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School's back already? What??!!

So, WOW, I have not been on in quite a while. And I remember I told myself that I was going to review every game I beat WHEN I beat it. But six months have rolled by all too quickly and here I am again! Let's see, I've beaten Devil Summoner, Persona 3, Wanted:Weapons of Fate, REZ HD, Chaos Rings and some other games I'm sure I have forgotten about. It feels good to be back on. I just reviewed Devil Summoner which has been 4 years in the making for me, but it was an incredible ride. Check that out if you have the time. I'll be reviewing Persona 3 here shortly too. Do your homework everyone and I'll continue my journey in film school!

Devil Summoner

I bought you during holiday season of 2006 and I will be damned if, four years later, I don't finally put you to rest and beat you! Well, right now I started this gem of an RPG and am already on Episode 5. It's going to finally happen. i've wanted to play it and beat it so bad, but have just finally put the effort forth to do so. Well, actually I tried to play it in 2006, but I got stuck and stopped playing it, and, consequently, lost the save when my PS3 had to be repaired by Sony. Mebbe this means I will actually play my copy of BioShock 2 that has been collecting dust since the first day it came out. And also, I am going on spring break vacation at the end of the week where my plans involve beating Yakuza 1 and 2 so that we can start 3. Will this all happen? TBD.

Currently playing/first entry

I started Rule of Rose a few days ago with the intent of finishing it the whole way through. I have to admit, it was slow at first, but the subject matter is dark and creepy enough to keep me going. I like how the game is broken up into vignettes that play out like little gothic fairy tales. The creepiest enemy I've seen so far is the tall chicken-head thing that looks like one of those wooden, water-drinking birds. Hopefully, once I beat the game I can continue going through my PS2 back catalogue that includes both Yakuzas, Devil Summoner( the 1st one) and Persona 3( this one's almost done; 130 hours deep). I also want to finally play my copy of BioShock 2 that has been collecting dust on the shelf(sorry, Mayra). Playing games is rough, though, when you have a full-time job, go to school fifteen hours, have a child and a significant other. I still love games and wouldn't give it up for anything.