOING TO THINK ABOUT IT!

Samus tried to calm down but it was too hard. Only 2 minutes... 1 minute...

Samus held her breath and took a look. "Oh. Oh no. No No No" Samus distruseted. "Say it ain't so..."

Somewhere in the town a phone was ringing. It was ridley's cellphone. Ridley picked it up. "Hello?" Ridley answered. He was confused because on the other end of the phone there was silence. Then he heard Samus say four words that would change her life.

"Ridley... I'm pragenent."

Author's note:

Thnaks guys! Metroid Highschool is on a short brak for right now, but itll be back soon! Thanks to all fans like Cerventes and Gamedude and Metroid13! Luvaya!


PS, if you are new, this story is a part of Metroid Highschool, another story I an writing. The story continues ther!


Yeah, that was fun wasn't it? Eheheheheheh....ehheh...heh...yeah...

I'm going to go scream at the top of my lungs whilst holding a dictionary.

Lucky Star

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aka The Most Boring Show in Existence. Honestly, nothing interesting happens throughout the duration of the entire damn thing. Well, I've seen plenty of users around Gamespot have avatars, sigs, and banners dedicated to this show so I thought I'd go out on a limb and give this show a watch to both fulfill my need for some decent entertainment on top of trying new things. Sadly, this show has to be one of the most boring, slow-paced, niche-pandering pieces of animation ever made. Maybe it's due to me not being all that into Japanese culture, but every single joke in the series is an elongated explanation of terms I've never heard before used in jokes that would usually only take a few seconds to send across. Sacrificing time to explain terms such as "tsundere" and "moe" to me, someone who doesn't know all that much about the vocabulary of this genre of animation, is a stale waste of potential and winds up becoming more of a lecture on stuff I don't care about since, after all, I'm expecting comedy and not Vocabulary in Anime 101. In addition, there doesn't seem to be any kind of story to it. I guess you could say there technically is one since they all go to school but there's really nothing to speak of beyond that. The episodes mainly consist of, as said before, explaining things for way too long that I simply don't seem to get. I can see who this would appeal to, mainly those who are well-versed in modern Japanese culture (and in anime as well) but, that being said, people who are not part of that niche (me, for example) feel left out in almost every attempt at humor the show makes. I literally never laughed once when watching it, and I felt that the entire thing was a massive waste of my time. One thing that would've made Lucky Star even remotely funny would have been the use of general humor that everyone would get but, sadly, the show is one giant Pander Bear. On the positive side of things, I guess this could be jotted down as a learning experience so I can avoid these kinds of shows in the future and watch more interesting, fulfilling shows like Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, and even Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo. Yes, I officially declare that even Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo, a show with hardly any plot and quite possibly the strangest sense of humor in any show, is much better than Lucky Star. Not that I'm insulting Bobobo (that show is awesome) but at least it used humor that would reach a wide audience by combining Monty Python-esque silliness with over-the-top Japanese slapstick. If you want a good laugh, go see Bobobo, not drivel like Lucky Star. Also, I recommend shows like Trigun and When They Cry. Awesome stuff. That is all.